The Best Content Curation Tools In 2020

Content curation is definitely a good technique to grow your audience and keep your social media feed active.  In 2020 it is going to get better with automation carrying most of the load that exhausts marketers. Millions of articles are being published on the internet on a daily basis.  To sift through this huge number...

Content curation is definitely a good technique to grow your audience and keep your social media feed active. 

In 2020 it is going to get better with automation carrying most of the load that exhausts marketers.

Millions of articles are being published on the internet on a daily basis. 

To sift through this huge number of articles and finding the perfect ones that match the interest of your audience is no easy job. 

What if we tell you there is a list of awesome tools that will help you identify the best content? 

Also, grow your social media following in a much more natural way. 

And, Content curation is the technique we are talking about. 

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Why content curation?

Curation is just a modern way of sharing information with others.

Right from bookmarking a webpage to adding a movie to your watchlist on Amazon prime, everything is content curation.

Here is the answer to why content creation – we fear missing out!

So when you stumble upon a quality piece of content that might be useful to your followers, you make sure to pass on the value that piece of content has provided. 

How strategically you approach content curation, defines how successful you can get at growing your social media following.

Who are all awesome at content curation?

Digital agencies

Digital marketing agencies usually have a number of clients and manually posting content for every handle is not an easy job. 

So curation is a default method they handle for high efficiency.

If you are someone from this order for background make sure you pick the right set of tools and also the right scheduler that will work for you.

Content marketers

Bloggers, reviewers, video creators, and many freelancers use content curation as their go-to technique to keep their social media feeds active. 

They tag other creators, mention brands, and also keep posting continuous content to keep their audience active on a daily basis.

The Influencers

Actors, models, magazines and social media folks who have a lot of following are all included in this list.

Since they have lots following, the frequency at which they post is high.

It is noted that top magazines publish at least 10 posts on Twitter in a single day.

No wonder content curation is working for them!

Without further ado, here are the top content curation tools for the year 2020.

Social Animal:

Social Animal helps you find content with the most shares over a period for any keyword.

Search and find content that is related to what you do and what your audience might find interesting. Use filters to find more compelling content that fits your social media profile.

You can directly publish your content on social media from Social Animal using Buffer.


  • Find top shared content for your audience
  • Curate content effortlessly
  • Track keyword and competitor mentions
  • Find the perfect influencers for your brand


The Lasso service enables you to streamline web research. The service is optimized for marketing activities, but can be leveraged for all kinds of business and personal web research.

This tool makes bookmarking easy with the different subtopics it offers and you can refer to the articles in the future in a more orderly manner. The tool also helps in collaborating with your team members.


  • Save and organize knowledge easily with a browser extension
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Publish to team, organization, customers, and followers
  • Find and access the right information when it’s needed
  • Jumpstart effort with new Slack integration

Social Weaver:

Social Weaver is a social media tool that helps you to manage and grow your audience on social media.

This tool makes it easy to schedule content, increase engagement, and listen to customers’ impressions — of both yours and your competitor’s.


  • Automate social media publishing
  • Content discovery for social media
  • Engage followers from the platform
  • Online listening to any brand


SocialPilot helps you to engage your audience and generate new leads through automated postings even when you’re not around. Apart from organic posts, you can schedule automatic posts from your feeds.

With ShareIt you can search the latest articles on any topic, share trending articles on social media, and also find trending ideas on Social Media.


  • Scheduling & Publishing 
  • Social Media Analytics 
  • Social Inbox 
  • Bulk Scheduling 
  • Client Management 
  • Social Media Calendar


Triberr is a marketing suite that helps bloggers and small businesses amplify their content, build online communities, and promote content all in one place.

Every time you publish a new post, Triberr sends it to everyone in your tribe and they share it with their followers.


  • Build a powerful network of like-minded individuals
  • Curate interesting and relevant content
  • Quickly and easily schedule posts
  • Measure the popularity and social reach of your posts.
  • Reach more people with content distribution


Pocket lets you consume and share content whenever you want, wherever you want, even without an internet connection.

With their excellent web browser plugin, it is very easy to save articles, videos and stories from any publication, page or app. 


  • Article suggestions to read
  • Bookmarking web page content
  • Offline viewing of resources
  • Discovery of a variety of articles


Elink is a user-friendly tool to create email newsletters, website content, single web pages, social media bio links and much more!

This tool is a quick way to share web links with your audience. You can create more content in less time by sending them as a newsletter, sharing it as a web page or embedding it on your site. 


  • Save online content
  • Curate content for online
  • Update content anytime
  • Track engagement analytics

Curata Inc. is the leading provider of software empowering marketers to scale a data-driven content marketing supply chain that grows leads and revenue.

Curata CMP (content marketing platform) enables the user to create content, curate and analyze the success of the content.


  • Content curation for teams
  • Curation from the browser extension
  • Filters for content 


Quuu offers hand-curated content suggestions and scheduling to put your social media marketing on autopilot.

Select interest categories that matter to you, then watch your posts line up in the Quuu scheduler. The suggestions for you are based on the inputs given by other similar users on the platform.


  • Content suggestion
  • In-app messaging in social media platforms
  • Integration with Buffer and Hootsuite
  • Content promotion with Quuu promote.


Feedly is an artificial intelligence-powered content aggregator application. It allows you to easily view the latest articles from your favourite resources online.

Be it CNN, Fox News, or The New York times, Feedly makes it easy to stay on top of the latest content being shared on your target keyword or hashtag.


  • AI-based research assistant
  • Sharing insights with the team
  • Sharing enabled to various social media platforms

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