Homeward bound

NABThe final day of the NAB show was spent rushing around meeting all the vendors we’d not had time for on the previous days. We left the show at 6pm and after negotiating the long queues at the monorail station (the old, head-one-station-in-the-wrong-direction-then-come-back trick) headed up past the Wynn to grab dinner from the California Pizza Kitchen. This place comes heartily recommended as their California Club (chopped lettuce, bacon and chicken on a pizza base) is truly a taste sensation.

The Thursday morning was ours as we waited for the return flight which was mid-afternoon. As I mentioned previously we’d booked a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon with Heli USA (pick up a discount voucher from monorail station to save $50 or so). Although i’ve seen the Grand Canyon when I was 12, I’ve never been in a helicopter before.

HelicopterThe safety briefing was very brief and essentially instructed us to not walk into any of the rotorblades. That out of the way, we headed in a bus out to the chopper. Our bus was stopped by the TSA and our driver was felt up by two men in marigolds whilst the 20 passengers sat tight. This is kinda stoopid – the security checked driver who was considered safe for air travel dropped us off and drove his bus back, whilst the passengers (who had received no security clearance) got in various helicopters and flew over the 11th busiest airport in the world towards the GC.

En route we went over the Hoover Dam which by impounding the Colorado, generated Lake Mead and now Hydroelectrically supplies power to Las Vegas, Nevada, Arizona and surrounding areas. Since 9/11 it has been closed to commercial traffic presumably for the safety of the dam.

SkywalkWe also passed near the Skywalk which looked slightly less impressive when flying past at 70mph, but I think that’s because we didn’t really grasp the scale.

We headed back to LV and had breakfast at the Bellagio and then turned $20 into $60 on the roulette wheel there before jumping in a cab to McCarran Airport and a flight to blighty.

All the pictures are now online.


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