Location based behaviour

Like a lot of people i’ve pondered the ‘killer app’ over a pint, but these days i’m coming to the conclusion that everything has been invented, duplicated, and cloned to death. So rather than inventing new apps, i’ve been pondering the idea of making the apps become location – or familiarity – sensitive. Combine this with the molecular age of information and I think we could get some really great functionality.

Some examples.

  • You connect to a WiFi and your apps fetch their latest data – Twitterific fetches the latest tweets, NetNewsWire fetches your latest RSS subscriptions, your email syncs – all automatically, no clicking into every app to hit refresh.
  • You check Google Maps for your route and it automatically looks up who lives nearby from your contact list, checks their Facebook, Twitter or Buzz and tells you that “Hey, Sarah has just got back from Turkey and only lives 5 miles from your route, why not stop by”
  • You identify your home WiFi SSID as trusted and your phone disables the keylock, logs you into Skype, and looks up a selection of recipes you might want to cook (if we got the Internet Fridge, this could be really cool!)
  • If you are out of network coverage, but within a WiFi – e.g. underground – then your phone automatically logs you into Skype and redirects your mobile number.