Why (and How) you should Curate content?

Today’s world of Digital Marketing demands that you produce quality content regularly to grow your audience. But creating fresh pieces of content every day can be hard work, not to mention the quality you’ll have to ensure in publishing articles in large amounts. You’ll also have a schedule to maintain, competitors to manage, Deadlines to meet, strategies to come up with and before you can say “Oh No!”, Time will be up!

Teeny tiny mistakes in your content marketing strategy can land you in big trouble, making you lose your brand authority and your followers.

Now, Calm down!

Here’s where Content Curation comes.

What’s Content Curation?

In Simple terms, Content Curation is where you sort through vast amounts of online content, find ones that are relevant to your niche and share the ones which you think would engage your audience in various social media platforms.

Why must you curate content?

Give people something to like and they will like it!

Content curation is a proven way to reach more people and gain more audience.

Like I said in the beginning, you must keep producing content to grow your audience and keep them constantly engaged. People look up to you or your brand if you keep posting content that is useful, loaded with information and good to read. This is how you build authority over any subject.


Since mass production of quality content is impossible, What do you do?

You can share articles, videos or any kind of media from other influencers or brands that already have authority.

By Curating content, you widen your niche or field and increase productivity by saving cost and time.

Now, by constantly sharing trending articles, you’ll also manage to stay up to date on what’s trending. Thus giving your audience the right content at the right time.

How does Content Curation keep readers engaged?

Fact: Sharing anything that your audience might find useful or interesting is not gonna help you keep your readers engaged.

You might roll your eyes and ask What else must I do?

Add a little personal touch.

Give them a little extra when you curate content. Add your opinion on why you think a particular piece is valuable. Now this will keep your readers committed.

Did you know?

When you curate content from various sources or influencers, you are actually widening your niche and keeping your prompt readers interested.


When you keep sharing quality posts from multiple high ranking authority sites regularly, it gives an impression that you know what you are doing and naturally your ranking and stats would gradually increase.

And always remember!

Don’t be afraid to share or promote your competitor’s content.


That’s enough about the benefits of content curation, let’s get down to business.

How do you find the best content to curate?

Here’s a list of things that you must do to start curating content like a boss.

  1. Find and follow pages that relate to your niche or post related content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. This ensures that you get posts that are worth sharing on your social media feed.
  2. Find websites with good authority that publish quality content, subscribe to their newsletters and follow them on social media.
  3. Make a list of people who you think are influencers and follow them too.
  4. Use Google Alerts and Google Newsletters where you can search for any topic, and create alerts for specific topics.

When this is done, dive in deeper.

Social Animal helps you find content with the most shares over a period for any keyword. Knowing what people share the most lets you know what’s trending which enables you to get more shares too. 

When you’ve found what to share, you’ll want to know when to share it. Social Animal also lets you take a good long look at deeply analyzed Insights which tell you when to post, what kind of content works best and much more. 

To help you further, here’s a list of tools that will make Content Curation a piece of cake.

Must needed tools for Content Curation

HootSuite – Helps you schedule, organize content and track social media engagement on various platforms. After you’ve scheduled, content will be posted automatically. 

Buffer – Buffer will practically be your social media assistant as it lets you design a posting schedule where you can just add posts to your queue and they will automatically be posted.

This one’s for Facebook.

Facebook Publishing Tools – When you see content that you want to share on Facebook, copy the link of that post or video (For images – You can download them but make sure you mention the image owner in the credits), go to Publishing Tools and select Scheduled Posts. Here click on “Create” and paste the link of the post that you want to share. You can schedule multiple posts like this.

Now that you know why and how to curate content, don’t forget to add in your share. Content Marketers believe that while content curation has its own merits, we must give the audience something from our own plates.

Sowndarya Kishore is a Content Marketer at Social Animal. A marketer by day and a reader by night, she loves to discuss herself in the third person. Follow her on Twitter.

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