Mozilla has launched an interesting labs add-on for Firefox called Ubiquity. It’s a productivity tool for passionate users, as the Scobleizer writes “It’s not for non-passionate Internet users. They won’t get it.“.

Download it, read the tutorial, have a play, extend it, and increase your productivity :o)

UPDATE 8/Sep/2008: I’ve creaed a ubiquity command for my Pub Finder, to install it, visit my install page. To activate it open up Ubiquity and type pubfinder and hit enter to see the pubs.


2 thoughts on “Ubiquity

  1. I had a quick look at this. I love the idea and hope it does well. It’s not for me at this stage though.

    I installed the addon, restarted Firefox and it kept crashing on startup. I restarted in FF Safe Mode, disabled Ubiquity, restarted normally, saved my session, closed all my tabs, reenabled Ubiquity, restarted, and all was well.

    I’m a bit scared off by it it’s alphaness too. Take, for example, the first feed they recommend – Herd. The about:ubiquity page says, “Help us. Subscribe to the Herd, which will add your data to the dashboard—it’s completely anonymous and will help us make Ubiquity better and safer.” So I click the link and I’m taken to a page of referrers, one of which is:


    Hardly anonymous…

    Then there’s the comments in the code for the second most popular feed. Comments like:

    // TODO: Security hull breach!
    return eval( splitString[1] );

    // Ugly hack to parse out the event description.

    Think I’ll leave it for now, but do tell us how you get on with it and when you’ve written your Ubiquity Pub Finder feed. 🙂

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