Implementing AJAX in ASP.NET

Everybody is talking about AJAX nowadays since Google Maps and Google Suggest showed the world how cool it can be. We used this technology at a previous employer 3 years ago for displaying live gambling odds… but anyway I thought i’d take a look at what libraries are out there for doing this in .NET.

Top hit in Google was the Ajax.NET library, and following a simple walk-through of using it, in less than 10 minutes i’ve created a page with an AJAX request / response. An attribute markes public methods AJAX-capable, and the AJAX assembly then outputs the necessary glue to connect a Javascript method to your server side method.

Primitives come across just fine from the server, but you can also pass complex and custom data structures too – anything that it serialisable in fact. This means having a similar object model available on the server and client.

This is a very quick implementation of AJAX in terms of development effort so it’ll definitely stay in my toolbox… if only I can come up with a useful need for it.


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