Finding a pub has never been easier

Announcing my first Google maps mashup – my Pub Finder. It integrates content from the great site with maps, and then gives variably coloured icons denoting the rating of the pub.

To use it: move the map to an area you’d like to visit. If no pubs appear, then enter the placename of where you are looking at and it will try and find some pubs in that area. The results will automatically appear on the screen, but if they not, then move the map and the pubs will be refreshed.


Google Gmail Power Tips from ExtremeTech

One of the few pages from a set of Gmail power tips, this page shows you how to use Plus Addressing. Essentially it lets you have many email addresses based on your single gmail one, and then filter/block them at will. i.e. you don’t have to give out your real email address to companies. Of course, there are very obvious ways around it for a spammer, but it’s marginally better than giving out your normal address.

Google Maps UK

Google Maps UK has now gone live. This gives you a great alternative to using multimap, streetmap, the RAC, etc and ebbs away at the market share of products like Autoroute.

Given the satellite map integration that Google recently added to their US versions, it won’t be long before we can expect that here too (not that its new I realise).

Google Maps – putney

Edit: Google Sightseeing lists a bunch of popular sights in the US from the air. A novel approach to sightseeing. (e.g. Hoover Dam, when you zoom out you see just how impressive the dam actually is!)

Google AutoLink

The Google toolbar v3 (beta) includes a new feature called AutoLink. This essentially means that if it recognises an address, ISBN number, VIN number it can create a link in the HTML you see linking to a map, amazon, or VIN tracking site respectively.

A lot of bloggers are getting upset at this because it changes the webpage.

1. It doesn’t change the webpage, it changes the way that the user with Google Toolbar v3 BETA installed sees the webpage.

2. Surely the issue of changing your webpage is as intrusive as an advert which overlays your webpage and obscures the original content.

3. It’s your choice, if you don’t like the feature switch it off. If you don’t like the Google Toolbar, uninstall it (or use a different browser). Microsoft Word comes with a spell checker switched on by default underlining incorrectly spelt words, however based on the number of badly spelt documents around it seems people switch that feature off without griping!

4. It’s a BETA product. This means that Google are inviting people to download, play and comment on their product before they decide on a final implementation.

5. If the page author had added the links on the page already then Google wouldn’t need to add them! The number of times you visit a page to get an address and then have to go and get a map just because the author didn’t have the foresight…

6. Google is a commercial company, why shouldn’t they make money out of a free piece of software? There are many other toolbars out there from the other big players, get one of those instead.

Google Maps

Those guys at Google are really great. They’ve now added a map and route finding beta service to their plethora of offerings. Shame it’s only America at the moment, but once they’ve gone through beta they’re bound to add European maps.

How about this on a 3G GPS-enabled phone with Opera mobile browser, could this be another option in the Satnav field?