SEMrush is an online visibility management platform and SEMrush conducted a Digital Marketing Conference in Bangalore, India.

And we had to see what it was all about. We set about doing just that.

One of our marketers live-tweeted from the different sessions and we’ve compiled that along with many other tweets, Instagram pictures and photos.

Here are the deets. From posts to tweets be on top of it all.

If you want to download entire presentations, click here.

Scroll on for key takeaways.

Here’s what Olga Andrienko had to say in her speech – “State of Content Marketing in 2020”

After this introductory session, the conferences split into 4 different categories and the participants were asked to choose between Topics that were based on SEO, Ads, Growth and Workshops.

Here’s the social media version of what happened in all those sessions.

Anshuman Kumar from Intuit shared Intuit’s story in his “Harnessing the power of many: co-creating an inspiring brand experience

Benu Aggarwal, Milestone focused her talk on Optimizing content for voice search & virtual assistants in the SEO stage.

Purna Virji from Microsoft talked about “Audiences, Ads and AI: Top tips for future-proofing your PPC

Vargab Bakshi from Shopify had his topic fixed on Key to scale – how to build your own business from scratch.

Luis Rodriguez from Uber on “Applying Agile Marketing to SEO” says “Stop being obsessed with rankings and focus on user experience”

Designing the killer multi-channel campaign was Amy Bishop’s topic.

Shahid Nizami from Hubspot talked about Marketing in 2020 – Why businesses should kill the FUNNEL and focus on the FLYWHEEL

Meanwhile, in the SEO stage, Charmis Pala from ClearTrip focused on Conscious, focused and impactful SEO strategies.

And in the Online Ads stage, Gautam Shewakramani from Quora was talking about “How to be successful on Quora as a Business

Praval Singh from Zoho talks about Building and scaling Product Marketing teams for SaaS companies

Here’s Neena Dasgupta from Zirca talking about Leveraging Content and Mindset to improve SEO scores

Craig Campbell shares case studies to help understand Affiliate Marketing better.

Video at Scale: How to use Youtube to grow your marketing funnel was Claire Drumond’s topic.

Ravi Bhushan concentrated on “The art of handling SEO at a scale”

Aleyda Solis’s session was on “Youtube Optimization Practical tips”.

To view all her slides from the presentation, click here.

Michelle Morgan from Clix Marketing says It’s not leads that generate revenue – it’s the sales! in her presentation titled “Lead Generation strategies to maximize revenue”

Here’s some stuff from Instagram.


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And here’s us having fun at one of the most fabulous conferences ever!

The day was full of learning and networking and here’s one last tweet that sums up the day.







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