Influencer Marketing is all the rage these days. 

But have people have matured enough to choose the right kind of influencers instead of following celebrities? And who are these influencers who you really must follow?

  • These influencers are thought leaders in their own way.
  • They are people rely on relationships to build a brand or a business. 
  • Their interactions are up close and personal.
  • They may or may not have a huge following (ranging up to millions) on social media platforms.

It’s 2019 and Content marketing will continue to influence businesses in a bigger and more impactful way. And it’s trends change every so often.

Adapting to the changes in content marketing earlier in the game is the only way to stay ahead.

How do you know what to look out for and what tactic or strategy to implement?


Enter: Top online marketers and influencers of content marketing. 

Now, who are the top influencers when it comes to Content Marketing?

This year’s list may contain a few familiar faces as well as a lot of new ones. We hope you find inspiration from this list of dynamic content marketing experts.

Before we get into our list, here’s how we built it.


We used Social Animal’s Influencer feature to find the top influencers in the content marketing industry.

  1. We searched for people associated with the keyword “content marketing” and narrowed down the top 500 results.
  2. We created the list based on the content that was shared on the topic – “content marketing ” and how much engagement an influencer’s content generates.This made the count get reduced to 200.

Here’s how we were able to differentiate, handpick and rank top influencers:

  1. Their twitter profiles showed maximum engagement!
  2. They shared, talked and engaged with their audience constantly and consistently.
  3. They took time to respond to individual tweets or replies and encouraged, showed their support to fellow marketers.
  4. The people on this list did not become influencers overnight.
  5. They had to create and share relevant quality content which is a feat in itself. They also had to listen and engage with their followers on a daily basis.
  6. They answered queries and tested strategies before they gave tips to their followers.
  7. Since we picked them exclusively based on the content they shared. Their retweets and engagement with other influencers mattered too. The people on this list have built lasting relationships with their audience and their fellow influencers from the same industry.

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In no way are we associated with any of the influencers below and the list is completely based on engagement metrics, share count data and the type of content shared by the influencers collected from Social Animal. 

Here are 125 thought leaders worthy of your attention. 

Connect with the top content marketing experts in the world and learn who’s perfect to help you build your brand.


Becoming an influencer and continuing to be one takes a lot of work.

The individuals mentioned here have established themselves in the world of content marketing as they truly get the nuances of content marketing and what it takes to succeed in it.



Krishna works as an Inbound Marketer at Social Animal. Being a marketing enthusiast, he loves reading and sharing the best articles on Growth, SEO and Sales.

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