SQL Server Reporting Services with multi-value parameters

Sometimes you need to pass multiple parameters into SQL Server Reporting Service.

Unfortunately Microsoft didn’t include this functionality in the first release, although they’re rumoured to be looking into this. This means that if you want to include a bunch of parameters and pass them through to an SQL ‘IN’ statement it’s a little awkward, but not impossible.

You pass through all the items as a delimited string, then in your stored procedure convert the delimited list to a table using a user-defined function. Details of how to do this part are given in this article from 4guysfromrolla.

In SQL Server Reporting define a report parameter and pass this through to your Stored Procedure through the data source mapping.

When you view the report you’ll see a textbox letting your user enter a value. They can enter a single value now, or multiple delimited values. Neat. Or you could automate the process and invoke reporting service from your app passing the parameters via the URL.


External javascript reference

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Disney Resort Paris

I went to the Disney Resort Paris for the weekend. Although it’s intended for small kids, the group of us that went found it very enjoyable.

Recommended for the grown ups: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (fast, pitch black ride, strongly recommended), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (in 2000 Disney reversed the cars to make it more exciting, but now they face forwards again), Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show, Armageddon and Space Mountain 2 (I guess, it was closed when we were there but looked great).

The food is very american with the smell of burgers, popcorn and candyfloss constantly lingering in the air but not too expensive priced – £120 for 3 days of food and drinks including alcohol for 1 person. Try and timeshift your day to avoid the midday rush in the restaurants – we waited over 30 minutes queuing at a ‘fast food’ outlet. For a resort that is aimed directly at families I’m surprised there was no kind of supermarket to allow self-catering.

Eurostar to get there was very convenient from London, 2.5hrs from Waterloo to the heart of the Disney resort, no transfers required.

But although there was enough to do for 3 days, I doubt we could’ve filled another day. If you’ve got kids, you’ve just gotta take ’em there I think, they’ll love it :o)