Asp.Net session state in a web farm not being shared correctly

TL;DR The session ID in the database uses the Site ID from IIS as part of a composite key. Ensure the IIS Site ID is consistent in a web farm.

The website I work on needed to use a RadCaptcha recently on a form. Although it was configured as per the Telerik article to use out of process session state (SQL for us), it would occasionally show a grey box instead of the captcha.

After some investigation with Fiddler we found that one of the three web servers couldn’t share session state with the other two. I.e. a capture generated on server 1 couldn’t be read by server 2, but could be read by server 3. And the inverse of this was also true. Machine keys were already being shared between the servers so it wasn’t a decryption problem.

Monitoring the AspSession database watching session creation we found that server 1 and 3 were creating the same session ID whilst server 2 was creating a different but very similar ID. We saw the following IDs in the ASPStateTempSessions table in ASPState database:


After a bit of investigation I found this article which describes how the SessionID is made up of the Session ID + Application ID. The Application ID is a hash based on the AppName which is based on the metabase path of your IIS site.

As our servers run multiple sites and we’d brought these sites online in a different order, the Site IDs had got out of sync. We found the following values.

server 1 => /lm/w3svc/7/root
server 2 => /lm/w3svc/5/root
server 3 => /lm/w3svc/7/root

Server 1 and 3 AppName’s hashed to the same value, but server 2 didn’t and couldn’t therefore find the session data for the RadCaptcha.

I changed the IIS Site ID using IIS admin under Site => Advanced Settings as below and it fixed the problem. Note: this will recycle your app pool.