C# Tools and Frameworks

It’s been a while since I wrote about the C# tools / frameworks i’m currently using, so here we go.

  • log4net – for all our logging needs.
  • nunit – automated testing.
  • nmock – for mocking interfaces and writing more testable code. (see my blogpost)
  • nant – automating our build cycles (although we’re looking at msbuild to replace Cruise Control, as it may fit better with our skill set).
  • OpenSTA – for web-based load testing. Microsoft took a step back with ACT replacing WAST, and although the new version of ACT in vs2005 is supposed to be great, OpenSTA is providing an interim solution for us.
  • Selenium – for web-based smoke testing.
  • nHibernate – our chosen ORM. (see my blogpost)
  • nSpectre – provides entity validation within our systems. Written mainly by my colleague Mark with occasional input from myself and another colleague Ben.

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