Viva Al Vegas!

Just got back from Vegas on business at a conference. Saw loads of vendors, talked about a variety of new products that could, at a price, help streamline the business etc. Also partook in a bit of the nightlife – sipped champers from the top of the Mandalay Bay hotel, enjoyed the dancing on the roof of the Rio, watched the Pussycat Dolls at Pure, and ate opposite the Bellagio.

Having said all that, apart from the waiters and cab drivers almost every american I met (who wasn’t trying to sell me something) was rude and unhelpful, most unlike every other place i’ve been in the US.

And what’s with the lack of clocks anywhere! Okay, so in a casino they don’t want you to know the time for obvious reasons, but there are just no clocks anywhere. Really gets annoying after a while (I don’t wear a watch, and my mobile charger didn’t work on the puny 110v US mains.)

Oh and by the way, i’m down $30 in case you wondered :o) Pictures here.


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