Day 13: Amsterdam

Checked into the hostel and went straight out for food and beer. Had some Dutch hotchpotch – stew and potato with carrots – which filled us up perfectly.

Then headed off to a Jazz bar. Nice. Although the band seemed to be more into mellow rock (Sting, Peter Gabriel) than jazz. E went home after the next bar leaving R and me to visit the more vibrant areas of Amsterdam.

The final morning was a great all-you-can-eat breakfast at the hostel – they even had builders tea – followed by some wandering through the narrow streets. Bored with this we got on a canal boat and spent the afternoon taking photos of identical canals.

Two facts. First, Amsterdam was originally named Amstammelledam because they dam’d the Amstel river to prevent flooding. Second, the town houses that line the canal streets lean forward to make them appear larger and more imposing.

After another train journey to Schipol and a 35 minute flight we’re back in England. Holiday done.


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