More Chuck Norris Facts

  1. Chuck Norris invented C++ after roundhouse kicking C – TWICE
  2. Chuck Norris is the Domain controller
  3. Chuck Norris has the IP>
  4. Chuck Norris can ping and get a reply.
  5. Chuck Norris can hack into ANY bank with his palmtop.
  6. Chuck Norris’ computer boots into Windows XP Pro even though only DOS 6.2 is installed.
  7. Chuck Norris’ email address is ChuckNorris. He IS the internet domain.
  8. Chuck Norris is mailer-daemon
  9. Chuck Norris is Dr Watson
  10. format c: is the request to have Chuck Norris come roundhouse kick your PC
  11. Chuck Norris has Windows XP on his Apple MAC
  12. Chuck Norris never gets the page cannot be displayed error
  13. Machine code is another name for Chuck Norris language
  14. Chuck Norris CPU doesn’t have a fan
  15. Chuck Norris can write DVDs on floppy drive
  16. Chuck Norris invented the internet
  17. Chuck Norris can paste pics in Notepad
  18. Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked his 14400k modem & thats how we got ADSL
  19. Chuck Norris’s Dot matrix printer prints photos – in colour
  20. Chuck Norris uses Notepad as a database
  21. Chuck Norris’ PC speaker gives him 7.1 DTS surround sound
  22. Chuck Norris monitor has no glare…no-one glares at Chuck Norris
  23. Chuck Norris can edit PDF files
  24. Chuck Norris rips CDs with his hands
  25. Chuck Norris can download Metallica mp3s using Naspter
  26. Chuck Norris has a yahoo account with hotmail
  27. Chuck Norris has an Intel CPU on an AMD motherboard
  28. Chuck Norris can program a MAC with excel macros
  29. Chuck Norris website has never had a hit – Nobody hits Chuck Norris’ website

Update: Here’s my earlier post. I didn’t write any of these.


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