Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

The way the business is done has changed substantially over the decade or so. With the arrival of digital avenues, there has been a bombardment of marketing options for the businesses whether it’s a large scale business or a Small Medium Enterprise (SME). One may question why there is a need to market on digital...

The way the business is done has changed substantially over the decade or so. With the arrival of digital avenues, there has been a bombardment of marketing options for the businesses whether it’s a large scale business or a Small Medium Enterprise (SME).

One may question why there is a need to market on digital avenues or why there is heavy emphasis on digital media marketing as compared to conventional marketing options? As a matter of fact, presence of massive crowd on digital avenues, especially on the social media platforms, has forced businesses to opt for digital marketing. 

Within the realm of digital marketing, the biggest chunk belongs to social media marketing since billions of potential customers exist on hundreds of social media sites and they are always in search for a wide range of products and services. 

Only on Facebook, there are more than 2 billion active users and of course, Facebook is on top of the list with the most number of users as compared to other social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Here an opportunity arises for the businesses to jump into the pool of social media and dig out the customers who they can lure with their attractive products and services.

Social media is equally effective for large and small businesses. In fact, social media has proved to be a blessing for small businesses as marketing on social media sites is cheaper than conventional marketing and well in control of the business owners in terms of reaching out to the potential customers. We are outlining some of the social media marketing tips hereunder for small businesses that may prove result-oriented if applied strategically.

Select the right Social Media Platform

Selecting the right social media platform for your business or brand should be the priority as your strategies are going to revolve around this decision. If you make a wrong choice at this stage in the beginning, you are going to risk your business strategy, sales, customers and much more and it is for sure going to happen. 

You have to identify your targeted audience and then see where these people are present in large numbers. You may come across more than one social media platform where your targeted audience exists and these platforms also support your business strategy. 

Set up your business page, give details about your products and services and select your potential customers. Usually, Facebook emerges as the most suitable social media platform for a number of businesses and brands as it is the host of the largest number of people in the world with a wide range of marketing options.

Pre-defined Marketing Goals

There may be no harm to keep your business presence on multiple social media platforms, but you must have pre-defined marketing goals as you cannot randomly start posting content on your official social media accounts. You should have a clear strategy in your mind before posting anything on your business page that as to why you are posting it and what goals you want to achieve through it. Small businesses, usually, have the following marketing goals:

  • Create brand awareness among followers
  • Generate leads and increase sales
  • Increase participation of followers through different engagements

These may be some of the marketing goals and you may add more to the list depending upon your strategy. Imagine running an expensive TV ad and you are clear in your mind about its objective; similarly, your social media content should have a clear line of direction for its objective.

Let’s see what different popular social media sites can offer you in terms of setting marketing goals:

  • Though you can apply almost any marketing strategy on Facebook, but increasing participation of followers through different engagements on Facebook may be one of the best marketing achievements.
  • Twitter may help you create brand awareness among followers via small tweets about your products and services.
  • Catchy photos of your products on Instagram may generate quick leads for you.

CTA Buttons on Facebook

Since almost everyone is on Facebook, let’s discuss some tips specific to this busy social media platform. You have a business page on Facebook and you are posting content with a clear marketing objective, but Facebook offers much more than this and simultaneously allows you to make your potential customers aware about the products and services; engages them and lets them shop then and there.

You have a long list of CTA buttons which appear on the top of your Facebook business page and fulfil different needs of the visitors.

  • Contact Us
  • Book Now
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

Source: Offerfactor

You can choose the best ones and customize CTA buttons as per your requirements. Some brands like offer factor, make the most of these CTA buttons in an efficient manner and engage their customers successfully. In today’s world, people would like to receive quick information and make decisions; CTA buttons can route your potential customers to the desired information promptly.

Peak Hours on Twitter

As already mentioned, Twitter may be one of the best social media platforms to create brand awareness as well as make exciting announcements about new offers and arrivals. Tweeting seems one of the simplest of the jobs but when to tweet, is a difficult decision. There are millions of the tweets posted every minute and your tweet is among one of them and it has extremely low chances to catch the attention of your followers. It is imperative to choose the right time for tweeting when your followers are likely to be present on Twitter and catch your tweet. The following guidelines should bring you the desired results on Twitter:

  • Tweeting on right time
  • A regular presence on Twitter
  • Choose catchy #hashtag for your brand to get noticed
  • Avoid over-posting
  • Use minimum words in a Tweet to get your message across

These social media marketing tips can help small businesses strategize their marketing plans in the right direction and let them achieve their marketing goals. Remember, a well-thought-out strategy is extremely important for a successful business.

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