Best Hours To Publish On Social Media

Digital marketing is a must for any brand that wants to build a strong relationship with their customers and is very effective for attracting new ones. Social media marketing is a big part of it and helps to reach out to your current and prospective customers and keep a fluent communication with them. Using social...

Digital marketing is a must for any brand that wants to build a strong relationship with their customers and is very effective for attracting new ones. Social media marketing is a big part of it and helps to reach out to your current and prospective customers and keep a fluent communication with them.

Using social networks as a channel to share valuable content, keep your audience in the loop with your latest updates and encourage them to share their opinion is a very effective way to earn the trust of your community.

However, as important as generating high-quality content is, it is essential to share it on social media at the right time, when your audience is more active and therefore, more prone to participate and keep the conversation going.

This explains why it is crucial to carry out a thorough analysis of your audience, understand their needs, their behavior and interests. Which are their preferred social networks? When are they connected? If you want your audience to engage with your brand make sure you are at the right place, at the right time. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.

When is the best time to share my content on social networks?

Before we are able to answer this question we must define our target audience and determine in which social networks they are more active.

Also, we should be aware that on social networks like everything else in life, what works for you doesn’t have to work for others.

What’s your target audience?

Before you start sharing your content you need to establish and define your target audience that your publications will be directed to.

You must determine who are the recipients of your products and services. Also, establish clear goals to conclude which type of public will be most likely to help you achieve them.

Once you do it, find out on which social networks this audience is present to know where to focus on and start designing your marketing strategy.

In which social networks you’ll find your target audience?

You know the first points:

✅ Audience

✅ Objectives

Now let’s go for the next… you just need to do some research on which social network is the most suitable for you when it comes to implementing your digital strategy. You must choose which channels you will put your effort, time and money into.

If you have a team with social media skills, my advice would be that you all bring to the table the advantages and disadvantages of each social network, especially the most relevant ones.

Currently, three of the most relevant and popular social networks for the public in general are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So, as a personal tip, I will concentrate on which time is best to publish on these three platforms.

What time is better to publish your content?

The best times to publish are when your target audience, i.e. the people you are interested in reaching, are active in the networks. That’s why you have to get to know your community little by little, see when they have a peak of activity, when they publish content or react to yours.

In order to determine the best time to publish, you must look at your community, at what time they are connected, if they are more or less related to the content you publish, etc.

But I’m going to give you some extra information that will help you try out your best hours.

Metricool is a social networking tool that lets you know your best hours to post on the networks.

⏭ Analyze each individual’s time according to the number of followers who are online at any given time.

With this information they have made a study in social networks and gathering all the data, this information comes out:

Best time to share content on Facebook

According to the study:

▶️ The best time to post on Facebook is between 8 and 9 pm on weekdays.

▶️ The worst time to post on Facebook is during the early hours of the morning.

This makes sense, it is the time when people are at home after their workday resting and with their mobile phone. The day when users are most connected on Facebook is Thursday, followed by Tuesday and Saturday.

Best time to tweet

▶️ The best time to post on Twitter in the morning is at 10 am but be careful not to delay, because activity drops off quite a bit in the next few hours.

▶️ According to the data, the best day of the week to publish is Friday.

▶️ This day is followed by Thursday, being 0.01% worse in terms of follower activity.

These data coincide with the fact that Twitter is the most used social tool in a professional way.

Users tend to use Facebook and Instagram in a more personal way, and Twitter more professionally.

That is why the hours coincide with work hours and are very different from those of other social networks.

What time is best to publish your images on Instagram?

▶️ The best time to publish on this social network is usually at 9 pm, although 6pm is also a good time, especially on weekdays, and on Fridays it is earlier than 3 pm.

▶️As with Facebook, these are times when people are out of work relaxing or have just left and want to have a look at what is going on in their networks.

▶️The best day to publish your content on Instagram is Sunday, the day when people rest and disconnect from their routine.


Your best times for publishing won’t necessarily coincide with other users.

Tips to know your best hours

There are many ways you can find out what your best times are to post on each of your social networks.

I’m going to tell you some of them so you can put them into practice…

✅ Try to publish at different times

Test it, publish content at different times of the day and different times of the week, and write down which ones work best.

✅ Analyze your social networks

The analysis of your strategy tells you much more than you think…

By analyzing the statistics of your social media channels, you will be able to know the day you have reached more people, the days and hours in which more people have generated interaction with your brand…

When you make your social network plan one of the important points will be the analysis.

If you use analytical tools you will be able to obtain a lot of valuable and useful information to be able to plan later on.

✅ Use external tools to analyze your best hours

There are tools that in addition to giving you your data on how your strategy is working, give you data to know what times the majority of your audience is online and customize the best times to publish your content on each social network.

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Sara Martín, journalist and digital marketer. Content creator at Metricool.