Setting the AppFabric Cache MaxBufferSize

AppFabric Cache has a max buffer size of 8MB. If you’re using the SQL Provider, you need to export and re-import the Xml configuration file to modify this. Here’s a powershell script to do it for you, building on the blog post from Javi.

Save this to UpdateAppFabricCacheBufferSize.ps1


Import-Module DistributedCacheAdministration, DistributedCacheConfiguration

Function UpdateBufferSizeInConfig ([string]$configFilename, [int]$maxBufferSize)
	$xml = New-Object XML
	$transportProperties = $xml.configuration.dataCache.advancedProperties.transportProperties
	if ($transportProperties -eq $NULL) {
	  $transportProperties = $xml.CreateElement("transportProperties")
	$transportProperties.SetAttribute("maxBufferSize", "$maxBufferSize")

$tempConfigLocation = "c:config.xml"

Export-CacheClusterConfig -File $tempConfigLocation

UpdateBufferSizeInConfig $tempConfigLocation $maxBufferSize

Import-CacheClusterConfig -File $tempConfigLocation -Force 

To change your buffer size to 15MB:

powershell ./UpdateAppFabricCacheBufferSize.ps1 15000000

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