Digital Marketing Tips And Tricks For 2020

Looking at your competitors building a huge audience online and wondering how they are doing it? Here is what they do. They create excellent content for your target audience through their blogs and major digital platforms and they do it consistently. What do they take away from you? – Your business. Yes, I mean it!...

Looking at your competitors building a huge audience online and wondering how they are doing it?

Here is what they do. They create excellent content for your target audience through their blogs and major digital platforms and they do it consistently.

What do they take away from you? – Your business. Yes, I mean it!

If you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or an entrepreneur wondering how to do Digital Marketing, this post is for you.

You might wonder if it is really worth pursuing Digital Marketing, here is why you should choose it right away.

  • The digital marketing industry is now growing more than ever. Given the pandemic situation, it is now the only effective way to market a business.
  • From e-learning to customer service, all major brands have shifted their focus to digital.
  • Personalization in marketing messages has resulted in brands building online communities.

This guide on Digital Marketing tips consists of tips on marketing and includes subsections of Digital Marketing strategy tips, Content Creation Tips, Content Marketing Tips, Social Media Marketing Tips, and Email Marketing Tips.

We have created these comprehensive Digital Marketing tips to provide you with the most actionable list and to give you a kickstart with your campaigns.

After reading the actionable digital marketing tips and tricks for 2020, you will be confident about growing your business online.

Digital Marketing Strategy Tips:

1. Analyze your strengths

If you are a beginner at digital marketing, you need to start with what your best skills are.

For a few it might be content writing, creating visual content, or someone might even be a natural in bringing in social media engagements.

This is one digital marketing tip you should always hold on to.

2. Build a team

If you are starting your digital campaign, start with recruitment. Poach a few talented employees from your competitors if you can.

If you have an existing marketing team, call for a team meeting. Brainstorm ideas to get their opinions.

Assign roles and break down campaigns into daily tasks.

3. Invest time in learning

The Digital Marketing Industry keeps updating itself often and what worked for brands a few months ago might not be worth trying for your small business.

With social platforms, they get to a totally new level of functioning with every upgrade. It is the same with Google too and results become harder to achieve.

We might have to upgrade our digital marketing tips too!

Please take a course as a team or suggest individuals enroll in courses, workshops, and seminars.

4. Start with audience research

Every marketer expecting success in Digital Marketing is like a singer wanting to please a crowd.

What do they do? They perform their audience’s favorite tracks. That is exactly what you should be doing as well.

Start with analyzing your target audience. Know what type of content they like reading, sharing, and commenting on.

5. Develop a strategic action plan

Now, you have got enough data to start your campaigns. We have your strengths, an enthusiastic team to start working, and mainly your audience insights.

With the above, plan a strategic method to execute campaigns successfully.

The digital strategy should be solid, revisable, and should be very actionable.

6. Assign roles and targets

Decide on what varieties of campaigns you are going to create and break them into tasks.

Assign tasks to suitable team members and motivate them by providing targets and deadlines. Understanding for the target audience is a must for everyone in the team.

Select keywords that have good search volume and pick topics that are interesting to write as well.

7. Start with one social media channel at a time

When people start with social media, they expect likes and shares to follow them in all the platforms they try.

But, that is not the way things work. The nature of engagement, the content strategy, and even the age group of the audience varies from one platform to another.

You have to work on one platform at a time, do digital advertising campaigns, and then target success.

Example: Gain some great digital marketing tips from the growth story of Foundr Magazine.

8. Have brainstorming sessions

Marketing tactics are not notebook stuff anymore.

With the social media trends changing rapidly, a deep understanding of your customer is required to provide value to them.

Having regular marketing brainstorming sessions with the team can bring in perspectives from different walks of life and actually help you build marketing content that provides value.

Marketing gets easier with automation tools. Use them to schedule your meetings.

9. Study your competitors

If you are a beginner wanting good digital marketing tips, studying your competitors will provide you with excellent ideas.

Just think about it!

What kind of article brings more traffic?  What type of headlines capture more engagement?

After all, you share the same audience with them.

10. Create a community

Creating extraordinary articles and optimizing it for Google still works fine.

But in the long run, what if it becomes an old trend?

Focus on creating a community for your small business. There are a few brands who have excelled at this form of marketing. Please pick a chapter from their book.

Ex: Buffer Online Marketing community

Content Creation Tips for marketers:

1. Know what your audience read

The variety of content being produced varies from one industry to another.

A working marketing strategy starts with content research. Zero in on what kind of articles your audience prefers consuming.

If it is long-form articles, you will have to create them. If it’s videos, you will have to switch your focus your marketing towards creating videos.

2. Pick the right topics to write

This is where all the ideas brainstorming sessions come into play.

One big mistake you can commit is not creating the content your audience will want to read.

Get into their shoes, understand what their problems are, and start solving them with your content.

3. Do your keyword research

This is one of the basic tips for marketing. Undeniably, keyword research plays a major role in online search traffic.

The right set of keywords with good search volume has the potential to bring you more business.

Used tools like SurferSEO, Shreds, or even Ubersuggest to get your keyboard research data.

4. Create a content calendar

Digital marketing tips can all go in vain unless you act on them.

You can remember the articles you’re writing, the upcoming blog posts, and even the scheduled dates.

In order to scale and make this process into a routine, you will require a content calendar.

5.Type of content

There are two factors that influence the type of articles you should create.

  • The search engine results
  • Insights for your keyword

You can easily find these data by using the content insights section of Social Animal.

6. Find your voice

Every brand has its own voice.

It is not as hard as you think. Create user Persona profiles to start creating content based on their customer journey.

Communicate your ideas to help the customers through your campaign, and there you’ll find your voice.

7. Motivate them with stories

Everyone loves a good story.

Business audiences love reading customer testimonials. In fact, that’s the kind of success they are looking forward to.

You can include this story type information in your website as well.

8. Focus on quality

Creating articles does not mean sharing anything that you feel like writing about.

The reader should find actionable solutions for the problem they are facing. Creating quality blog posts comes with proper knowledge and training.

Unless it’s a case study information, testimonial for your website, or a tutorial procedure, don’t document.

9. Interview whom you admire

interviews are a great way to get the attention of your whole industry.

Create podcasts, videos, or interview articles featuring top influencers and micro-influencers from your industry.

This will help enhance the reach of your brand and also acquire a new audience.

10. Share your success and failures with readers

The one thing audiences naturally expect from a brand is transparency.

Share your quick wins, lessons from the campaigns that have failed, and if possible your upcoming campaigns.

Surprisingly, I have come across a few affiliate blogs that have got huge traffic numbers by sharing their actual revenue numbers.

11. Recycle your content

Use existing articles in email marketing, create an e-book, a video, and also do a Slideshare.

Online Marketing tip: A long-form article can be repurposed into a video. This video can also be embedded in the article.

Content Marketing Tips:

1. Stick to your publishing schedule

Your publishing schedule should also be based on the goal of your campaign.

If the goal of your campaign is to educate your audience, publish equal numbers of articles for buyers in each funnel.

Have a solid publishing schedule and stick to it.

2. Do content research

The importance of research can’t be stressed enough. All the data you require to stand out in the crowd comes from research.

When you create research-based articles, people appreciate them for the amount of effort that is being put.

Begin your content research right away!

3. Write for your audience

Lots of writers try to pin their blog posts on Google’s top rankings but what good are they if they’re not worth reading?

Use power words, include images, and make your article optimized for good readability.

4. Be consistent with your efforts

Publishing one post per month may be good for a start.

With millions of blogs being published every day, your article might not stay in the minds of your reader.

Try publishing at least 4 posts per month and do build your readers list.

5. Long-form content performs the best

For almost all competitive keywords, long-form articles are the ones that rank top.

Here is three reasons why.

  • They offer a lot of value
  • They are not easy to create and Google likes them
  • They rank for a bunch of related keywords as well

Pick the right keywords your audience is searching for and start creating long-form articles right away.

6. Create campaigns based on buyer persona

Be it social media, SEO, a good digital marketing tip to start with is to facilitate information for the different classifications of your audience.

We might want every reader to become our customer. But in reality, every reader has a different persona.

The buyer persona can be identified by matching the target keyword with user intent.

7. Engage with your readers

Try to engage your audience with your marketing campaigns. Ask questions. Get feedback.

Make them comment and you’d in turn make them share your article with their peers, and in social media as well.

8. Create data-based articles

Data-driven articles take time in creation. But once they are perfected, the visibility they bring to your brand will be fantastic.

Create content that other writers would want to mention in their articles.

TIP: Do a customer survey, or a statistics report on your industry.

9. Offer FREE valuables

Undeniably, the word FREE gets a lot of attention.

Deliver a lot of valuables like E-books, courses, video lessons, etc for free. This is a great way to educate as well as gain a new audience.

10. Have a brand voice that resonates with your audience

You need to walk the walk and talk the talk that attracts your audience. Simply put, grab their lingo.

For example: If you are trying to become an influencer in the fashion industry, you need to be active on Instagram.

Social Media Marketing Tips:

1. Familiarise with the platform

Learn and observe how other brands function in the target social media channel.

Just posting your content without understanding how a platform works will bring only irritation to the audience.

Get the knack of garnering attention from users. Build a marketing strategy. If you are able to pull this off, you are on your way to social media success.

2. Invest in learning

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn come up with new features and also algorithmic updates quite often.

With every update, there is a need not only to update our knowledge on their digital advertising, and also on how these new features can help your brand grow.

The right way is to invest in learning from the top social media professionals. This will help you have an edge over your online competitors.

3. Define your goals

You have now begun your social media marketing journey.

You need a direction to move forward and goals provide them to you. Specific targets that are reasonable to attain are the best goals to set.

Make sure the goals accompany your brand’s vision.

4. Be consistent in posting content

Social media marketing should be given more priority because of the audience on social media notice.

They notice what kind of posts you publish, how good are they, and most importantly, the consistency in the content you create.

Create a social media content calendar, plan your campaigns earlier, and schedule your posts.

5. Storytelling matters

Everyone loves reading a good story. So, narrate your brand story to them.

Share your office culture, lessons, and upcoming plans. On social media, almost every positive story attracts a good response.

“You’re never going to kill storytelling because it’s built-in the human plan. We come with it.” – Margaret Atwood

Include storytelling techniques in your content narrative.

6. Create interactive content

Engagement is the key to any brand’s social media success.

Find what your audience loves and create posts that will make them interact with you. It can be as simple as asking for suggestions.

Audiences love to respond to fun posts that involve a quiz, connect the dots, etc.

7. Invest in marketing

Social media marketing might seem hard for someone who has just begun. But the game gets more interesting once you get an understanding of how it works.

The best way to increase your social media presence is to start digital advertising. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all a solid structure to help you gain more reach.

You can advertise in email marketing and on platforms like Quora as well.

8. Gather as many reviews as possible

Customer reviews bring more trust among readers.

The star ratings have a good visual effect with someone interested in your product.

Affiliate marketing programs are an easy way to gain good reviews and visibility as well.

9. Testimonials make wonderful content

Testimonials have an awesome effect as visitors relate themselves with your existing customer.

They are user-generated, they bring in curiosity, and since it is from a real person it makes the post more authentic.

Make sure you ask your existing customers to tweet or make a testimonial for your social media handle.

10. Measure your results

Measure your social media marketing efforts at least once in two weeks.

This helps you learn more about the priorities of your audience and in turn, you can provide better value to them in your upcoming campaigns.

Use social media analytics tools to know more about your audience’s preferences.

Email Marketing Tips:

1.Have a long term plan

Email marketing campaigns are always planned for the long term.

Have a substantial amount of content planned for the campaign. Making it into a series or course can be interesting.

2. Be clear on what you are offering to your reader

An email inbox is a place where people give dedicated time to read and they will unsubscribe the next instant unless they find value.

Promote relevant content that will interest your audience and keep them crisp.

3. Create an email content calendar

Create a content calendar for email as well. The sequence of the emails should move the reader up in the customer journey ladder.

Classify your users into different buyer personas and create email campaigns accordingly.

4. Have a great design

Create a pleasing design and email copy should be good to skim. Your visitor might be in a hurry and when the email is skimmable, they will bookmark it for a later read.

Optimize the email for mobile as most of the email users use mobile to read their emails.

5. Don’t promote yourself

When a visitor subscribes to your content, it means they what they expect to learn something from you.

Don’t push the promotional emails that demand to pay more or subscribe.

6. Make use of preview text

The preview of your emails is a great way to capture the attention of your reader.

Especially when the email is cold. Write an excellent copy that makes them click on your email.

7. Initiate a conversation

This is actually what emails should be about. A platform to initiate a conversation for business purposes.

Ask simple and interesting questions. Make them hit the reply button.

8. Treat the reader like a person

A lot of brands send continuous emails asking the reader to avail of their services. It might interest only for a few.

For the rest of the readers, you are just a salesman at their door. Treat them like how you would treat a person when you meet. Be polite, make them feel warm, and finally PITCH.

9. Don’t end campaigns abruptly

Mistakes happen. You might have a wrong one, but that doesn’t mean you should stop sending emails. Apologize to your reader in the next one.

Mails are like a marathon. You need to keep running them.

10. Build your email list

You might get regular lists of emails from the tools you use. But never stop collecting email addresses.

Have subscription forms filled in your blog, website, and also your landing pages.

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