Find the right influencer for the right channel

Enhance your brand’s content credibility by finding the cream of the crop of niche influencers without getting misled by irrelevant vanity matrices.

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Discover content your competitors love

Social Animal empowers you to outperform your competitors by monitoring their influencer and publication preferences.

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What can Social Animal do for you?

Focus on influencers who can grow your business

Zero in on influencers by topic, location, followers, number of posts, listings, etc. Use the best and most granular influencer search.

  • Find micro-influencers to add real value
  • Segment influencers based on location
  • Find micro/nano influencers at low prices

Accelerate content performance with influencers

Give your brand a great chance at attracting new audiences by partnering with influencers. Find content creators who align with your brand.

  • Unearth accurate engagement metrics
  • Easily export influencers data to CRM
  • Amplify success rate of social posts

Sustain traffic with those getting the most attention

Maximize influencer collaboration ROI by sticking with those who can help generate leads. Optimize and regulate spend on influencers.

  • Use a data-driven discovery tool
  • Work only with authentic niche leaders
  • Boost campaigns with powerful voices
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What else can Social Animal do?


Content Marketing

Identify the most influential authors and fuel your content curation strategy.

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Content Curation

Identify the most influential authors and fuel your content curation strategy.

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Social Media Management

Level up your social media marketing game with deep-dive content insights.

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Digital PR

Improve your digital reputation by enhancing your content performance.

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