75 Top Pregnancy Bloggers to follow in 2020

Huge respect to all the pregnant ladies out there! Pregnancy can be an exhaustive journey for a newbie without proper guidance. Along with the physical changes, even mental health takes a toll for every pregnant woman. A regular visit to the doctor, taking scans on the specific dates, occasional blood tests, and more importantly maintaining...

Huge respect to all the pregnant ladies out there!

Pregnancy can be an exhaustive journey for a newbie without proper guidance.

Along with the physical changes, even mental health takes a toll for every pregnant woman.

A regular visit to the doctor, taking scans on the specific dates, occasional blood tests, and more importantly maintaining the weight are all basic parameters every pregnant lady keeps check at.

There are a lot of brands waiting to push their products for pregnant women. How far do we know of their reputation? More than anything, are they safe to use?

Here are the folks who answer these questions for you – Pregnancy bloggers!

Pregnancy bloggers help preggers by creating content that can benefit them.

In this article, we will be providing you with 101 best pregnancy bloggers and also show you how you can find influencers on social media using Social Animal’s influencer feature.

If you are a pregnant lady looking for advice, this post will be perfect for you!

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1. Mommies Daily

A friendly non-judgmental place for Indonesian moms to share about kids, pregnancy, parenting & everything in between.

Website: http://mommiesdaily.com/

2. Fit Pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy is the most-trusted source of information for pregnant women and new mothers.

Website: https://www.fitpregnancy.com/

3. What To Expect

Your go-to resource for preconception, pregnancy, and parenting advice.

4. Mother & BabyIndonesia

The Leading Pregnancy, Baby, & Children Magazine.

Website: https://www.motherandbaby.co.id/

5. Maternity Comfort Solutions

Doug Penta, MD (ObGyn) & Sue Winters, RN, Bloggers: Pregnancy to Toddlers, Author; Parents, Farm Living, Retired Clinical Professor @Harvardmed #wearamask

Website: https://maternitycomfortsolutions.com/

6. Rookie Moms

From Pregnancy to Preschool & Beyond! Pregnancy • Baby • Toddler • Preschool • Mom Life

Website: https://www.rookiemoms.com/

7. Pregnancy & Newborn

The must-have magazine for new and expectant moms. A girlfriend-to-girlfriend dish on all things pregnancy and baby.

Website: https://www.pnmag.com/

8. Preggoholic

Promoting pregnant women. Love pregnancy and lactating content.

Website: N/A

9. Pregnancy Magazine

A New Look at #Motherhood. Pregnancy is the leading monthly magazine for first-time #moms. Discover #pregnancy, #parenting, health, and products.

Website: https://www.pregnancymagazine.com/

10. Bounty.com

Bounty is the UK’s best-loved parenting club. Your one-stop pregnancy and parenting club, there for you from bump to baby and beyond.

Website: https://www.bounty.com/

11. Pregnancy.Org

By Parents For Parents. Bringing people together during pregnancy & beyond. Powered by Optum.

Website: https://pregnancy.org/

12. Alpha Mom

The one and only | Parenting & Pregnancy website | owned & run by Isabel Kallman.

Website: https://alphamom.com/

13. We Midwives

Helping the midwifery community to improve maternity care via #SoMe by building positive relationships through connection & support.

Website: http://www.wecommunities.org/

14. Pregnant Chicken

Pecking away at the myths of pregnancy and keeping it sunny side up.

15. Heidi Murkoff

Heidi Murkoff is the mom behind What to Expect, the world’s most popular pregnancy and parenting brand.

Website: https://www.whattoexpect.com/

16. Sarah-Jane Marsh

Director of Testing, NHS Test, and Trace. Usually CEO of @BWC_NHS and Chair of the NHS Maternity and Children & Young People’s Transformation Programmes.

Website: https://bwc.nhs.uk/

17. Eva Martin

The latest in women’s health, pregnancy, & women in medicine. MD from @HarvardMed , founder of women’s health med device company.

Website: http://www.elmtreemedical.com/

18. Earth Mama

Earth Mama makes effective, natural herbal care for pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, baby care. We’ve been safely nurturing mamas this way since 2002.

Website: https://earthmamaorganics.com/

19. Mama Natural 

Whether you’re pregnant, caring for your baby, interested in gentle parenting, or just want to be more natural yourself, Mama Natural is here to help.

Website: https://www.mamanatural.com/

20. Tommy’s

We fund research into miscarriage, premature birth & stillbirth, and provide free pregnancy health information to parents-to-be.

Website: https://www.tommys.org/

21. Hilary Erickson

Hilary is the curls behind pullingcurls.com –where she blogs the best of pregnancy, parenting, and family hacks to help moms find more joy.

Website: https://www.pullingcurls.com/

22. Pregnancy tips

It’s the Largest mom’s Community. It is one of the fastest-growing websites which addresses the pregnancy needs and concerns of women across the world.

Website: https://www.momjunction.com/

23. Dr Bushra

#Doctor #blogger #writer #Health #Parenting #Education #Food #Superbloggerchallenge #WritingCommunity #amwriting

Website: https://allaboutthewoman.com/

24. Beth Newell

Co-founder @Reductress , Host @weknowspod

Website: https://www.bethnewell.net/

25. Emma Kelley

I always aim to help other people be informed about parenting and pregnancy. Motherhood and pregnancy are not a perfect journey but it is a beautiful one.


Website: https://shrewdmommy.com/

26. Yoga Mama

Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates.Mum & baby classes, Ashtanga yoga, yin yoga, tai chi Pregnancy Teacher training school.

Website: https://yogamama.co.uk/

27. Carole Serrat

Author, wellness expert ( insomnia, pregnancy, weight problems.) tv host. sophrologue, experte#bienetre @topsantecom/ Animatrice tv @MCSbienetre

Website: https://caroleserrat.com/

28. Tonia Sanders

Dishing out the 411 on #motherhood #pregnancy #marriage and ANYTHING else I feel like saying!

Website: http://thechattymomma.com/

29. Jenny Lord

Midwife, Mum of 3, blogger: supporting parents through pregnancy, breastfeeding, and parenting

Website: https://midwifeandlife.com/

30. Motherhood Maternity

Real Moms. Real Stories. Real Life. We’re dedicated to being your motherhood resource. We have the maternity & nursing styles and solutions you need.

Website: https://www.motherhood.com/

31. Katie Reed

Writer. Mother of four boys. Immortal, probably. Her favorite candy is TUMS.

Website: https://www.amotherthing.com/

32. Elizabeth Ward

Coffee-dependent dietitian + author: “The Menopause Diet Plan” and “Expect the Best, Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy”

Website: https://betteristhenewperfect.com/

33. Seraphine Maternity

The art of being fashionably pregnant – chic maternity and nursing clothes, taking you through pregnancy and beyond.

Website: https://www.seraphine.com/

34. Mama Mio Skincare

You’re gonna grow and you’re gonna shrink so let #mamamio be your secret weapon for strong hydrated and healthy skin each step of the way

Website: https://www.mioskincare.com/

35. Marianne Ryan

Award-Winning Author of #1 Bestseller and Leading Women’s Health Physical Therapy Expert, Pregnancy, Post Baby Bod

Website: https://www.mrptny.com/

36. Maternity Worldwide

Saving lives in childbirth in sub-Saharan Africa by training midwives, improving healthcare access and providing communities with maternal health education

Website: https://www.maternityworldwide.org/

37. Lynn Hogg

Mum of 2, Blogger and Owner of More 4 Mums Online Maternity & Nursing Store. Chatting and tweeting all things parenting.

39. Dr Ben Lynch

Author of Dirty Genes. President of Seeking Health. Creator of StrateGene. Focused on Optimizing Pregnancy, Disease Prevention, and Health Promotion.

Website: https://www.drbenlynch.com/

40. Andrea Askowitz


Book: My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy.

Website: http://andreaaskowitz.com/


London dad blogger, giving the guy’s perspective on pregnancy, babies, and parenthood

Website: http://youthedaddy.co.uk/

42. Expecting Mom-To-Be

My fav things for the expecting momma, new baby, new mom, and life with a new little one!

Website: https://www.momresource.com/

43. Jennifer Margulis

Science journalist, book author, Fulbright awardee. Cornell grad. Writing about health & wellness, pregnancy & childbirth, modern medicine, addiction, & more.

Website: https://jennifermargulis.net/

44. Mocha Manual

Award-winning destination for black pregnancy & parenting info, insights on motherhood, life & relationships.

Website: http://mochamanual.com/

45. Gail J. Dahl

International Bestselling Author of “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets”, Executive Director of the Canadian Childbirth Association

Website: https://www.pregnancyandchildbirthsecrets.ca/

46. Dr Debra E Boyce

Honoured to be President, @CMPAmembers Council MD, Partners in Pregnancy Family Medicine Clinic #SafeMedicalCare

Website: https://www.partnersinpregnancy.ca/

47. Laura

Stay at home mama to Rowan | Our rainbow baby is due March 2017 | Engaged to Alex | A UK Pregnancy, Family & Lifestyle Blogger | Owner of @la_pom_pom

Website: http://mummylala.co.uk/

48. Bridget Swinney RD

Dietitian, healthy eating/lifestyle blogger. Author of 3 books on pregnancy and child nutrition. Latest book: Eating Expectantly-4th ed

Website: http://eatrightmama.com/

49.  Louise Hamilton

She is mummy to 2 girls & writes about it. Her pregnancy/birth ebook is brutally honest, in diary format

Website: https://pregnancybabyblog.wordpress.com/

50. Newbie Mom

Newbie Mom Site is a funny blog on being a new mom. A place to laugh at the craziness of pregnancy, babies, and parenthood. No advice, just mom humor.

Website: https://newbiemomsite.com/

51. Bellyitch the Blog

Started as a pregnancy journal & 11 yrs later is a top-ranked, award-winning parenting and celeb pregnancy blog by @JayJayGhatt.

Website: https://bellyitchblog.com/

52. Ann Douglas

Toronto Star columnist. Also tweet @anndouglas. 10th anniversary edition of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books now avail in Canada. Coming to US in ’12.

Website: http://www.having-a-baby.com/

53. Nicole Deggins

Midwife, Author, Educator, Pregnancy Coach, Public Speaker, Advocate. Living life and loving it.

Website: https://www.sistamidwife.com/

54. Emma Murphy

Official Campaign & Trust for AEDs in Pregnancy. #Epilepsy, Mum of 6 diagnosed with Fetal Valproate Syndrome. Award Winning Campaigner/Blogger

Website: https://facsassociation.org/

55. Emma Cannon

Author of 4 books inc FERTILE #acupuncture #fertility #IVF #pregnancy #miscarriage #lifestyle & #nutrition #TedX speaker.

Website: https://www.emmacannon.co.uk/

56. Pregnant in Capetown

First Time Mom. Wife. Writer. Blogger. Her occasionally too-honest reflections as she takes on the journey through pregnancy, parenthood & life…

Website: http://pregnantincapetown.co.za/

57. Wendy Haaf

Freelance writer specializing in pregnancy; women’s, children’s and seniors’ health, and parenting. Mom, cat-lady, and loyal subject of a mini-Dachshund.

Website: http://wendylhaaf.com/

58. Stress Free Mommies

Pregnancy and Parenting blogger. Helping moms enjoy the season of motherhood that they are in!

Website: https://www.stressfreemommies.com/

59. Parijat Deshpande

Improving high-risk pregnancy outcomes after prematurity, infertility, loss & trauma. Bestselling Author of Pregnancy Brain.

Website: https://www.parijatdeshpande.com/

60. Claire Mysko

CEO @NEDAstaff. Author of Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?

Website: https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/

61. Lara Leontowich

A print & online magazine for young families with kids 0-5 yrs in Vancouver and BC. It’s BC’s trusted family resource from pregnancy to elementary school

Website: http://www.urbanbaby.ca/

62. Sue Winters

Pro-blogger: Parenting, Pets, Homsteading, DIY, & Extreme Sports,. Mom, RN. 

Website: https://maternitycomfortsolutions.com/

63. Leslie (Ziegler) Schrock

Author Bumpin’: The Modern Guide to Pregnancy @simonschuster/ investor, entrepreneur, chilaquiles enthusiast.

Website: https://bumpin.com/

64. Sayward Rebhal

Mother, writer, & author of Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide. Working on a MA in Evolutionary Biology. Always chasing the sun, sometimes chasing my tail.

Website: http://www.bonzaiaphrodite.com/

65. Motherhood in farming

UK based pregnancy, parenting, and lifestyle blog

Website: https://motherhoodinfarming.com/

66. Sarah Oakley

Pregnancy, Post Natal & Fertility Yoga Teacher Training and Online Study

Website: http://www.yogagro.com/

67. Amy Neuhedel

Changing the conversation around #birth. Supporting #moms globally.#Doula CD(DONA),#pregnancy and #parenting coach, #blogger, #podcaster, #Hypnobirthing #Sweden

Website: https://www.amyneuhedel.com/

68. Dr. Randall Trester

West 1st Chiropractic Wellness Centre. Acute/Chronic pain, pregnancy, kids & family wellness. His passion is to share the powerful effects of chiropractic!

Website: http://drrandalltrester.com/

69. Melinda Morales

Advocacy · Support · Preparation for all pregnancy outcomes · Creator of @proteenbirthorg


Website: https://lovebirth.co/

70. Anna Garstin

#CBO #paediatric #chiropractic #pregnancy #nutrition Love my kids. #TonyRobbins fan #firewalker #periscope #mumpreneur #Hooponopono

Website: https://www.parkstreetchiropractic.co.uk/

71. Susie Ray

Tweets on fertility, pregnancy & all things health. reflexologist | mum | wannabe yogini

Website: https://www.susieray.com/

72. Breaking Momma Mold

Mommy Blogger, Web & Graphic Designer, Foodie, Runner. #parenting, #health, #fitness, #twins, #pregnancy, #wine

Website: http://breakingthemommamold.com/

73. Rupa Sudra Bharadva

Mama on maternity leave | part-time comms manager | launching a new copywriting business | and blogging @TheMamaJournal

Website: https://themamajournal.com/

74. Jen McLellan

Plus Size Pregnancy + Motherhood + Body Love = #PlusMommy ❤️ Home of 🎙️ Plus Mommy Podcast & Plus Size Birth.



75. Susie Mitchell

Book ‘Pregnancy to Podium’ is available on Amazon as to how she trained thru pregnancy and won her first World Masters Track Championship 4 months after the birth!


Website: http://www.pregnancytopodium.com/


Tools usedSocial Animal and Tweeple Search

Social Animal’s influencer search feature was used to perform an exact search for the keywords pregnancy blogger, pregnancy, preggers, etc. in their Twitter Bio.

(Exact search: “pregnancy blogger”)

The accumulated number of results was more than 5K. The top parameters considered to sort were Listed On and The number of followers.

Now, the number of results was 250. They were then listed based on their Twitter following, engagement, and authenticity of their profile.

To make the list more authentic, the Following accumulation factor was also added to the list.

This excellent parameter is the number of unique follows a profile gets on Twitter and is provided by Tweeple Search.

After the final list was sorted based on follower accumulation, the profiles of the top 75 best fashion photographers were listed.


As the famous quote goes,

“Motherhood: The only place you can experience heaven and hell at the same time.”

Becoming a mother is like journeying to an unknown destination and the work of all the pregnancy bloggers listed in this article, guide the women through their journey and are immensely helpful by providing the right information at the right time.

Here are a few interesting things observed in the process of creating this article.

  • More than 70% of the top pregnancy influencers are publications.
  • Most of the top pregnancy influencers have a blog and tweet regularly.
  • Not many pregnancy bloggers are active on Instagram.
  • There is a sperate fashion industry for pregnant women.

Do you find anything else interesting in this article? If you believe we have missed someone on the list, feel free to mention in the comments.

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