Be careful making Instant, “Instant”

UPDATED: 7/Feb/2011 with comments from Simon Smith.

I’ve seen a few examples of people trying to mimic the Google Instant search with their own solution. Most of these have just made them “instant” searches by changing

...perform actual search...


...perform actual search...

My gripe is that Instant doesn’t need to be, and in fact shouldn’t always be, Instant. There are 3 reasons for this

1) A lot of users type looking at their keyboard so Instant just needs to mean “ready when a user looks up from their keyboard to see the result”
2) Browser and network performance can be significantly harmed if you’re issuing complex javascript/ajax/network requests on every single keypress.

The solution? Well, my solution is very simple.

var _timerId = 0;

_timerId = window.setTimeout(function() {
...perform actual search...
}, 170);

In this example I set a timer which fires 170ms after the LAST keypress. It’s pretty imperceivable that there’s a delay at all, but it dramatically improves CPU/bandwidth performance of these “Instant” searches, and it still appears to be pretty Instant.


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