Round round, get around…

Last night’s excursion was the first proper taste of Vegas this year.

At an event celebrating the launch of Silverlight held at Caesars Palace there were ‘waitresses’ handing out Silverlight cocktails (Martinis with light-up ice cubes in them!), USB SD card readers and branded M&Ms. It was very much Beauty and the Geek. The club also had 3 king-size beds and a ‘waitress’ stood in front of them which was bizarre.

As the quantity of testosterone increased we made haste and headed over to the Voodoo lounge at the Rio and had a drink there. Despite having seen the view before it’s still a stunning view from the roof top.

A few drinks later and a fantastic dinner (their French onion soup was served in a hollowed out oversized onion!), we headed over to New York New York (so great they named it twice. Not.) It seems that every hotel i’ve been into has a duelling piano bar, and not only that but they all boast having the World’s Finest Duelling Piano Bar. Duelling Piano bar is the term they use to describe two electronic pianos shoved close, tied together with a length of gaffa tape with American Pie on repeat.

So we did Paris, Italy, Brazil and New York. Which means I can put the sore head this morning down to jet lag.

P.S. Today was filled once again with meeting some other vendors, hooking up with some colleagues from LA, and chatting further about some of our upcoming project work. It’s not all fun and games.


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