The Code Room

Microsoft have just released the pilot episode of “The Code Room”, an MSDN reality show in which real developers have to develop something given tight deadlines. Yes, it really is as boring as it sounds and goes to demonstrate why reality TV and software development haven’t been mixed previously.

The Code Room is probably the worst piece of propoganda i’ve ever seen. The presenters’ comment, something like “for those non-techies, ASP2.0 lets you make really great websites”, underpinning the ridiculous gimmicky nature of this presentation.

These developers appear to be simply code monkeys adopting the Microsoft click and drag mentality following a 1hr indoctrination session. No thought is given to proper application development and the resultant application would be usable only in an Intranet environment (although to be fair to the dev team, scaleability wasn’t a requirement).

Given Microsoft are trying to grow up with C#, Yukon, VS.NET2005 etc this kind of marketing gimmick does nothing but leave a bad taste in the mouth of any self-respecting developer.


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