Outperform the competition with smart content

Bea content marketing pro with Social Animal’s Competitor Monitoring.


Monitor competitors, like a hawk.

To beat your competitors at the content marketing game, you need to level up your monitoring game.

See where their content goes and what they do to get maximum shares.


Go inside the content part of your competitor’s mind.

It’s not enough to know their best-performing content. Understand how they are promoting it too!

Uncover their content strategy’s USPs and flaws to strengthen your own.


Pinpoint back-link opportunities.

Your competitors leverage backlinks – now, so can you. Track your competitor mentions on Social Animal’s dashboard.

Discover what content gets the most backlinks and reach out to those who mention them.


Get social engagement metrics of your competitors.

Niche articles

Perform niche domain queries and discover top articles.

DNA of content

Analyze website or social content DNA with a single click.

Assess distribution

Understand how they create and distribute content.

Best-fit authors

Identify preferred authors and networks of competitors.

Deep-dive reports

Receive detailed reports on end-to-end content performance.

Top performers

Analyze the length and structure of top-performing content.

Get in touch

Directly get in touch with your competitor’s audience.

WHO shared WHAT

Cherry-pick articles and see who has shared them.

Promotion lists

Build a promotion list (exported file) to increase engagement.

*No credit card required.

Key features

What else can Social Animal do?


Content Research

Dig deeper and wider than ever before for exclusive content insights.

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Content Discovery

See everything related to content.
And we mean everything.

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Facebook Insights

Crush it on Facebook with on-demand content analytic.

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Influencer Discovery

Put a jetpack on your content marketing with the right influencers.

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Social Animal API

Curate content, find influencers & measure popularity of specific URLs.

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Let’s get you started on the path to content marketing nirvana.