16 Best News APIs For 2021

Here's a list of the best news APIs for 2021.

There’s an overwhelming number of news outlets everywhere you look – online, print media, television, and the radio. And with the rise of the Internet, people are abandoning traditional forms of media as they head online to satiate their needs digitally, to see the happenings in and around them.

This is the age of digitization and digital solutions have made our lives way more convenient than it was ever. And, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which are invisible to the average user but very much present in our daily lives have a variety of uses including data security and ease of information exchange.

Simply put, API is a “software intermediary that lets two applications talk to each other

What is a News API?

Any News API helps developers pull global news articles, content, request stories, or similar information to showcase on the apps they build.

With Google news closing down most of its news APIs, developers had to find other alternatives.

Developers looking to attract news consumers with apps integrated with News Application Programming Interfaces (News APIs) should choose the ones that justify their needs. Here’s a list of the best news APIs for 2021.

We evaluated the following list of news APIs based on the features, price, and ease of integration.

Social Animal News API

Social Animal news API is blazingly fast and a perfect Google news alternative. It provides you global news, trending headlines, popular web content from millions of news sources in real-time. The advanced filters here make Social Animal’s API one of a kind as it lets you narrow down the exact content you need for your audience. One of the most popular filters used is the narrowing down of articles based on their performance on different social media platforms. Other filters include filtering by keywords, title, date, language, location, word count, author names, domain, published vs shared dates, TLD, URLs, or even by the type of content – Listicle, Product review, How to guide, Podcast, etc.

Notable features:

  1. This is one of the few APIs that offer sentiment analysis to filter articles based on their sentiments.
  2. Filter based on content popularity, actually find content that’s viral or trending.
  3. Discover main breaking news headlines from all over the world in real-time.
  4. Offers 39 languages including Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, Swedish, Korean, Greek, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Norwegian, and Chinese.

Pricing – Check the pricing and documentation here. Request a free trial here.

Bing News Search API

The Bing News Search API makes it easy to integrate Bing’s news searching capabilities into applications. Developers can integrate the Bing News Search API with websites and applications to search and discover top stories from various news sources and blogs based on specific keywords and categories. The content can be filtered by topic, publisher details, and local news.

Notable features:

  1. Get the latest news stories for the day, across all categories.
  2. Search for top headlines across all categories.


Bing news search API has a free plan that supports 1000 requests per month. For more plans, check here.

New York Times News API

The New York Times is a well-read American news publication that offers a wide range of public news APIs. The New York Times Article Search API allows you to look up articles by keywords. You can refine your search using filters and facets. You should note that this only gives you access to NYT articles. Since this is one of the most well-known publications and boasts readers from all around the world, their data although constraints to just a single publication, is still rich.

Notable features:

  1. The New York Times Archive API lists the publication’s articles from 1851 to today.
  2. Their popular news API allows the most popular articles on NYTimes.com based on emails, shares, or views.

Pricing: The APIs are offered for non-commercial use only.

Contextual Web Search API

Contextual Web uniquely differs from other search engines like Google or Bing by indexing web pages in a way similar to the way the brain indexes memories, forming a brain-like network of knowledge based on the World Wide Web. You can use this news API to build general news app or news apps around specific topics (such as politics, technology, music, etc..).

Notable features: There is no NLP (natural language processing) OR deep learning models OR standard machine learning models.

Pricing: Contextual Web is free to use.

Newscatcher API

The Newscatcher API allows developers to find news articles by any topic, country, language, website, or keyword from major news sources and blogs. Newscatcher’s API boasts easy integration and niche-specific content.

Notable features: Easy to use, Filter through high ranked sites and low ranked ones to get high-quality articles.

Pricing: Click here to see their pricing plans.

HackerNews API

Hacker News is a social news website ran by Y Combinator. Hacker News has made its data available for programmatic access in near real-time. Using the Hacker News API calls can be made to retrieve news, updates, comments, jobs, polls, and more, all by using unique identifiers.

Notable feature: The site focuses primarily on sharing news related to computer science and entrepreneurship news stories.

Pricing: Currently the API is free for public consumption.


The News API is a simple rest api that allows you to search for more than 30,000 news outlets. For example, you can find the trending global news content in the Washington post, new articles published about any product, or reviews about anything. News API orders data in a readable fashion and extracts the data with its title, description, author, photo, and URL.

Notable features: Easy to use, Filter articles based on the type of media.

Pricing: Click here to browse through News API’s plans.

Bloomberg News API

Bloomberg is a platform that provides latest news, analysis, and other insightful data. With the API provided by Bloomberg, you get round-the-clock programmatic access to the platform’s data that lets you embed real-time news, breaking news, delayed and historical news.

Notable feature: Has an extensive library of Financial news and articles related to finance.

Pricing: For extensive use of the Bloomberg news API, you’ll have to contact their support.

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Guardian News API

The Guardian is a popular British news publication that is known worldwide for providing up-to-date news on all categories, commentaries, and opinions. The Open Platform currently encompasses the Guardian Content API, in which users can query the database for articles and get them integrated with other web applications. 

Notable feature: Contains news articles, media, videos, and images from 1999 to date.

Pricing: Check their plans here.

Finacial Times News API

As the name suggests, get exclusive up-to-the-minute finance news to give your business or application the market intelligence and insights it needs to spot financial trends quickly and stay ahead of the competition. Since The Financial Times has been the world’s leading provider of business and finance news, insight, and analysis for more than 125 years, the data this API provides is rich.

Notable feature: The API helps you strip generic/irrelevant results out to save time and inform decision-making.

Pricing: Enquire prices.


GNews is an API to search for articles from a variety of sources. This API also provides top headlines from which you can filter by topic such as world, business, sports. You can also customize your search using parameters like language, country, etc.

Notable feature: With premium, you can unlock the entire content of the articles.

Pricing: Take a look at their pricing plan.


Mediastack is a simple API for news and blog articles. Tap into live news feeds, discover trends & headlines, monitor brands and access breaking news events around the world with this free news API.

This API also allows customization and is very easy to implement.

Notable feature: Available in 13 languages.

Pricing: Browse through their paid plans here.


Webhose’s API provides up-to-the-minute comprehensive coverage of live data and news articles from global news websites. This API also allows you to segregate articles and comments based on your requirements. You can use this to run queries about people, locations, and organizations.

Notable feature: Performance score query informs you instantly about viral relevance.

Pricing: View their pricing plans.


Instead of a keyword-based feed that pulls in everything, Contify’s News Feed API provides a clean, company-based intelligence feed with only business and industry-relevant information. Contify has a hybrid approach of combining machine learning technology with human curation and they deliver de-duplicated, enriched, and actionable data.

Notable feature: Contify’s API has a collection of data from 200k+ sources, including company websites, online news, social media, and reviews websites.

Pricing: Contact for pricing.

Connexun News API

Connexun’s B.I.R.B.AL., an artificial intelligence engine, has been trained by using a database with over a million articles from various news sources in different languages to help filter news for different types of users and for different types of applications.

Find market opportunities with Connexun’s API data by keeping track of relevant content published online. 

Notable feature: This API provides short summaries of news in various languages.

Pricing: Check their pricing plans here.

Aylien News API

Aylien’s news API delivers the world’s news as clean ingestible structured data feeds. The tool’s NLP models understand and tag thousands of articles every minute. Other features include Trend analysis, global coverage, topic tagging for 4000+ categories.

Notable feature: Keep you informed with custom webhooks and push notifications.

Pricing: Check out the different packages that Aylien offers.

We hope the list above gives you enough to pick the best news API for your applications.

Did we miss any news APIs that you use? Comment below your favorite APIs.

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