Days 11 and 12: Munich

Yay! Oktoberfest. We went out on the first night to an Oktoberfest-style beer house in the centre of town. Needless to say that we got way too drunk trying to teach E and the Americans sat next to us how to flip bar mats, and then play “shove ‘apenny”.

The British were clearly leagues ahead of the other nations in the beer mat flipping stakes. We rocked.

Next day we visited the Deutsches Museum (their science and technology museum). Lots to see and it would’ve been an ideal hangover cure if all the German school pupils weren’t in the museum with us.

Then onto the Bierfest proper. After a very quick ‘cultural’ walk around we found somewhere to sit. Got chatting to the others around the table and lots of table dancing and singing ensued.

R and me tried to then get on a fair ride, unfortunately it had closed and we found ourselves trapped with the power off and the shoulder restraints in place. Queue lots of panicking Germans trying to figure out how to release us.

Needless to say they did, and we’re now in Amsterdam.


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