The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Facebook Content Strategy

Want greater brand visibility, traffic, and conversions? Then it’s high time you ramp up your Facebook content strategy. The social restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic has made people more reliant on social media channels to make their buying decisions. Facebook alone reported a 50% increase in usage during the pandemic, followed by Instagram, Twitter,...

Want greater brand visibility, traffic, and conversions?

Then it’s high time you ramp up your Facebook content strategy.

The social restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic has made people more reliant on social media channels to make their buying decisions. Facebook alone reported a 50% increase in usage during the pandemic, followed by Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Before the Covid crisis, the average person used to spend around 58.5 minutes per day on Facebook. Now that people are trying to avoid unnecessary outdoor shopping, Facebook usage, time, and value has grown multifold.

Connecting people for free

Facebook connects people with their love, be it friends, family, products, services, and brands. Marketers and businesses leverage Facebook’s networking warmth, trust factor, and target audience to kick start purchase decisions for different products and services.

For example, many small businesses leveraged its free Facebook Shops service and its huge user base to connect with customers, manage loyalty programs, and sell better during the pandemic.

Marketers rely on Facebook ads that are powerful yet cost-effective and scalable across social platforms. These ads yield better leads, greater traffic, and conversions. The Facebook ad manager is one of the best tools to create, edit, and analyze ad campaigns.

Why is Facebook unbeatable?

With over 2.70 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the ultimate leader in the world of social media. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to promote your product and service on Facebook.

More than 1.79 billion people get to see your product or service every single day on Facebook. Over 93% of marketers design their content plan exclusively with Facebook in mind.

It is an unbeatable digital media power that will help your company build long-term relationships with consumers and achieve their marketing goals with less cost and effort. Facebook leverages content, community, engagement, and trust to drive repeat business and brand loyalty. It is the fastest route to brand awareness, traffic, and conversion.

Take for example, you post exciting, informative content every day. It triggers increased engagement and consideration, that snowballs to boost your website’s search engine ranking, leads, sales, and revenue.

Despite the increased proliferation of other social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc., Facebook still reigns over the world of social media. Its beneficial marketing features, high follower base, and dominant social media ranking establishes Facebook as the most preferred network for content strategists and digital marketers across industries.

Does Facebook not own a prominent position in your digital marketing plan? Then, it’s high time you change your strategy. Use Facebook to achieve all your marketing goals at the lowest possible cost.

Here are more reasons why Facebook is a formidable digital marketing platform.

  • Over 80% of the netizens rely on Facebook
  • Strong targeting options and affordable cost
  • Great Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS) and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reduced marketing expenses and low Cost Per Acquisition(CPA)
  • Largest variety of ad formats
  • Tremendous influencer marketing potential
  • Powerful analytics and metrics

So what are you waiting for?

Get, set, go with a Facebook strategy right now to promote your product and grow your business.

But hey, don’t go unarmed!

Use Social Animal to have your back. This tool will guide you through an effective process to devise your Facebook strategy, enhance content creation and curation, search for influencers, and monitor competition.

Sshh… here comes the secret

Want your business to benefit from all the advantages listed above but at literally no cost?

Then answer this question.

What is that one secret ingredient that top brands employ to attract customers and sales cost-effectively?

It’s content! Fun and engaging content.

Content marketing is one of the most optimal techniques to promote a product, service, brands, and persona in the digital space.

Content is food for the soul

Great content soothes, stirs, nourishes, and awakens the soul. It doesn’t matter where people might consume it from.

Your audience base could be from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other digital media. You can keep all of them hooked with free compelling stories in easily biteable forms. As your posts become more consistent and engaging, the audiences crave more. The moment you post a product review or a live video, they engage by liking, sharing, and commenting on the content.

Great content soothes, stirs, nourishes, and awakens the soul. How do you create such content for Facebook? What strategies should you follow?
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Keep in mind that people trust brands that post authentic, personalized content that satisfies their hunger for value, information, entertainment, and humor. Top performing brands gratify their audiences by telling stories that trigger the right emotion at the right time.

Work the art, science, and strategy

Creating great content that engages, educates, and sells is an art, a science, and a strategy.

Nearly 87% of businesses feel that content creation is a key challenge. Grabbing the attention of the audience and keeping them engaged is a meticulous process that requires a serious plan. Finding the relevant set of influencers and amplifying your voice and content in a consumable format is another issue altogether. There is a scientific process behind creating and curating top-performing content.

First off, the content design must be fresh and in a variety of formats. Or the audience might get bored quickly. The writing style, tone, and voice have to be engaging and consistent with brand guidelines. The keywords need to be added to the post adequately. The headlines for the post and visual design must be creative yet follow a scientific structure. Only then will the content respond to different online marketing efforts.

Don’t know much about using scientific methods to work your Facebook content strategy? Think you might not be able to handle the content plan?

Our expert content strategist team has put together the most important aspects of developing content that sells on Facebook.

Trust us. We’ve been in this social media content business long enough. We know what it takes to use Facebook to work your content plan and efforts.

Guide to Facebook content strategy

Ready the prerequisites

Before you set out on your Facebook content journey, you need to make sure you have a functional and navigable website, email marketing tool, content strategist, and sufficient budgets ready.

First, sign in to your Facebook account, and get started by visiting the Facebook page to create a free account for your business. Don’t forget to add meaningful brand images, description, page information, and CTA buttons on your Facebook page. Understand what it means when they say ‘rights reserved’ by reading the privacy policy and security policy before going ahead.

Set SMART goals

Setting SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals play an important role in the success of your content strategy. It is important to make sure that the content plan is well-aligned with your goals.

Facebook goals could be around the following areas.

  • Build and manage brand awareness, reputation, and community
  • Increase leads, conversions, and sales
  • Gain insights on customers and competitors
  • Deliver customer support
  • Attract talent

An example of a SMART goal for your Facebook business page can be something like this. ‘ To garner 30% more followers by Thanksgiving’.

Don’t have goals yet? It’s high time you work towards one.

Figure out your audience

Once you sign in and have your initial set up done, you need to get going to the next important step. Finding and understanding your target audience is an important step in content strategy for Facebook. Only then can you create and curate personalized content according to the needs and preferences of your target.

Using the Audience Insight feature on Facebook helps you look for the perfect audience and understand their profile and online activities. It provides excellent data about their demographics, page likes, location, and purchases. The insights gathered from this feature help in creating and delivering meaningful Facebook posts and ads.

Invest in the right tools

Tools like Social Animal are life savers when it comes to content marketing on Facebook. It takes a fool-proof scientific approach towards getting a comprehensive understanding of market trends and audience needs. The team always deliver personalized content that the audiences like.

Social Animal empowers businesses to create a customized content strategy for Facebook marketing. It helps in-house digital marketing teams with the following things.

  • Performs dynamic keyword and page search
  • Analyses brand sentiment and reputation
  • Measures audience engagement
  • Determines the best time to post keyword specific content
  • Finds relevant influencers
  • Promote and amplify product and brand content
  • Harvest warm leads
  • Tracks performance of content posted
  • Monitors competitor performance

Additionally, Social Animal lets you analyze post sentiments on Facebook. You can view top posts for each sentiment and look at how the engagement rates for different posts.

Humanize your brand

People want to engage and buy from brands that have a warm, friendly, helpful personality. Keep your brand humane by telling compelling stories with a voice full of humor, compassion, and value. Post content around real people and resources who do all the work behind the screens.

This Facebook marketing strategy will help your business become an icon of trust and hope by building deeper connections and relationships. It will start conversations and personalized interactions with the target audience.

Focus on inspiring themes

To create a Facebook post that always grabs the audience’s attention, the content must be three things.

Inspiring, fun, and creative.

Focus on the following themes to post fresh, novel, and exciting content.

  • Brand stories – Go beyond your products and services. Tell your back story. Speak on your aspirations, vulnerabilities, and resilience.
  • Brand announcements – Share information on new appointments, product launches, partnerships, and achievements.
  • Behind the scene -Give sneak peeks into internal celebrations, employee spotlights, and people behind the scenes.
  • Blog posts – Create interesting headlines, illustrations, visuals, descriptions, and CTA to promote blog articles.
  • Community causes – Show how you lend your voice to support local communities and causes. Share CSR initiative posts.
  • Offers and discounts – Give your audience exclusive offers and discounts.
  • Customer testimonials – Share positive customer reviews and feedbacks.
  • Did you know facts – Is there anyone who doesn’t like interesting fun facts and trivia? Seriously doubt it.
  • Famous quotes – Quotes inspire. Post snippets that make people think and drive action.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC)- An average user trusts and shares a fellow user’s reviews and insights much more than the brand ad.

Grab eyeballs via multi-format delivery

Variety is the spice of life. Delivering content in different formats is an important step in providing a personalized experience to consumers. First, you need to brainstorm with your digital media management team and the content strategist to design a content plan with an optimal mix of formats. Every format reach is different and personal to the user. Make sure you keep the brand’s voice, style, and tone consistent at every step.

Here are a few formats that people have always loved.

Video – With over 8 billion views, a native video gets 478% more shares on Facebook than any other digital platform. A good video delivers 66% more leads when compared to other content forms. Vlogs, live videos, promo videos, UGC, events, product feature review, behind the scene videos with voice-overs or just some peppy music, performs well on Facebook. Always remember that the video design should offer an immersive experience and must be as short and refreshing as possible. There are many free resources available to design videos and curate music for increased reach.

An example of a great live video is National Geographic’s ‘Safari Live’ series, which had terrific real-time audience interaction.

Here’s how Nat Geo’s videos are faring.

Images – Images make people click and read. Post a funny and visually appealing image, icon, and Gif to make people think with mixed emotions. You can design custom images using free graphic and web design tools available online.

Blog posts – Despite new audio-visual formats going viral, blog posts still rule the roost. Blogs help increase search engine ranking, drives web traffic, and serves as a reliable guide that drives conversions. It satisfies the hunger of the users to learn, understand, and experience new things.

The first step towards getting blog posts right every single time is by using the brand’s voice, style, and values to your advantage. Use company and product-specific keywords across the article and headlines. Sit with the design team, and make sure the images and Gifs used, resonate with the reader and the values of the company.

Post the above-mentioned content by repurposing in the following formats to increase reach, share, and likes.

  • Podcasts
  • Funny memes
  • Infographics
  • Case study
  • White paper
  • e-book
  • Webinar

Use killer headlines

Headlines serve as click baits in any article, video, or ad. The headlines must be packed with optimal keywords and a great punch to make sure that more people click and engage with the post or ad. It must resonate with the brand voice and messaging with tidbits of values, offers, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and Call to Action (CTA).

Several in-house content teams struggle with writing powerful headlines. As their headlines are weak, they do not always get the desired engagement.

“A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?”
Here’s a headline that is guaranteed to get clicks on social platforms.

If you want to be a company that drives conversion through viral content, you must try Social Animal. It uses a powerful AI-based headline analyzer that helps post interesting, viral headlines with high-performing keywords. Social Animal is your go-to tool for increased engagement on Facebook.

Use optimal keywords

The best keywords generate greater traffic to your Facebook page and website. These keywords connect the Facebook business page of your company with consumers who look for similar products or services. Keywords drive traffic to your website and increase your search engine ranking.

Topping the keyword search is a science by itself. Make sure you blend in the keywords naturally into your business page description, posts, articles, and headlines to increase reach and traffic.

Want to start maneuvering keywords to your advantage but don’t know how?

Get going with Social Animal. It optimizes your Facebook page for keyword searches by researching high engagement generating posts. It follows a step-by-step keyword-centric design that ensures you get the most out of the Facebook audience and their search patterns.

Curate more

Content curation and social media go hand in hand. It is a fantastic content strategy that grows audience interaction without pushing the content team too much. It ensures that your Facebook post schedules are always optimized and full.

Curation helps your company reach new partners and establishes your thought leadership. Your audiences appreciate how you are open to new perspectives of other brands when your post content from other brands.

Make sure you curate unique content from credible and reputed resources. Add new headlines, images, and descriptions to avoid copyright issues. Ensure that you use company-specific keywords and CTAs.

Not able to find credible resources and keywords for content curation?

Follow Social Animal. It makes sure that you find the perfect content for sharing.  It thoroughly searches for the best content by different social platforms and you can narrow down by domains, authors, keywords, published date, and shared data.  It combines many search criteria to track down what the users want to see. Social Animal helps you grow your Facebook following by curating content that is trending and relevant.

Find the best influencer

An influencer is an icon who possess the power to drive the purchase decisions of their followers. They leverage their knowledge and relationships to create trends, amplify content, and build credibility, traffic, and sales.

Facebook influencers are one of the most sought-out breeds of content amplifiers and marketers, as consumers trust their opinion and recommendation way more than any brand advertisements.

It is a tedious task to find apt influencers manually on Facebook. First, you need to use the search option to look for target influencers one by one. Then you must evaluate their followers, influence, and value. You should ensure if a potential collaboration with the icon will help achieve your goals. And then, you must see-through the cost and metrics.

Sounds exhausting?

Start your influencer journey with Social Animal. It relieves you of all the above issues by delivering a customized, proactive influencer search service. Its sophisticated algorithms provide you instant access to the most relevant, real influencers who will help amplify your content and cost-effectively generate warm leads.

It saves your time and cost by avoiding irrelevant, ineffective influencers. By delivering increased engagement, web traffic, conversion, and revenue, Social Animal makes sure that you achieve your social media marketing goals with the least effort.

Learn from competitors

Competitors are not enemies but great teachers. Gathering competitor intelligence is an amazing way to assess your strength and weakness, identify opportunities and threats, and strategize the best way forward.

Mind you. Competitor intelligence is a massive project by itself.

Why waste your time and effort in competitor analysis?

Use Social Animal. Its analytics will help your company learn from competitor strategy, content, and activities on Facebook. It provides great insights into things that make them stand out, their best authors, preferred social networks, keyword usage, content creation and distribution strategy, and influencer activities. Its research narrows down top performing competitor content and analyzes its design, curation, and amplification methods.

There are two ways to do this. Keep track of competitor brand mentions on Social Animal’s dashboard. You can also do a domain search and take a look at top-performing articles of your competitors. See their engagement on Facebook.
The next method is to use Facebook search in Social Animal to find your competitor’s page. You will then be able to see key insights, including posting schedules.

The Social Animal dashboard and metrics make sure that you keep a tab of all your competitor’s digital moves. The team even delivers customized daily emails and newsletters on competitors’ activities, mentions, and content.

One Tool To Do Them All

Research, Analyze, Strategize and Curate with Social Animal
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In this online age, you can’t imagine running your company without a solid Facebook strategy. You need a clear guide to help you use your brand voice and content to make your company an icon of hope and performance.

Social Animal will help you on your Facebook marketing journey with sure-short techniques to boost your ROI, increase sales, and grow your business.

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