Custom client-side JS validation

Signature for custom method is

function foo(val, args) {
// test the controls (not sure what val argument is though…?!)
args.IsValid = true | false;


DataSet “Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values….”

Loading several DataTables into a DataSet using DataRelations when there are invalid constraints causes the error message “Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values….”.

Solution is documented here

foreach (DataTable dt in dataset.Tables)
if (dt.HasErrors)
Console.WriteLine(“ERRORS IN : ” + dt.TableName);
foreach (DataRow dr in dt.GetErrors())

Web projects in VS.NET

Spent a couple of hours today trying to open a VS.NET web project in a solution. All inherited code so I can’t change things. Web project won’t open – keeps complaining about “file not found”, or “you are trying to open a web project, you must specify the full root path” etc.

Solution was to add a projectname.webinfo file into the web project folder – turns out this was missing…



Et voila… the web project loads and all is good in the world.