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Social Animal trumps Buzzsumo in many ways

Social AnimalBuzzsumo
Article SearchYESYES
Influencer SearchYESYES
Facebook SearchYESNO
Deep search & mentions of your keywordYESNO
Compare keywords to get detailed insightsYESNO
Fetch keywords within articles for rankingYESNO
Compare DomainsYESNO
Analyze headlines of any articleYESNO
Sentiment Analysis for an articleYESNO
Find out domain content for your keywordsYESNO
Daily digest of popular article for keywordsYESNO
Number of SearchesUnlimitedUnlimited
Alerts10 to 2005 to 50
Data Exports10050
Content FiltersAdvancedBasic
Natural Language Processing (NLP)AdvancedBasic

475 Million+

Every article is run through our own proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm
190 Million+

Our Influencer Search algorithm will find you real and relevant influencers for keywords you care about
500 Million+

We even fetch co-occurring keywords within shared articles for your original keyword
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