Build a great audience by curating more relevant content.

Powerful Search

With Social Animal, it is easy to get to the kind of content you have in mind exactly. You can narrow down search by domain, author, keywords, published date and shared date. You can also combine multiple search criteria to track down the kind of content you want to see.

Keyword-centric Design

Headlines are super important, but since content is king, what it is made up of matters a lot, too. Everywhere in Social Animal, you can see how the whole system attaches a lot of importance to keywords that articles are made up of. Clicking on a keyword will start a search for articles that feature it.

Meet the Mashboard

The Social Animal Mashboard is updated every few hours with information that let’s you stay on the top of your game. The Mashboard pro-actively presents you with information that you need to know for keywords you care about and competitors you want to keep track of.

The Mashboard is accessible with one click no matter where you are in the UI and shows you competitor mentions, top trending articles for keywords you care about and newly discovered, potential influencers for your topics of interest.

No Research Required

While you are not working, the same can’t be said about Social Animal. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) based techniques, Social Animal is always pro-actively looking for content or influencers you might be interested in.

Once you tell us the keywords you care about competitors you need to keep track of, Social Animal’s Daily Digest email, which is an executive summary of happenings you need to know about, is sent right to your inbox automatically everyday.