Days 7 and 8: Zagreb

Zagreb is a great place – a neat, tidy, friendly city with loads of outdoor bars and pubs. Lots of trees, little pollution and the sun made this a great break from the smoggy Belgrade, and cold Sofia.

Arriving at the station there were no ‘Information? I give you information – very cheap. Where you go?’ people, and even a cash point. (Other countries please note – when international travellers arrive you should either – a) force taxi drivers to accept smelly socks and a cheeky English grin as currency, or b) put a cash point at the point of entry).

Anyway, having visited the sights of Zagreb (the Museum of Art and Culture, the opera house, the cathedral) we got down to some serious drinking and people spotting. Late night Zagreb doesn’t appear to exist – everything closes at 1am (although, oddly, the trams are 24hr).

The further west we go, the richer the countries become, the better the train service and the friendlier the people are. I’m typing this in Vienna now, and E is getting agitated so I’d better go and see some sights. 2 Days here visiting the sights, museums and cake shops.


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