MSN Messenger via a website

Neat solution when your firewall admin closes the ports required for MSN Messenger, or you want to login to MSN Messenger from a cybercafe. (Of course, this just means that your firewall admin will close access to the website on the proxy instead.)

It’s still in Beta and you don’t get all the features you get in the proper client, but it’s a good start. Pity it doesn’t work in Opera though, but it’s not the first time Microsoft have actively messed with Opera users to force them to use a different browser.

Some other web-based MSN Messenger systems


Programmatic templates

I’ve been musing for a while over how best to arrange the video links at the bottom of my gallery pages. For ages its just been a server control dumping them out as a table, but I thought tonight i’d try and change it to use a multi-column table instead.

This means using a DataList rather than handcoding, but from a server-side control, you can’t create the <itemTemplate> tags. Instead you to create a simple class that implements ITemplate and associate that. Code sample below, but after trawling the web I only found this one link of any use Dynamic Templates for the Repeater, DataList and DataGrid Controls

DataList dataList = new DataList();
dataList.DataSource = new string[] { “foo”, “bar” };
dataList.ItemTemplate = new ShowLabelTemplate();

internal class ShowLabelTemplate : ITemplate
#region ITemplate Members

public void InstantiateIn(Control container)
Label l = new Label();
l.DataBinding += new EventHandler(this.LabelDataBinding);


public void LabelDataBinding(object sender, EventArgs e)
Label l = (Label)sender;
if (l.NamingContainer is DataListItem)
DataListItem data = (DataListItem)l.NamingContainer;
l.Text = (string)data.DataItem;