On-demand facebook content analytics

Go sky-high with Social Animal’s Facebook insights.


Don’t be a fish out of water, with your Facebook audience.

It’s vital how Facebook audiences are reacting to content. Explore the engagement metrics of countless pages and keywords.

See historic data on when a page or a keyword has had peak shares.


Schedule your content based on the latest insights.

Facebook thrives on specific content patterns. Know when and what to post based on the latest social engagement rates.

Look closely into your competitor’s schedules and plan yours to widen audience reach.


Break down the competitor’s performance brick by brick.

The key to unlocking great content is to identify the nearest opportunities. Crush your Facebook competition by analyzing their performance.

Discover what content gets the most backlinks and reach out to those who mention them.


Analyze more than 100K Facebook pages.

Know thy metrics

Look at publishing schedules/engagement metrics of any page.

Sentiment analysis

See which sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) works the best.

Posts that resonate

List down all the top posts for each sentiment.

Valuable insights

Get deep-drive engagement/sentiment analysis reports.

Analytical reports

Categorize reports to assess historical/real-time metrics.

Assess competitors

Compare your Facebook content performance with your competitors.

Right day and time

Know the perfect day/time to post on Facebook.

Go deep with filters

Use filters to choose engagement type (likes, comments, or shares).

Friendly dashboard

Save posts and monitor performance on your dashboard.

*No credit card required.

Key features

What else can Social Animal do?


Content Research

Dig deeper and wider than ever before for exclusive content insights.

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Content Discovery

See everything related to content.
And we mean everything.

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Influencer Discovery

Put a jetpack on your content marketing with the right influencers.

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Competitor Monitoring

Outperform the competition with unforgettable content.

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Social Animal API

Curate content, find influencers & measure popularity of specific URLs.

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Let’s get you started on the path to content marketing nirvana.