19 Useful Benefits Of Content Curation For Social Media Marketing

Here are 19 amazing benefits of curating content and why it matters.

Content creation is time-consuming!

With over a million blogs on the internet, there is not enough time to publish three articles a week and continuously keep promoting them.

How can you cope up with the ongoing demand of creating exceptional articles to rank in Google?

Here is where content curation comes into place.

What is content curation?

Content curation is the aggregation of online content by discovering relevant and engaging articles in any given niche.

All top content marketing influencers include content curation as an important part of their content marketing strategy.

As a content marketing publication, we have realized how beneficial content curation can be when done right!

Why is content curation important?

Content curation complements content creation well as the efforts are comparatively easier. Sharing an article from a company blog is effortless, but is also monotonous and self-promotional.

Curating content from other sources

  • Helps in discovering interesting content in your niche
  • Provides opportunities to interact with top authors in the industry
  • Builds trust among our audience
  • Establishes you as an authority for industrywide news
  • Makes your social media content more rich

Is content curation good?

Content curation is a healthy practice and has evident results.

“85% of the B2B content market does give credit to content curation for their organization’s success.“

Source: CMI

It is mandatory to tweet at least twice a day for any active profile on Twitter. When this is the case for all social media platforms, curation helps to meet the standards for an active profile on social media.

What are some of the benefits of curating content on social media?

Social media content curation is very common and it has improved so much that top engaging posts consist of a mention or tagging of an influencer.

This trend is very much evident in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Content curation helps in different stages of a customer journey.

If you are new to curate content or someone trying to build your brand awareness and grow your social media following, here are the key benefits of content curation:

1. Discover relevant content

Sharing content from multiple sources provides diverse points of information to the audience. It not only makes content consumption interesting for the audience but also provides content marketers with great inspiration.

This includes industry trends, research-based original content, thought leadership articles, new ideas, event news etc.

2. Widens audience reach

The high-quality content curated from an interesting resource shows your admiration for their work. It gives a high chance for that publication to share your content with their audience.

Example: If you write an article mentioning an influencer, there is a high chance that this influencer might share your content in their social media feed.

All top publications have strong editorial policies and it is a must-read if you are interested to write guest posts for them.

3. Makes the connection more human

Amidst the paid promotions and advertisements on social media pages, content curation extends the scope of being true to your audience.

The proper attribution of multiple resources put together with your own thoughts creates a valuable content offering. 

The best thing is, the impression it leaves is actually believable and more human

4. Establishes brand authority

Curating content from other resources displays mutual respect to competitors in your industry.

It also shows that you want to create original content for your target audience providing various points of view to the problem you’re trying to solve in the niche.

The specific interests vary from one brand to another in a target market.

5. Great opportunities to learn

Curated content helps in discovering articles that can provide great inspiration and new ideas for creating content.

The article type, the ranking in search engines, and social media reach are few important factors to look into if you are planning to curate content.

The trend keeps changing every year and incorporating other’s content strategies is key to stay ahead in the line.

In turn, it also helps in developing your knowledge base with different topics for your content calendar.

6. Increases content distribution

Content is King they say! But promoting content is like maintaining an army.

Every social media manager needs distribution support to make the content gain visibility in the key target market.

If you have been curating content for a long time, your audience will grow into a community. More interestingly, other authors will be interested to share your content as well.

7. Improves the quality of content

Curating content makes your social media feed have quality content as its basic requirement.

This shows that your social media marketing not only involves lead generation but also establishes credibility and focuses on content with specific expertise and thought leadership.

Valuable information will be the key USP for people to subscribe to your core content and when this quality content combines with search engine optimization, the search results will all be in your favour.

8. Best practice for on page SEO

Curation in SEO works a bit interestingly.

The round-up posts, listicles, and interviews are all different forms of curated content. Digital marketing has produced many content creators who tap on the emerging trends.

Curated content is great means to scale content production as original content takes more time and this collective intelligence helps to create your knowledge base.

9. Helps in better understanding of the audience

One of the main benefits of content curation is to study the mindset of the audience.

Documenting different industrial events and social media platforms not only serve you as high-quality content but also makes you a source of great information offering.

Curating content not only tells your business sorry to your audience but also gives a strong foothold for you as a thought leader.

10. Adds strength to your social media strategy

Content curation is an inevitable part of every successful social media content strategy.

There is a constant necessity to create new and interesting content on social media. You can ease off this pressure by curating content rather than create content in the house for your social media.

11. Grows social media following

One of the true benefits of consistent posting of social media content is that it naturally brings more followers to your profile.

Curated content, in the long run, makes your profile a bankable resource for your audience to discover interesting information.

The constant stream of valuable and relevant information from your profile makes a good impact on the mindset of your followers.

12. Gradually increases influence

Influencer marketing in short is the consistent creation and creation of valuable content catered to an audience.

Every article in your list of curated content gets you one step closer to becoming an influencer.

One important factor to pay attention to is to maintain high standards and follow the social media best practices.

13. Creates a community

We already know that growing social media following is one of the benefits of content curation.

Content curation when combined with email marketing creates a FOMO (fear of missing out)among your website visitors and turns them into subscribers.

Some great brands that provide exceptional curated content are Growth Hackers, Content King, and Morning Brew.

14. Makes Networking easy

Content curation is a very methodical practice to create content by searching and sharing valuable information about a specific topic in a specific industry.

Since the specificity of the curated content attracts your target audience, the sharing of knowledge is made easy.

Hence it is very opportunistic to network with people who have the same interest.

15. Makes content promotion easier

Content curation is a challenging task.

Curating content can save a lot of time, but it also requires experience in the niche and great familiarity with the competitors, the tools, and the issues in the industry.

Curating content does not promise extra visibility on social media or search engines. It does show the exceptional ones in the crowd.

16. Diversifies opinions on a topic

Since content curation opens doors to sharing of useful information from various resources, it provides an opportunity for others to share their opinion on a particular subject.

If you belong in a niche that is developing, various opinions on a particular topic can enrich your learning experience.

Curated articles like roundups or any other educational content provide a good opportunity to link out to blogs that produce quality content.

The blog you have linked to will definitely take a keen interest in your work.

In this manner, naturally, you will be increasing the visibility of your articles and possibly get linked if your content stands out!

18. Increase social media credibility

Social media is all about being social with the content creators out there.

Curating content on industry news, informative data, having a healthy discussion, etc. creates a healthy image for a brand or an individual which gets transferred into the trust in due time.

Tip: Curate educational content that will be providing diverse points, more depth, and makes sense to your audience.

19. Develops appreciation among content creators

Thought leaders are present in every industry and their articles are considered valuable content.

Once a content curator publishes great content, it will be noticed and appreciated by fellow aggregators who are part of a network.

This healthy exchange of knowledge happens with curating content and this is what makes social media special.

What is the goal of curation?

Content curation success is not a defined roadmap where we hit the milestone and relax. It is an ongoing journey.

Content curation increases brand awareness and provides exceptional content from reliable resources, organizing information catered to a particular audience.

It helps the audience to connect with the brand in a much more efficient way.

Content curation efforts also help in avoiding duplicate content and provides useful resources and hence increases the brand’s credibility.0

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