Search. Dig Deeper. Get Insights.

Rich, Detailed Results

When it comes to content research, we get that the more information you have, the better it is. We don’t just give you shares. We dig deep into the article and give you the main keywords it is made up of, the number of words and other details.

Deep, Useful Insights

With sophisticated data analysis techniques, Social Animal gives you deep insights into how a given keyword has historically performed.

Because we track millions of keywords, you get practically useful information like when might be a good time to publish, which title and article lengths have maximum impact, among other things.

Compare Articles

Just because two articles got shared a lot, it doesn’t mean that they have a lot in common – other than the main keyword that is. Compare two articles and see what common and unique keywords they feature. See what other topics they cover in combination with the main keyword.

Headline Analyzer

Headlines are super important, but since content is king, what it is made up of matters a lot, too. Everywhere in Social Animal, you can see how the whole system attaches a lot of importance to keywords that articles are made up of. Clicking on a keyword will start a search for articles that feature it.