CNN News API – Everything You Need To Know

Does CNN have News API? How can you get articles from CNN? Read on.

Undeniably, CNN is one of the most influential media houses on the globe. Millions of loyal followers of this media house have made this company a part of their daily life.

Let us now look into a bit of their history! CNN stands for Cable News Network. They are a multinational news media television channel headquartered in Atlanta, United States. The company is owned by CNN Worldwide, a unit of the Warner Media News & Sports division of AT&T’s Warner Media. It was founded in 1980 by Ted Turner.

CNN provides live coverage and analysis of breaking news stories, as well as a full range of international, political, business, entertainment, sports, health, science and weather coverage, and in-depth interviews.

The company competes with all top media channels like ABC News, Fox News, USA Today, etc.

Some interesting facts about CNN:

  • CNN’s two dozen branded networks and services are available to more than 2 billion people in more than 200 countries and territories.
  • CNN has 39 editorial operations around the world and around 3,000 employees worldwide.
  • CNN’s coverage is supplemented and carried by more than 1,000 affiliates worldwide.
  • CNN reaches 78.2 million households in the U.S.
  • CNN Digital is the number one online news destination, regularly registering more than 200 million unique visitors globally each month.
  • CNN International reaches more than 370 million households and hotel rooms worldwide.

Source: CNN Press room

RSS Feeds

Most of the top news channels and journalist publications only provide RSS feeds which can be used to obtain information from their website.

This method allows users to access updates from the website which is very old school and the data cannot be selectively accessed.

News API

News APIs are the APIs used by web developers to obtain data from top news sources like tv channels, websites and search engines like google news and bing news.

An API key is authorized to the user to unlock the news API database of the provider.

In our case, you can use the API key to access the Social Animal NEWS API.

The following are the data you get with the Social Animal News API:

  • Content of the full article
  • Most shared articles for your keyword or domain
  • Date of publishing
  • Length of the article
  • Headline Analysis
  • Social media engagement (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit)
  • Advanced Filters (word count, custom date range, language, content type, author name, TLD etc.)
  • and many more!

Does CNN have a News API?

With the ever-growing popularity of the media company, there is definitely a need for a news API from CNN. Unfortunately, like most news outlets, CNN does not offer an official API to access its article data.

How can you get news articles from CNN?

With Social Animal’s JSON API, you can access articles data from multiple sources, news headlines, trending topics, economic data, top stories, social news, videos, etc.

Specifically, in this case, you get access to millions of articles via Social Animal’s News API with a dedicated news engine crunching all powerful data for you.

How can Social Animal benefit you in your quest for CNN News API?

The Social Animal breaking News API is amazingly fast and is the best news API in the market. It brings the best news search results for your search queries from millions of news sources from the web.

When you are creating an application like a news aggregator you need a variety of data like the latest news, trending news from web pages, local news, updates from the stock market, trending blogs like hacker news, etc.

It provides you with global news, trending headlines, popular web content directly from the CNN publication’s database. What makes the News API more interesting is that you can use various filters to narrow down your news results from the CNN website.

One of the most popular filters used is the narrowing down of articles based on their performance on different social media platforms.

Other filters include filtering by keywords, title, date, language, location, word count, author names, domain, published vs shared dates, TLD, URLs, or even by the type of content – Listicle, Product review, How to guide, Podcast, etc.

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News Sentiment Analysis

What else can you get from Social Animal’s News API?

  • Sentiment analysis to filter articles published based on their sentiments. Analyze the sentiments of headlines and content from CNN website.
  • You get the content of the entire CNN news article, domain, author, URL and additional insights.
  • You can filter CNN news articles based on content popularity and actually find content that’s viral or trending.
  • Availability of Historic news data.
  • Discover real time breaking headline news.

Here’s what you get,

A sample API response.

        "status": "success",
        "results_in_page": 5,
        "next_page_offset": 5,
        "total_results": 42092,
        "data": [
                "tweet_id_str": null,
                "sentiment": -30,
                "linkedin_share_count": 0,
                "simple_keywords_ent": [
                    "Nancy Messonnier",
                    "Donald Trump",
                    "Robert Redfield",
                    "Alex Azar",
                    "Anne Schuchat",
                    "Christine Casey",
                    "Paul Alexander",
                    "Deborah Birx",
                    "Scott Atlas",
                    "Martin Cetron",
                    "Daniel Jernigan",
                    "Henry Walke",
                    "White House",
                    "House Select Subcommittee",
                    "Coronavirus Crisis",
                    "Dr Nancy Messonnier",
                    "National Center",
                    "Dr Anne Schuchat",
                    "Dr Christine Casey",
                    "Health and Human Services",
                    "Dr Deborah Birx",
                    "Dr Scott Atlas",
                    "Dr Martin Cetron",
                    "Dr Henry Walke",
                "created_at": "2021/11/12 07:10:42",
                "language": "en",
                "total_share_count": 2241915,
                "title": "House committee releases new evidence from investigation into Trump administration interference with CDC during Covid-19 pandemic",
                "gplus_share_count": 0,
                "keywords_status": true,
                "updated_at": "2021/11/24 07:22:57",
                "content_hash": "4470607ed455ce9449b962c4699a9d23c7738ac80e1dcd446d9a4adfa2d1a0ade6b4b99bb26544991b9a1ed6df07bece3e39afceaafc09641c856d35da3dad9b",
                "facebook_share_count": 37925,
                "is_processed": 0,
                "article_category": "politics",
                "image": "",
                "article_influencers": [
                        "user_id": "704809001884766209",
                        "retweets": 0,
                        "likes": 118690
                        "user_id": "1156550684671717376",
                        "retweets": 52,
                        "likes": 8841
                        "user_id": "1334977454222487555",
                        "retweets": 290,
                        "likes": 81214
                        "user_id": "772234466",
                        "retweets": 290,
                        "likes": 382203
                        "user_id": "1445137100282777761",
                        "retweets": 290,
                        "likes": 13530
                        "user_id": "1336838675523579904",
                        "retweets": 290,
                        "likes": 58746
                        "user_id": "2820794202",
                        "retweets": 290,
                        "likes": 50438
                        "user_id": "698676116433797120",
                        "retweets": 313,
                        "likes": 235474

Data from Social Animal:

YearTotal number of articles from CNN
Articles sorted by type:
Articles sorted by type (2019 to 2021)Number
“How-to” content5817

Sentiment Analysis of CNN News Articles


Does Social Animal offer News API from other outlets?

Yes! Social Animal can offer API from any news source that you want. Here’s a sample from ABC news.

ABC News is the news division of Walt Disney Television’s ABC broadcast network. Its flagship program is the daily evening newscast ABC World News Tonight with David Muir.

Here is some sample data from ABC news.

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