100 YouTube Video Ideas To Get You Started

Ever since its creation in 2005, YouTube has dominated the online video scene and has proven to be a very effective marketing tool. With videos on everything under the sun, one can see why YouTube is the second most visited site, only after Google. Is YouTube marketing for you? The answer is a resounding yes!...

Ever since its creation in 2005, YouTube has dominated the online video scene and has proven to be a very effective marketing tool. With videos on everything under the sun, one can see why YouTube is the second most visited site, only after Google.

Is YouTube marketing for you?

The answer is a resounding yes! YouTube marketing is great for anyone looking to expand their own network and advertise their business. As mentioned before, YouTube has videos on every topic imaginable so it makes for a very valuable marketing tool.

There are a few vital benefits of using YouTube as a marketing channel for your business:

Reach a larger audience

With nearly 2 billion monthly visitors, YouTube taps into a huge audience with varied interests all over the world. It’s the perfect place to reach your target audience, while also getting on to the radar of a broader network of people.

Forge stronger connections

Videos are a great way to engage with your audience on a much deeper level. With videos being the most engaging type of content out there right now, you can strengthen your brand and create better relationships with your audience.

Rank better in searches

When someone does a search on Google, the search engine includes videos in its search results as well. In fact, videos can sometimes rank higher than webpage results.

What you can do for a successful YouTube channel

There are a few things you need to do on a regular basis to keep your views and subscribers climbing:

  1. Create engaging content with a proper video content strategy
  2. Build a great channel with a great profile picture, channel description, playlists and more
  3. Post consistently so that your subscribers get to see you regularly
  4. Talk to and connect with other accounts so that both companies are benefitted
  5. Try advertising on YouTube for a better reach
  6. Keep an eye on your YouTube metrics so you can tweak your strategy accordingly

100 YouTube video ideas for your business

It can be difficult to find ideas for YouTube videos when you’re trying to make content on a regular basis. One way to find inspiration is to check out the various sections that YouTube showcases on the site, like YouTube Gaming and YouTube music.

To help you get started, here is a comprehensive list of video ideas for your YouTube channel, covering a range of topics that could be of interest to you.

First YouTube video ideas

If you’re just starting off with your YouTube channel, here are a few YouTube video ideas for beginners that could help you on your way:

Introduction to the company

You’ve just created your YouTube channel and so it’s time to greet your audience. Create a video that introduces you and your business to your subscribers. Tell them a little about what you do and what you offer that’s unique to your brand. This should ideally be your first YouTube video.


Vlogs are a great way to showcase your own personality to your viewers and subscribers. They are also among the top three top-performing video types on YouTube so this is one idea that you definitely need to get behind. It’s a fantastic way for your viewers to get to know you better.

Channel trailer

Every YouTube channel needs a channel trainer. It offers new viewers a peek into what they can expect from your channel. Show your viewers what you and your company can offer them. The more engaging it is, the more likely you are to get people on board, waiting to see what else you can do.

Company culture videos

People always like to take a peek behind the curtains. Share a video showing off what the company culture is like at your business. If your subscribers relate to it and connect with it, they’ll be more willing to engage with your company on a deeper level.

Hometown tour

This is a great YouTube video idea for companies with a strong connection to their roots. Create a video that shows your viewers what your hometown looks like, its various haunts and any other interesting bits of trivia that could pique your followers’ interest.

Opinion videos

Opinion videos are a great way for you to share your thoughts and ideas with your viewers and subscribers. This works especially well with trending topics and videos. This means that you have to make sure you keep an eye on what’s popular on YouTube and all over the Internet.

Here’s an example of a opinion video by popular youtuber David de las Morenas.

Reaction videos

A reaction video can sometimes pull in more views than you could imagine. It’s a popular YouTube video idea that is used often to react to some other video on the platform. Whether you’re reacting to something fun, amazing or embarrassing, make sure that your reaction video is something that your audience will also appreciate.

Response videos

Came across an opinion video that’s setting off some really strong feelings? You can use a response video to detail your position – whether you agree wholeheartedly or disagree completely with the other video in question. When you create a response video that can help engage another YouTuber in a civilized debate, it’s also easy to help make new connections with other channels. This can help you get access to a larger audience as well.

Favorite TV shows

Show your audience your taste in TV shows with a video on your favorite TV shows. You can choose to arrange your favorites in order of year, genre or even your own eclectic ranking system. This makes for a good YouTube video idea, leading to a series of videos sometimes, where you can focus entirely on one TV show or genre.

Favorite movies

Put your favorite movies out for the world to see. This is another one of many popular YouTube video ideas because people love to discuss their favorite movies while also getting ideas on what else they can watch.

Here’s a review of a movie called “365 days” which broke records on Netflix in 2020.

Favorite songs

Got any go-to bands or favorite songs that you have loved forever? Show your viewers what you listen to on a daily basis and you can even make a playlist, using videos available on YouTube for your audience to enjoy.

Favorite documentaries

With movies up there, documentaries have to be included here too. YouTube is a great place to source some incredible documentaries, along with other online streaming platforms. Make a list of must-watch documentaries for your viewers to watch. Bonus points if you are able to find documentaries related to your industry.

Favorite games

Gaming videos are incredibly popular on YouTube – so popular, in fact, that they have their own section called YouTube Gaming. Create a video that lists out all your favorite video games or go all in and focus on a single favorite game. For more YouTube video ideas on this topic, keep scrolling to the Gaming section.

Top ten lists

Lists are a great way to get your viewers interested in your videos. You can choose from a range of topics like pop culture, history and even food to create a set of good YouTube video lists for people to check out. Share your own thoughts to add a little bit of your own signature style to the lists as well.


For the sports fans out there, sports-focused videos can be used to forge deeper connections with your viewers. Make a video where you talk about your favorite sports teams, analyze a recent game or share your thoughts on news items related to your sport of choice. It’s a good way to add a little more personality to your YouTube channel.

Haul videos

Went on a shopping spree recently? Make a video and share your haul with your viewers so that they can also share in your fun. This type of video can also be used to connect with review videos, where you review the products you bought.

Here’s Youtuber Fabulous Hannah showing everything she’d got for her new pup.

Product and collections videos

If you’re running a business, you’ll surely have a bunch of products or services that you would like to show your viewers. Make a video that showcases your offerings while adding your own personal touch to it. You can also create a playlist of all these videos, so that they are easily accessible to your viewers who want to see them once more.

A day out with your team

When you’re working with a lot of people, it can be very beneficial to take a break with each other. Not only will you get to know each other better, but you can also record the outing for posterity and share it on your YouTube channel. You’ll get the added benefit of your employees sharing it on their social media platforms so that people can spot them in it, too.

Office tours

It’s always nice to know what’s going on behind the brand. Give your viewers the grand tour around your office. Show them what the place looks like, where the work happens. These kinds of videos can humanize your business and show your viewers that you are more than just a name.

Factory and showroom tours

If you have a factory where you make your products or even a showroom for your offerings, guide your viewers using a virtual tour. It’s a fun way to indulge their curiosity while also showing off what your business has to give them.

Reviews of other products

After your haul videos, you can also make a product review video, where you talk about how the product worked for you, its pros and cons and whether you would recommend it to your viewers. People like to see this sort of video as it gives them valuable information about things they may want to buy.

Future updates and releases

Have a new line of products coming out or an updated version of a program? YouTube is a great place for you to get the word out while also giving your viewers an exclusive look at what they can expect from your brand in the future.

DIY and education

Many people come to YouTube to learn about new things. In fact, how-to videos are among the top three types of videos that get a lot of views. Here are a few YouTube video ideas you can use:

Explainer video

If you have a product or service that you’re offering, an explainer video is a great option to add to your YouTube channel. Just make a short video explaining how your product or service can be used in simple terms. It’s one of those YouTube video ideas that will prove to be incredibly useful to your viewers.

Brand evolution

Another YouTube video idea is to showcase the history of your own brand. This works especially well if you have been around for a while but it can also be quite engaging even if your business has been around only for a few short years.

History of your industry

Take the previous video a step further by discussing the history of your industry. If you’re selling soap, you can trace the history of how soap was made and used. It’s a great video idea to add to your channel and it can generate a lot of viewer interest, if done correctly.

Product hacks

IKEA hacks have gotten so popular that there are a lot of blogs, websites and videos dedicated to them. Take a cue from this and start your own set of product hacks. This could either refer to your own product or you could focus on how you use another product differently in your YouTube videos.

The science behind a product/service

Make a video that talks about how your offerings actually work. While you don’t have to give away trade secrets to your viewers, you can give them a little peek behind the scenes so that they feel like they’ve gotten a closer, more intimate look at your business.

Sephora shows how one of their products is made.

Product evolution

Do you have a product that’s gone through quite a few iterations and versions? Share a video that can show people how your offerings have changed over the years. It’ll act as an interesting timeline for both you and your viewers.

Current events

One of the many YouTube video ideas that people like to add to their channels is a video talking about the news. Get started by telling people what the news story is before you begin adding your own opinion to it. A video like this could also be a part of a series of videos focused on current events with your own spin on it.

Book lists

Share your favorite books with the people who subscribe to your channel. It’s a fantastic way to reach out to fellow readers, share book recommendations and who knows? Maybe the start of an online book club.

Philosophy concepts

People who follow your YouTube channel want to know about you. Another video idea that you can add to your toolkit is talking about your own personal philosophy. Whether you follow a certain brand of philosophy, a mix of concepts, or a completely new, unique idea, share your thoughts on philosophy with your viewers for a better connection.

A day in the life

Let your viewers take a look at what happens behind the scenes in your life. It’s one of those YouTube video ideas that generate quite a bit of interest. Viewers are always curious to see how another lives their life. This could be a part of your vlog series or just a one-off YouTube video.

Here’s a vlog of a day in “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star Kylie Jenner.

Myth busting

You can share your valuable expertise with your viewers by creating YouTube videos busting myths and providing accurate information.

Daily routines

Another thing that makes for a great set of YouTube video ideas is focusing on your daily routine. Your viewers are always interested in seeing what you do on a regular basis that makes you successful, fit or creative. Share your morning and night routines with them and it may even help your viewers with their own issues.

Workspace tours

Show off your workspace with a YouTube video. Whether you have an elaborate tech set-up or not, you can still make a short YouTube video focusing on what you use every day and how you decorate and add a personal touch to your work area.

Productivity tips

Everyone wants to know how they can be more productive and it’s one of those video ideas YouTube subscribers love to watch. Videos with productivity tips can give your audience a little more insight into how you work and stay on your toes. You can even make a short series of YouTube videos, which can then be added to a single playlist.

Lifestyle tips

Whether it’s fashion, cooking or home décor, lifestyle tips are another thing that people are constantly trying to find and update. Show your audience what you do and how you have gained your knowledge in a particular field. This can also work as a series of YouTube videos.

Fitness tips

Fitness is an important part of many lives and is a great area to focus on for YouTube video ideas. Share a daily workout routine with your subscribers.

Favorite recipes

If you’re a foodie or just very interested in creating healthy, tasty meals to satisfy yourself, share your favorite recipes with your viewers. Food can be used to transcend boundaries and connect with your audience.

Webinars and presentations

According to Sprout Social, webinars are among the top-performing content types to acquire and convert leads, when it comes to B2B marketing. If you run a B2B brand, make sure you share your webinars and presentations to your YouTube channel.

Infographic videos

Infographic videos can also help garner a lot of views. Instead of having to listen to someone explain a complicated concept, using visuals in the form of infographics can actually have the combined benefit of being more engaging and understandable.

Whiteboard videos

Whiteboard videos are an incredible way to get through to your viewers. Whether you create one digitally or use an actual whiteboard, it can be a great visual aid to explain a concept or something more. You can also use this concept when you’re making a “Draw my Life” video.

Public service announcements

As someone who runs a YouTube channel, it is important that you use your influence the right way. PSAs about causes close to your heart or even issues that are plaguing the country make for great YouTube video ideas because they show your viewers that you care about them and their well-being.

Advice from the industry

This applies especially to people who have a lot of expertise in a particular industry or field. You can make and share videos on YouTube, giving your audience advice or your own expert opinion. It’s certainly a good way to help your viewers while adding a little more value to their feed.

Facts and trivia

Make and share videos on YouTube with facts, trivia and more. They make for great video ideas that add a little fun to your YouTube channel.

Make a documentary

If you have the time, resources, and inclination, make a documentary. It could focus on a day in the life of you or an employee or a cause that you firmly believe in. Or it could be a fun idea that you just wanted to explore.


Tech videos make up a large part of YouTube’s content. Here are a couple of YouTube video ideas you could use to create a few tech-focused videos of your own:

Favorite piece of tech

Have a phone or a piece of tech that you absolutely cannot live without? Show it off to your audience. Make and share a YouTube video focusing on it. You’ll get brownie points if it’s something most of your audience is not aware of while offering something that could make their lives better.

Tech news

If you’re the type who loves to stay on top of tech news, use it as fuel for further YouTube video ideas. Create a video with the information and your own personal opinion on the issue.

Tech trivia and history

Tech trivia and history can be a truly interesting concept for a YouTube video. Pick a concept, company or device and trace their growth over the years.

Tech concepts

If you have the expertise in the field, another set of YouTube video ideas could involve the explanation of confusing tech concepts especially to the layperson. You could create videos catering to beginners and those with a better grasp on the subject.

First look videos

If you run a business that makes tech products, then a first look video could prove to be a fantastic video idea for you. Give your audience an exclusive look at a new product that is about to be or has been launched. You may even get a few shares on social media platforms.

Answer tech questions

Open up the stage for tech questions from your subscribers on different social media platforms. You can then answer these questions in a YouTube video and post it on your channel.

Installation and set-up guide videos

Show your subscribers that you’re trying to make their lives easier by setting up video guides for installation and set-ups. It can add a lot of value to your customers.


Invite someone to join you on your channel for an interview. This could be an expert, another YouTuber or even just a friend.

Panel discussions

Get a group of experts together in your field, give them a topic and let the discussions begin. Apart from hearing from people with widely different viewpoints, this YouTube video can help you reach out to a larger audience.

Behind the scenes

Do you put a lot of thought and effort into making and editing your videos? Show your subscribers all the work that goes into creating a fantastic YouTube video for them.


Gaming videos are a fan favorite with many YouTube videos focusing on different types of games, gameplay and more. You can find a whole lot of inspiration by checking out the YouTube Gaming section. Here are a few gaming video ideas that you could put to use:

Raw gameplay

This video showcases footage of you playing a game with no extra editing or commentary.

Gameplay with commentary

Another video idea you can put to use is creating a video with gameplay and added commentary. It’s one of those YouTube video ideas that helps the viewer experience the game with you.

Gameplay reaction videos

These videos are always a fun video idea to add to your list. You can use someone else’s raw gameplay videos as a base for your own videos.


Many people just want to see the story, with little to no interest in how the game is played. Make a video that will show viewers the storyline without the extra gameplay.


A walkthrough is basically a video guide that can help others learn more about the game and help them complete it. Make one of your favorite games and post it on your YouTube channel.


This refers to a full playthrough of the game, done with the intention of finishing it off as fast as possible. This can involve skipping levels and rushing through it to get to the end.

Mod showcase video

A video game may sometimes let you add custom content or modifications. Show off your mods in your favorite game in a YouTube video.


One of those YouTube video ideas that can be great if done well, a machinima takes gameplay and voices and creates a show out of it. It’s usually a comedy but it’s a fun way to look at a game.

Gaming tutorials

Make a video that can show newcomers and more skilled players how to tackle certain tough parts of a video game. It’s the perfect way to share your own expertise.

An in-depth look at a game

Take your favorite video game and go all in. Explore themes, characters, gameplay, Easter eggs and anything else that your subscribers may want to know.

Your gaming set-up

Have a drool-worthy gaming set-up? Show it off with a YouTube video. You can also let your audience know how they can also get a similar set-up, if you feel like it.

Compare similar games

If you’re an avid gamer, this one could help you come up with a lot of YouTube video ideas. Pick two games from a similar genre or even two versions of the same game and compare them.

Game reviews

Make good use of your new video games and review them once you’ve finished playing them. You can let your subscribers know if something is or isn’t worth their time.

Best players

While you may not be the best when it comes to gaming, you can definitely showcase someone who’s been doing incredibly well on the leader boards. You can also check out the YouTube gaming section and see if you can find interesting players whom you would like to include in your videos.

Spotlight a developer

Choose a game developer and put the spotlight on them. Take about their growth, their new creations and legacy.

Spotlight a hidden gem

Found the perfect indie game that no one else seems to know about? You can change that with a video on the game and what drew you to it.

Gaming trivia

Share a little gaming trivia with your subscribers in the form of a series. It can give you lots of fun YouTube video ideas.

Gaming news

Another set of YouTube video ideas you could use for your videos is a series on gaming news. People are constantly on the lookout for news about the favorite games and new arrivals.

Unreleased games

The idea of what could have been is always so enticing. Make a video that talks about unreleased and scrapped game ideas.


Building your brand through YouTube can be hugely rewarding and branded videos are a great way to go about this. Here are a few YouTube video ideas for branded videos for your business:

Job postings

Looking for people to join your growing business? Make sure you take a look at the people who are most invested in your growth – your subscribers. Put up job postings in a video format and talk about the job description.

Sponsor an influencer video

Get your brand out there and reach a larger audience by sponsoring an influencer in your industry. It can help your business expand.

Branded video series

Add a little more value to your subscribers’ feeds and release a series of branded videos. Focus on a particular topic that’s related to your industry or business.

Promotional videos and ads

If you’ve recently invested in an advertisement, don’t hesitate to add it to your list of YouTube videos so that that your subscribers have access to it.

Event recaps

Post a recap of an event that you held or sponsored recently. You could focus on the highlights or create an entire set of videos, showcasing the whole event.


According to Sprout Social, livestreaming is something that consumers want to see most from brands. Lean into it and try to livestream as often as possible. You can also include it in your list of videos.


Make a video hosting a giveaway for your subscribers. It’s a favorite among many and a fantastic way to get some additional traffic.

CSR efforts

If you’ve been helping with a cause close to your heart as a part of your CSR initiative, showcase your work on YouTube in the form of a video.

Underdog stories

People love hearing about how someone started from the bottom and reached the top. If you have any stories of hard work and success that you would like to show the world, make a new video and share it with your subscribers.

Holiday greetings

Greet your YouTube subscribers on special days with a branded video from your business.

Brand and channel anniversary videos

Commemorate the anniversaries of your brand or channel with a video. You could show your followers a few photographs from when you started or even a video montage.

New Year’s resolutions

It’s the New Year and you definitely have a few ideas about where you want your life and your business to go. Share your resolutions with your subscribers in the form of a video.

Tribute video

Admire someone deeply or want to show your appreciation for someone who has passed on? Make a tribute video in their honor.

Ask your viewers what they want to see

The best way to collect video ideas is by asking your viewers what they want from you. You’ll never run out video ideas as long as you remember to turn to your audience once in a while.

Fun ideas

Looking for something a little less serious. Take a walk on the quirky side with these fun YouTube video ideas that will delight both you and your audience:

Music video

If you’ve always wanted to be in a music video, you can do it now. Try your hand at an original composition and make a video that will give everyone a run for their money.

Singing or lip-syncing videos

Not too comfortable writing your own music? Just film a music video and sing along to your favorite song. Or better still, lip-sync while the song plays in the background.

Draw my life videos

Pick a moment that changed your life forever and put your drawing skills to the test. The “Draw my Life” videos are usually fast and accompanied by narration. It’s a great spot where you can use whiteboard videos, too.

Find out what’s trending on the Internet and try to create a video that talks about it. This can be a little difficult if you don’t have too many resources at hand but it can pay off for you.

Challenge videos

Challenge videos like the legendary Ice Bucket Challenge are always in. Show your followers your fun side by taking part in them.

Here’s actor Ryan Reynolds attempting the “Bottle cap challenge”

Funny or cute videos

Who doesn’t like cat videos? You can also share cute and funny videos that you know your subscribers will enjoy as a break from regular programming.

Blooper videos

Put together all the funny outtakes from your other videos and create a montage that will have everyone rolling on the ground, laughing.

Highlights of the year

Welcome the end of the year with another type of montage – a highlight reel of all the interesting, fantastic things that happened to you.

Time lapse videos

If you’re making something, consider creating a time-lapse video. These videos are fun to watch and pack a lot of content in little time. Your time-lapse could be of you making something or even a day in the life of someone.

Compilation videos

If you’ve liked other videos on YouTube, you can create a compilation video with all the best ones, rolled into a single video.

Parody video

If you’re feeling especially creative, a parody video could be just the thing you need. Whether it’s a TV show, movie or person, parodies are always a fun addition to your list.

Here’s a parody of inspirational videos.

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