81 Best Fashion Photographers To Follow In 2020

Fashion photography is an industry devoted to capturing the talent of an artist in a portrait. The clothes, the looks, and even the style in which photographs are clicked these days are quite setting up the trends. Be it the ramp walk shows, the vivid costumes, and most notably the glamour this industry puts forward,...

Fashion photography is an industry devoted to capturing the talent of an artist in a portrait.

The clothes, the looks, and even the style in which photographs are clicked these days are quite setting up the trends.

Be it the ramp walk shows, the vivid costumes, and most notably the glamour this industry puts forward, none of these would get our attention unless the photograph impresses at first sight.

One of America’s most known fashion photographer Bill Cunningham quotes, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” 

The fashion photography industry has been growing steadily in the US since 2014, It has also significantly influenced the way people take photoshoots in personal events like weddings.

With so much photographic content out there, the top fashion photographers stand out from the crowd by crafting their own portrait style. As true artists believe, every photograph is a memory frozen to remember.

In this article, we will be providing you with 81 best fashion photographers and also show you how you can find influencers on social media using Social Animal’s influencer feature.

If you are a beginner fashion photographer looking for inspiration, this article is going to be perfect for you.

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1. Adam Bouska

Fashion Photographer & NOH8 Campaign Co-Founder

Instagram: @adambouska

Website: http://www.adambouska.com/

2. Lara Jade

British fashion photographer working between NY and London. Represented  by @ateliermgmt

Instagram: @larajadephotography

Website: https://www.larajade.com/

3. Antonio Martez

Beauty & Fashion Photographer | Creative Director | Educator | Content Creator | Influencer

Instagram: @antoniomartez

Website: https://antoniomartez.com/

4. Mike Ruiz

Celebrity and Fashion photographer.

Instagram: @mikeruizone

Website: http://www.mikeruiz.com/

5. Igor Vasiliadis

Art & Fashion photographer shooting on film, wet collodion & silver plates

Instagram: @igor_vasiliadis

Website: https://www.igorvasiliadis.com/

6. John Rankin


Instagram: @rankinarchive

Website: https://rankin.co.uk/

7. Kai Z Feng

Photography. Creative Direction. Fashion. Art. Celebrity.

Instagram: @kaizfeng

Website: http://kaizfeng.co/

8. Russell James

Photographer, Director, Image Maker

Instagram: @russelljames

Website: https://russelljames.com/

9. Mario Testino

London based world-renowned photographer

Instagram: @mariotestino

Website: https://www.mariotestino.com/

10. Annie Leibovitz

American Portrait Photographer

Instagram: @annieleibovitz

Website: N/A

11. Emily Soto

NYC photographer // American Beauty Star

Instagram: @emilysoto

Website: http://www.emilysoto.com/

12. Pamela Hanson

Pamela Hanson was born in London and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. She has lived in London and Paris, but now resides in New York.

Instagram: @pamela_hanson

Website: https://pamelahanson.com/

13. Alexandra Nataf

Creative Director / Photographer

Instagram: @alexandranataf

Website: https://www.unconditionalmagazine.com/

14. Lindsay Adler

Portrait and Fashion Photographer based in NYC. Author of 5 books, Lover of Life, Canon Explorer of Light.

Instagram: @lindsayadler_photo

Website: https://www.lindsayadlerphotography.com/

15. Bruce Weber

Photographer | Filmmaker | Animal Lover

Instagram: @bruce_weber

Website: https://www.bruceweber.com/

16.  Olivia Malone

Photographer @homeagency

Instagram: @oliviamalone

Website: https://www.oliviamalone.com/

17. Paul Bellaart

Studio Kalverliefde

Instagram: @oliviamalone

Website: https://www.paulbellaart.com/

18. Lina Tesch

Fashion & Beauty Photographer

Instagram: @linatesch

Website: https://www.linatesch.com/

19. David Roemer

Photographer/ Director

Instagram: @david_roemer

Website: http://www.roemerstudio.com/

20. Cass Bird

Artist, photographer, and director who lives and works in New York City.

Instagram: @cassblackbird

Website: http://cassbird.com/

21. Giampaolo Sgura

Lives in Milan and New York and travel world for his Passion!!!!

Instagram: @giampaolosgura

Website: http://www.giampaolosgura.com/

22. Koray Birand

Just another fashion photographer.

Instagram: @koraybirand_photography

Website: https://www.koraybirand.co.uk/

23. Yu Tsai

Celebrity and fashion photographer mentor for ANTM cycle 21 & 22 and Asia’s next top model judge and mentor season 4 & 5

Instagram: @yutsai88

Website: https://www.yutsai.com/

24. André Nicolau

Fashion Photographer / Art lover.

Instagram: @andrenicolau

Website: http://andrenicolau.com/

25. Oleg Kosyniuk

Fashion photographer Oleg Kosyniuk / Ukraine/ Photography

Instagram: @oregumodels

Website: http://oregu.info/

26. Manav Manglani

Media-Bollywood & Fashion Photographer/Entrepreneur/Content Creator/Mumbai-Thane

Instagram: @manav.manglani

Website: N/A

27. Stewart Shining

Fashion photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation trustee

Instagram: @stewartshining

Website: https://www.stewartshining.com/

28. Reihane Taravati

Fashion Photographer.

Instagram: @reihanet

Website: http://reihanet.com/

29. Grant Friedman

Fashion photographer and filmmaker. Formerly editor-in-chief  @layersmagazine @tutsplusdesign

Instagram: @grantfriedmanphoto

Website: http://grantfriedman.com/

30. Johhny Otto

Award-winning Filmmaker and Fashion Photographer #film #director #musicvideos #photography #fashion

Instagram: @johnnyottophotography

Website: http://www.johnnyotto.com/

31. Maz De Roxas

Fashion Photographer, Filmmaker, and Entrepreneur Based in MNL, Ph

Instagram: @mazderoxas

Website: http://mazderoxas.com/


Designer / Fashion Photographer / Filmmaker

Instagram: @bangnmedia

Website: http://www.bangnmedia.com/

33. Nicky Johnston

Celebrity & Fashion Photographer

Instagram: @nickyjohnston

Website: http://www.nickyjohnston.co.uk/

34. Alexi Lubimirski

Fashion photographer and author of PRINCELY ADVICE for a HAPPY LIFE and MENSAJES de un PRINCIPE All proceeds of which go to the charity Concern Worldwide

Instagram: @alexilubomirski

Website: https://www.alexilubomirski.com/

35. Nathan Zahorchak

Portrait & Fashion Photographer, Retoucher, Web Designer & Developer based out of Toronto.

Instagram: @nathanzahorchak

Website: N/A

36. Brian Jamie

Men’s Fashion Photographer in NYC

Instagram: @brianjamie

Website: http://www.brianjamie.com/

37. Mike Colon

Wedding & Fashion Photographer | Sony Artisan of Imagery | Lexar Elite Photographer

Instagram: @mikecolon

Website: https://www.mikecolon.com/

38. Charles Davis

Commercial LifeStyle Press/PR Fashion Photographer

Instagram: @professionalphotography

Website: http://www.professionalphotography.me.uk/

39. Charlie Kaye

Retired Executive Producer for Radio at @CBSNews, former news director of @1010WINS and passionate portrait and fashion photographer.

Instagram: @charliekaye.official

Website: http://www.charliekayephotographer.com

40. Justin Bridges

Photographer | Owner: @peachstudio_nyc | Partner: @studiorider | Podcast: @freelancekills

Instagram: @bybridges

Website: https://www.justinbridges.com/

41. Piper Carter

Fashion Photographer // Humanitarian // Vegan // Howard Univ Alum

Instagram: @pipercarter

Website: http://pipercarter.com/

42. Robert Wilde

Fashion Photographer. Fashion images work best with a strong concept, a good story, and personality.

Instagram: @robertwilde1

Website: https://www.robertwildephoto.com/

43. Joseph Sinclair

Celebrity & Fashion Photographer. Dog lover!

Instagram: @josephsinclair

Website: https://www.josephsinclair.com/

44.  Greg Vaughan

New York based fashion photographer

Instagram: @gregory_vaughan_

Website: https://www.gregvaughanstudio.com/

45. Brian Barreto

Fashion Photographer

Instagram: @bbarreto

Website: http://brian-barreto-photography.com/

46. Todd Anthony Taylor

Celebrity Fashion Photographer/Creative Dir/host/writer. Resident photog & judge on Fit for Fashion #FitforFashionTV

Instagram: @toddanthonytyler

Website: https://www.toddanthonytyler.com/

47. Jay McLaughlin

Fashion Photographer, content creator & Olympus PEN Ambassador

Instagram: @jaymclaughlin

Website: https://www.jaymclaughlin.co.uk/

48. Naomi Wu

Fashion photographer with a sentimental heart; sometimes a singer and a dancer.

Instagram: @i_am_naomiwu

Website: http://naomiwu.com/

49. Leo Faria


Instagram: @leofaria

Website: https://www.leofaria.com.br/

50. Jorge Amin

Fashion photographer, documentary, and portraits.

Instagram: @jorgeamin

Website: http://www.jorgeamin.com/

51. Dixie Dixon

Commercial Fashion Photographer and Nikon Ambassador: Travels worldwide

Instagram: @iamdixiedixon

Website: https://www.dixiedixon.com/

52. Robert Voltaire

Los Angeles based fashion photographer.

Instagram: @robertvoltaire

Website: https://www.robertvoltaire.com/

53. Condry Calvin Mlilo

Fashion Photographer @silverspaceST , Creative Director and filmmaker

Instagram: @condrycalvinmlilo

Website: http://www.condrycalvinmlilo.com/

54. Chalo

Internationally Published Beauty & Fashion Photographer

Instagram: @photosbychalo

Website: https://photosbychalo.com/

55. Retro Photostudio

Fashion photographer – apparel, streetwear, lingerie. Editorial & catalogue; Actor / model portfolios.

Instagram: @retrofotostudio

Website: https://www.retrophotostudio.co.uk/

56. Brian Rolfe

Portrait & fashion photographer.

Instagram: @brianrolfephoto

Website: https://www.brianrolfe.co.uk/

57. Omar Viktor

Omar Victor Diop. Fine Arts and Fashion photographer

Instagram: @omar_viktor

Website: https://www.omarviktor.com/

58. Martin Prihoda

Advertising/Fashion Photographer working in Mumbai, India

Instagram: @martinoprihoda

Website: http://www.martinprihoda.com/


Helen Berkun is a fashion photographer, stylist, and blogger.

Instagram: @helen_berkun

Website: https://www.helenberkun.com/

60. Remi Adetiba

Creative Director, Fashion Photographer, Dog-Lover.

Instagram: @remiadetiba

Website: https://www.remiadetiba.com/

61. AP Wilding

London based female portrait and fashion photographer.

Instagram: @apwildingphotography

Website: https://www.apwildingphotography.com/

62. Javier Burgos

Professional fashion #photographer. Models, advertising, product… #Drone photo and video for fashion brands.

Instagram: @javierburgos

Website: https://www.javierburgos.net/

63. Charlie Gray


Instagram: @charliegraystudio

Website: https://charlie-gray.com/

64. Dali Ma

Fashion Photographer, published on @Maxim , Speaker at @LosAngelesHUG , #Oxford Alumnus @ExeterCollegeOx . Travelled to 27 countries and counting.

Instagram: @phoenix_dali

Website: https://dali.studio/

65. Iolo Lewis Edwards

Fashion Photographer Director of High Fashion Talk

Instagram: @iolsi

Website: https://highfashiontalk.com/

66. Stefano Brunesci

Art, Editorial & Fashion Photographer based between Bath & London, UK.

Instagram: @stefanobrunesci

Website: https://stefanobrunesci.com/

67. Andrew Kung

Professional Commercial, Advertising, and Fashion Photographer. Cinematographer and Educator.

Instagram: @andrewkungphoto

Website: https://www.andrewkung.com/

68. Will Sorensen

Portrait & Fashion Photographer

Instagram: @sorensenart_

Website: https://www.sorensenart.net/

69. Nicely Made Media

Headshot, Fashion Photographer and Video Creator located in Los Angeles, California.

Fashion Photographer + Creative Director NYC – Miami – LA Advertising : Commercial : Celebrity

Instagram: @cemhanbiricik

Website: https://www.cemhanbiricik.com/

71. Victor Colares

Fashion Photographer & Creative Director

Instagram: @collaresvictor

Website: N/A

72. Toni Rales

Professional fashion photographer, amateur smart aleck. Buffy fan and Constant Reader. socially distant before it was cool.

Instagram: @toniriales

Website: https://www.toniriales.com/

73. Armin Weisheit

Fashion | Digital-Imaging Artist | Multimedia | #Art lover | Voyeur and free Spirit | Entrepreneur |

Instagram: @armin_weisheit

Website: http://www.arminweisheit.com/

74. Robert MacNeil

Fashion Photographer, graphic artist, and way too passionate about things. Published in 900+ magazines worldwide

Instagram: @robmacneilphoto

Website: http://www.robmacneil.com/

75. Davide Photography

Fashion photographer

Instagram: @davidefoto

Website: http://www.davidephotography.com/

76. Alix de Beer

Fashion Photographer in Paris

Instagram: @alixdebeer

Website: http://www.alixdebeer.com/

77. Shamayim

Fashion Photographer

Instagram: @shamayim

Website: https://shamayimstudios.com/

78. Carmen Chan

Portrait, Lifestyle, Fashion Photographer

Instagram: @carmenchan

Website: https://carmen-chan.com/

79. Jamie Nelson Photo

New York Fashion Photographer, beauty photographer. Editorial, Celebrity, High Fashion, Beauty, Commercial, Advertising Photography

Instagram: @jamienelson6

Website: https://www.jamienelson.com/

80. Cameron Story

Portrait + Fashion Photographer⁣ + Model Portfolio Developer + Educator⁣ – Los Angeles

Instagram: @cameronstory.photo

Website: https://www.cameronstoryphoto.com/

81. Onin Lorente

Fashion Photographer ( http://oninlorente.com ) and Founder of Style Anywhere ( http://style-anywhere.com )

Instagram: @oninlorente

Website: http://style-anywhere.com/


Tools usedSocial Animal and Tweeple Search

Social Animal’s influencer search feature was used to perform an exact search for the keywords fashion photographer, model photographer, fashion photography, etc. in their Twitter Bio.

(Exact search: “fashion photographer”)

The accumulated number of results was more than 10K. The top parameters considered to sort were Listed On and The number of followers.

Now, the number of results was 380. They were then listed based on their Twitter following, engagement, and authenticity of their profile.

To make the list more authentic, the Following accumulation factor was also added to the list.

This excellent parameter is the number of unique follows a profile gets on Twitter and is provided by Tweeple Search.

After the final list was sorted based on follower accumulation, the profiles of the top 81 best fashion photographers were listed.


I really admired the work of all the fashion photographers listed in the article and their pictures gave a very distinct experience of the fashion world.

Here are a few pointers observed in the process of creating this article.

  • More than 80% of top fashion photographers are men.
  • Most of the top fashion photographers have websites aimed at giving a peek at their photography style for the visitor.
  • Instagram seems to be the social media for photographers as portraits gain more attention and appeal here.
  • Even the most famous fashion photographers don’t stay active on Twitter.
  • Most websites of top fashion photographers contain their portfolio.

Do you find anything else interesting in this article? If you believe we have missed someone on the list, feel free to mention in the comments.

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