Devise your Facebook Strategy by knowing
what your audience want.

Dynamic Keyword and Page search

Search across millions of pages and billions of posts. Curating Content on Facebook has never been this easy!

Also, Track the performance of all kinds of posts (articles, images or videos) based on any keyword and find top pages that share content related to your keyword.

Analyze and Discover

Learn more about your target audience by discovering highly useful Insights like what kind of sentiment (positive, neutral or negative) works best, audience engagement (likes, comments and shares) for all kinds of facebook posts and much more.

Know when to post

Frantically trying to engage your audience? You’ll have to post the right content at the right time to catch their attention.

Social Animal analyzes millions of facebook pages and content providing an answer to the question that most content curators ask: “When to post?”. Find the perfect time to post for any keyword with Social Animal.