121 Best Food Bloggers To Follow In 2020

Are you someone looking for the best food bloggers to follow?  You might be someone new to this industry trying to validate its worth. Here is one good reason why you should pursue food blogging as a career path – Out of 600 million-plus blogs on the internet, 31.7 million are from the USA alone...

Are you someone looking for the best food bloggers to follow? 

You might be someone new to this industry trying to validate its worth.

Here is one good reason why you should pursue food blogging as a career path – Out of 600 million-plus blogs on the internet, 31.7 million are from the USA alone and food bloggers are on the rise.

Who wouldn’t want to taste the never-ending line of delicious recipes for free and write a few descriptive lines of mouth-watering content?

As James Beard quotes, Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

A constant lifestyle that involves creating quality content with HD photographers and content to please an audience is not fun in the long run.

That’s why when there are thousands of food blogs, only a few influential bloggers manage to make the best out of their blog by partnering with brands, creating great content, and making decent money.

This article is the perfect pick for any restaurant owner, new food blogger, and also for those wanting to know who are the top food bloggers.

In this article, we will provide you with the ultimate list of 121 best food bloggers and also show you how you can find best influencers on social media using Social Animal’s influencer feature.

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1. Denise Landis

Editor-in-Chief of The Cook’s Cook: A Community of Cooks, Food Writers & Recipe Testers. Food writer, cookbook author, former @nytfood recipe tester.

Twitter followers: 1.2M

Instagram Handle: @thecookscook

Website: https://thecookscook.com/

2. Mark Bittman 

Cookbook author (How to Cook Everything, VB6, etc.), member of the faculty of Columbia’s School of Public Health, Editor-in-Chief of @heatedmag

Twitter followers: 545.6K

Instagram Handle: @markbittman

Website: https://www.markbittman.com/

3. Akis Petretzikis

Greek tv Chef, Food-addicted, Food-writer, Cookbook author.

Twitter followers: 456.7K

Instagram Handle: @akis_petretzikis

Website: https://akispetretzikis.com/

4. Dorie Greenspan

Cookbook author. Latest books: EVERYDAY DORIE and DORIE’S COOKIES.

Twitter followers: 473.4K

Instagram Handle: @doriegreenspan

Website: http://doriegreenspan.com/

5. Jack Monroe

Cook, author, writer, does TV & radio, etc.

Twitter followers: 278.8K

Instagram Handle: @jack_monroe

Website: http://jackmonroe.com/

6. Donatella Arpaia

Chef, @IronChefAmerica Judge, @TodayShow Contributor, Restaurateur, Cookbook Author, Wife & Mom of 3! Founder & Owner of @ProvaPizzabar

Twitter followers: 369.6K

Instagram Handle: @donatellaarpaia

Website: https://donatellaarpaia.com

7. Adam Woodyatt

Actor, Photographer, Food Blogger, Owner of @NeatGin, Ambassador for @wndlrairamb and @childrensairamb

Twitter followers: 305.7K

Instagram Handle: @adamwoodyatt

Website: N/A

8. J. Kenji López-Alt

Food Lab author. @seriouseats@nytimes writer, @wursthall chef.

Twitter followers: 72.5K

Instagram Handle: @kenjilopezalt

Website: http://www.kenjilopezalt.com/

9. Argiro Barbarigou

Ambassador, Greece’s Top TV Chef-Host, Best Selling Cookbook Author, No1 Cooking Web Site, Papadakis Restaurant.

Twitter followers: 135.4K

Instagram Handle: @argirobarbarigou

Website: https://www.argiro.gr/

10. Eats and the City

NYC-based food writer. My restaurant reviews are based on a #foodtosexratio rating.

Twitter followers: 51.4K

Instagram Handle: @eats.and.the.city

Website: https://www.eatsandthecity.com/

11. Nidal Barake

Food writer, eater & traveler. @Gluttonomy, an Innovation agency that reinvents the future of food business. We work with chefs, restaurants and F&B brands

Twitter followers: 135.5K

Instagram Handle: @nidalbarake

Website: http://www.gluttonomy.com/

12. Melissa Clark

Food writer, NY Times food writer, native Brooklynite, author of Dinner In French, and a whole lot of others.

Twitter followers: 108.5K

Instagram Handle: @clarkbar

Website: https://www.melissaclark.net/

13. Rachel Khoo

Cook, broadcaster, food writer & consultant. Founder of @Khoollect Order my latest cookbook The Little Swedish Kitchen.

Twitter followers: 112K

Instagram Handle: @rachelkhooks

Website: http://www.rachelkhoo.com/

14. Robin Gagnon

Mom Food Blogger, Home & Garden, DIY, Autism – Social Media, Brand Ambassador, Pinterest addict.


Twitter followers: 104.7K

Instagram Handle: @momfoodie

Website: http://momfoodie.com/

15. Jaden

Cookbook author, TV chef, and publisher of SteamyKitchen.com.

Twitter followers: 120.9K

Instagram Handle: @steamykitchen

Website: https://steamykitchen.com/

16. John Whaite

John Whaite is a British food writer and cookery, school teacher.

Twitter followers: 89.1K

Instagram Handle: @john_whaite

Website: http://www.johnwhaiteskitchen.com/

17. Tara Kuczykowski

Founder of Unsophisticook, author of All in Good Time | mom of 5, family meals advocate, lover of cooking + baking, reading, running, photography & margaritas

Twitter followers: 105.5K

Instagram Handle: @unsophisticook

Website: https://unsophisticook.com/

18. Kathy Patalsky

Sharing life and vegan recipes on the internet since 2007 | author and photographer| founder @findingvegan

Twitter followers: 93.5K

Instagram Handle: @findingvegan

Website: https://www.findingvegan.com/

19. Ali Larter

Jersey Girl living in Cali. Lover of fabulous food, friends & festivities. Actress and author of Kitchen Revelry.

Twitter followers: 74.9k

Instagram Handle: @alilarter

Website: https://www.alilarter.com/

20. Chef Kevin Gillespie

Professional Chef. Cookbook Author. Speaker. Decent Drummer. Terrible Golfer.

Twitter followers: 87K

Instagram Handle: @chefkevingillespie

Website: http://redbeardrestaurants.com/

21. The Curry Guy

Dan loves cooking recipes from all over the Indian subcontinent and Asia.

Twitter followers: 74.6K

Instagram Handle: @thecurryguy

Website: https://greatcurryrecipes.net/

22. Michelle Tam 

James Beard Award-nominated @NYTimes bestselling cookbook author, Saveur Award-winning food blogger, & Webby Award-winning app creator.

Twitter followers: 70K

Instagram Handle: @nomnompaleo

Website: http://nomnompaleo.com/

23. Stephanie Manley

Cookbook author, food blogger, Youtuber, I like to recreate restaurant recipes.

Twitter followers: 80.2K

Instagram Handle: @copykatrecipes

Website: http://www.copykat.com

24. Tara Noland

Brand Ambassador, Food Blogger, Restaurant, Product and Travel Reviews

Twitter followers: 60K

Instagram Handle: @noshingwiththenolands

Website: https://noshingwiththenolands.com/

25. Snack Girl

Healthy food and recipe blogger, Lisa Cain, and author of Snack Girl to the Rescue!

Twitter followers: 77.6K

Instagram Handle: @snackgirllisa

Website: https://snack-girl.com/

26. Angela Liddon

Plant-based recipe creator and photographer. Author of New York Times Bestsellers, The Oh She Glows Cookbook and Oh She Glows Every Day. 2019 Webby Award.

Twitter followers: 77.5K

Instagram Handle: @ohsheglows

Website: https://ohsheglows.com/

27. Nicole Cross

Food blogger, sourdough enthusiast, backyard chicken wrangler, and new mom. I talk about food a lot.

Twitter followers: 83.6K

Instagram Handle: @pinchmysalt

Website: http://pinchmysalt.com

28. Alison McFadden

Ohio bound | Mom of 3 | Storyteller | Creator | World Traveler | My weaknesses are Caffeine, Movies, & all things Disney.

Twitter followers: 48.3K

Instagram Handle: @everydayshortcuts

Website: https://everydayshortcuts.com/

29. Diana Henry

Lover of words. Author & columnist. Broad/podcaster. Irish, European. Fiction, food & the state of things. Latest book: FROM THE OVEN TO THE TABLE

Twitter followers: 40.5K

Instagram Handle: @dianahenryfood

Website: http://dianahenry.co.uk/

30. Clotilde Dusoulier

A Paris food writer, author of the blog Chocolate & Zucchini. Tag your C&Z cooking with #cnzrecipes or #frenchmarketcookbook!

Twitter followers: 69.3K

Instagram Handle: @clotildenet

Website: https://cnz.to/

31. Chef Michael Smith

I’m a FoodTV host, cookbook author, avid kite sailor, and official food ambassador for Prince Edward Island, more importantly, I’m a Dad and passionate home cook!

Twitter followers: 61.4K

Instagram Handle: @chefmichaelsmith

Website: http://chefmichaelsmith.com/

32. Megan Calipari

Plant-based pastry chef & recipe developer

Twitter followers: 48.6K

Instagram Handle: @earthlyprovisions

Website: https://earthly-provisions.com/

33. Stefani Tolson

Lifestyle & Food Blogger | #California Content Creator | Brand Ambassador | Social Media Influencer |

Twitter followers: 68.7K

Instagram Handle: @mommye

Website: https://www.mommyenterprises.com/

34. Carolyn Scott Hamilton

A Latina,healthy & green living & travel expert,TV show host,vegan chef,holistic nutritionist,cookbook author,media personality,consultant & speaker!

Twitter followers: 60K

Instagram Handle: @Healthyvoyager

Website: https://healthyvoyager.com/

35. Bee, Rasa Malaysia

A-list food blogger, best-selling cookbook author, social media influencer, and digital brand ambassador.

Twitter followers: 60.6K

Instagram Handle: @rasamalaysia

Website: https://rasamalaysia.com/

36. Colm O’Gorman

Executive Director of @AmnestyIreland . Runner. Food blogger. May tweet his dinner!

Twitter followers: 54.6K

Instagram Handle: @colmogorman

Website: http://colmogorman.com/

37. Food Bloggers Canada

Connecting bloggers & brands since 2011 and home to 2,400 Canadian food bloggers!

Twitter followers: 43.4K

Instagram Handle: @foodbloggersca

Website: https://www.foodbloggersofcanada.com/

38. Jason

Social media strategist. Youtuber. Tech & gadget reviewer. Travel & food blogger.

Twitter followers: 63.8K

Instagram Handle: @smashpop

Website: N/A

39. Lori Lange

Website Founder: (RecipeGirl) Food/Travel Blogger & Recipe Developer, cookbook author & Mom to  @RecipeBoyBlog

Twitter followers: 47.7K

Instagram Handle: @RecipeGirl

Website: https://www.recipegirl.com/

40. Harold McGee

Writer on kitchen science; author of ON FOOD & COOKING, KEYS TO GOOD COOKING

Twitter followers: 475.9K

Instagram Handle: N/A

Website: https://www.curiouscook.com/

41. Luca Manfè

Masterchef winner, cookbook author, father, husband, extraordinaire wine drinker, and very opinionated.

Twitter followers: 30.7K

Instagram Handle: @lucamanfe

Website: http://www.dinnerwithluca.com/

42. Mike Isabella

Chef/cookbook author and TV personality

Twitter followers: 40.4K

Instagram Handle: @mikeisabellanj

Website: N/A

43. Gina Homolka

NYTimes Best Selling Author of The Skinnytaste Cookbook. Photographer and recipe developer.

Twitter followers: 47.5K

Instagram Handle: @skinnytaste

Website: https://www.skinnytaste.com/

44. Chrissy Taylor

Founder of  thetaylor-house.com. Food and travel blogger saw on @GMA , Author, and brand ambassador.

Twitter followers: 34.4K

Instagram Handle: @thetaylorhouse

Website: https://www.thetaylor-house.com/


For the Love of Good Food. I enjoy attending food festivals & fundraising campaigns, Baking shows to!

Twitter followers:  37K

Instagram Handle: @americaluigi

Website: https://americaluigi.com/

46. Richard Bagnold

Independent #Food #Writer and only reported person to have dined in & reviewed every U.K. #MichelinStarred restaurant

Twitter followers:  20.4K

Instagram Handle: @richardbagnold

Website: https://major-foodie.com/

47. Clodagh McKenna

Chef, cookbook author, restaurateur, and broadcaster.

Twitter followers:  41.1K

Instagram Handle: @clodagh_mckenna

Website: https://www.clodaghmckenna.com/

48. Maria Lichty

Food Blogger, Recipe Developer, Writer, and Cookie Connoisseur. Visit Two Peas and Their Pod for the tasty recipes-our kitchen is always open!

Twitter followers: 42.1K

Instagram Handle: @twopeasandpod

Website: https://www.twopeasandtheirpod.com/

49. Edd Kimber

Baker, food writer, winner of Season 1 Great British Bake Off, Host of Stir The Pot podcast.

Twitter followers: 40.9K

Instagram Handle: @theboywhobakes

Website: https://www.theboywhobakes.co.uk/

50. Naz Masala

Student of knowledge, trailblazer, devoted wife, mom, influencer, food blogger, philanthropist, visionary.

Twitter followers: 36.5K

Instagram Handle: @nazmasala

Website: http://www.nazmasala.com/

51. Johnnie De La Garza

Restaurant/hotel reviews San Antonio, Texas & the world. Past food writer at Rio Magazine.

Twitter followers: 40.2K

Instagram Handle: @flicksandfood

Website: https://flicksandfood.com/

52. Nicole Sunderland

Travel & food writer. Photographer, foodie, MBA, whiskey, @TIME 2006 Person of the Year

Twitter followers: 36.4K

Instagram Handle: @eatlivetraveldrink

Website: https://eatlivetraveldrink.com/

53. Danielle Walker

Cookbook author | 3x NYT Bestseller | Mom of 3 | Wife | Forbes 30 u 30 | Beating an autoimmune disease with a Paleo diet.

Twitter followers: 29K

Instagram Handle: @daniellewalker

Website: https://againstallgrain.com/

54. Mix and Match Mama

Cookbook author, lifestyle blogger, travel agent, mom of 4 kiddos, wife of a hottie, world traveler, baseball lover, coffee drinker…she is a busy lady.

Twitter followers: 30.6K

Instagram Handle: @mixandmatchmama

Website: https://mixandmatchmama.com/

55. Toni Dash

Food Blogger | Picture Taker | Recipe Maker | Life Lover | Intrepid Traveler | Gluten Free

Twitter followers: 37.5K

Instagram Handle: @boulderlocavore

Website: https://boulderlocavore.com/

56. Katie/Mummy in a Tutu

Multi-Award Nominated Parenting Lifestyle & Veggie Food Blogger. Featured on BBC & The Metro. Founder of #TribalChat

Twitter followers: 15.3K

Instagram Handle: @mummyinatutu

Website: https://mummyinatutu.co.uk/

57. Kristina Vänni

Fork and knifeAward-Winning Recipe Developer Camera Food Photographer/Food Stylist Movie camera Spokesperson/Brand Ambassador AirplaneWorldwide Delicious Travels

Twitter followers: 37.7K

Instagram Handle: @kristinavanni

Website: http://kristinavanni.com/

58. Eva Burg

Award-winning Health Food Blogger | Nutrition & Health Coach | Fall in love with my healthy recipes!

Twitter followers: 14.1K

Instagram Handle: @thehealthytart

Website: https://thehealthytart.com/

59. Adán Medrano

Food Writer, Chef, Author of: “Truly Texas Mexican” & “Don’t Count The Tortillas: The Art of Texas Mexican Cooking.”

Twitter followers: 33.8K

Instagram Handle: @adanmmedrano

Website: https://adanmedrano.com

60. Gemma Tomlinson

Recipe developer & internet person talking sustainable living & slow fashion. Plant eater, oat milk addict, ally.  

Gemma Tomlinson

Twitter followers: 36.2K

Instagram Handle: @omggemma 

Website: https://www.hellogemma.com/

61. Mark Wiens

He is a food-obsessed travel blogger, video producer, and guide author. 

Twitter followers: 34.7K

Instagram Handle: @migrationology

Website: https://migrationology.com/

62. Joanna Blythman

Investigative journalist. Food Writer of the Year 2018.  She describes her words to be a thorn in the flesh of the processed food industry/supermarkets. 7 books, inc Swallow This, What To Eat, Shopped.

Twitter followers: 25.8K

Instagram Handle: N/A

Website: http://www.joannablythmanwriting.com/

63. Divya Rathi

Food Blogger. Marwarii. Runs on Tea. Libran. Good Vibes. Heart full of Gratitude.

Twitter followers: 25.2K

Instagram Handle: divyaszaika

Website: https://www.divyaszaika.com/

64. Chris Pople

Food blogger, writer, Londoner.

Twitter followers: 34.5K

Instagram Handle: @chrispople

Website: https://cheesenbiscuits.blogspot.com/

65. Rosa Rivas

Global Food Culture Journalist. Food Writer. National Gastronomy Award 2010.

Twitter followers: 26.8K

Instagram Handle: @rosarivas3gurume

Website: https://rosarivas.es/

66. Katie Moseman

Author, photographer, & recipe developer.

Katie Moseman

Twitter followers: 16.3K

Instagram Handle: @recipeforperfection

Website: https://recipeforperfection.com/

67. Wendy Polisi

Mom to 3, an advocate of lifestyle design, cookbook author, recipe developer, gluten-free

Twitter followers: 27.4K

Instagram Handle: @wendypolisi

Website: https://wendypolisi.com/

68. Rosie Birkett

Food writer and author

Twitter followers: 31.6K

Instagram Handle: @rosiefoodie

Website: http://www.rosiebirkett.com/

69. Gena Hamshaw

Vegan dietitian, food blogger, and cookbook author. Author of Power Plates: 100 Nutritionally Balanced, One-Dish Vegan Meals.

Twitter followers: 30.2K

Instagram Handle: @thefullhelping

Website: https://www.thefullhelping.com/

70. Sommer Collier

Recipe Developer + Food & Travel Writer.

Twitter followers: 27K

Instagram Handle: @aspicyperspective

Website: https://www.aspicyperspective.com/

71. Jess Smith

Home cook, recipe developer, food stylist, and photographer. Looking for excuses to travel and taste alongside @smithfj

Twitter followers: 20.1K

Instagram Handle: @inquiringchef

Website: https://inquiringchef.com/

72. Abby Langer

Consulting and media dietitian, food, and nutrition writer. Don’t Mess with Science. Author of #GoodFoodBadDiet for Simon and Schuster Canada, release early 2021

Twitter followers: 18.4K

Instagram Handle: @langernutrition

Website: https://abbylangernutrition.com/

73. Heidi Larsen

Recipe maker, picture taker + lover of food bloggers, their recipes, and photos.

Twitter followers: 24.2K

Instagram Handle: @langernutrition

Website: https://www.foodiecrush.com/

74. Austin Food Bloggers

The Austin Food Blogger Alliance has been supporting bloggers & the Texas food community since 2011. Follow them for restaurant news, recipes, and more!

Twitter followers: 24.5K

Instagram Handle: @atxfoodblogs

Website: https://austinfoodbloggers.org/

75. Lorena Garcia

Executive Chef / Top Chef Estrellas Judge / Top Chef Master / Nickelodeon #FoodHunters / NBC Food Fighter / Cookbook Author / Cilantro Lover!

Lorena Garcia

Twitter followers: 27K

Instagram Handle: @cheflorena

Website: https://www.cheflorenagarcia.com/

76. Arlinda

Bespoke cake artist. Baker & food blogger.

Twitter followers: 23.4K

Instagram Handle: @eatwitharli

Website: https://www.eatwitharli.co.uk/

77. Jana | Nutritionicity

Plant-based & gluten-free food blogger and wine enthusiast T. Colin Campbell Center certified in Plant-Based Nutrition.

Twitter followers: 13.6K

Instagram Handle: @eatwitharlinutritionicity

Website: https://nutritionicity.com/

78.  Lesley Chesterman

Restaurant critic. Food writer. Piemaker. Wine drinker. Opinions expressed are my own.

Twitter followers: 28.6K

Instagram Handle: @lesleychestrman

Website: N/A

79. Theresa Carle-Sanders

Cook, recipe developer, cookbook author. Creator of Outlander Kitchen.

Twitter followers: 21.3K

Instagram Handle: @outlanderkitchen

Website: http://outlanderkitchen.com/

80. Abeer-Cakewhiz

Food blogger. Recipe developer. Photographer. Mom. Foodie. Making entertaining and parties easy, one day at a time!

Twitter followers: 23.6K

Instagram Handle: @cakewhiz1

Website: https://cakewhiz.com/

81. Pati Jinich

Mamá to 3. Dany’s Wife. Chef. Cookbook Author. @beardfoundation .Award Winning Host of PBS Pati’s Mexican Table.

Twitter followers: 27.2K

Instagram Handle: @patijinich

Website: https://patijinich.com/

81. Photorical Food

Family, Wedding, Real Estate, Special Event & Food Photographer. Recipe Curator, Food Blogger/Stylist, Private Cook.

Twitter followers: 25.7K

Instagram Handle: @photoricalfood

Website: https://www.photoricalfood.com/

82. Ching-He Huang

Made in Taiwan. TV Chef & Food Writer. Chinese & Asian food addict. Live by Yin-Yang.

Twitter followers: 27.1K

Instagram Handle: @chinghehuang

Website: https://www.chinghehuang.com/

83. Emily Bruno

Simple & delicious family-friendly recipes, tutorials & more. Proud mama, wife to @nineoneonedad , a food blogger in Texas. Living life full of grace & good eats.

Twitter followers: 22.5K

Instagram Handle: @gracegoodeats

Website: http://www.graceandgoodeats.com/

84. Anna Olson

Pastry chef, cookbook author, and internationally broadcast cooking show host.

Twitter followers: 24.5K

Instagram Handle: @chefannaolson

Website: http://annaolson.ca/

85.  Chloe Coscarelli

Vegan Chef. Cookbook Author. Animal Lover.

Twitter followers: 24.4K

Instagram Handle: @chefchloe

Website: https://chefchloe.com/

86. Gaby Dalkin

Chef. author. food + travel writer. recipe developer. avocado lover. margarita enthusiast.

Twitter followers: 26.5K

Instagram Handle: @whatsgabycookin

Website: https://whatsgabycooking.com/

87. Dan Doherty

Chef & food writer. Owner @theroyaloak_w1. A judge on @bbcbestcook New book ‘Cooking at Home’ . 

Twitter followers: 23.7K

Instagram Handle: @dandoherty_

Website: N/A

88. Julie Van Rosendaal

Cook, cookbook author, writer, eater. Food columnist on CBC radio, contributing food editor for the Globe

Twitter followers: 26.1K

Instagram Handle: @dinnerwithjulie

Website: http://www.dinnerwithjulie.com/

89. David Leite

He is a food writer, cookbook author, memoirist, and founder of the website Leite’s Culinaria. He likes to bite the heads off of chocolate Easter bunnies!

Twitter followers: 27.5K

Instagram Handle: @davidleite

Website: https://leitesculinaria.com/

90. Suresh Doss

Food writer. LCBO Food and Drink Content Editor. Weekly on @metromorning

Twitter followers: 26.5K

Instagram Handle: @suresh

Website: http://www.sureshdoss.com/

91. Kristen

Mom of 4. Writer, Food Blogger & Lifestyle Photographer. Advice giver, community builder, coffee drinker, book-obsessed & travel lover.

Twitter followers:

Instagram Handle: @dineanddish

Website: https://dineanddish.net/

92. Adam Roberts

One of the first food bloggers, now I write for film and TV and host the podcast LUNCH THERAPY.

Twitter followers: 29.9K

Instagram Handle: @amateurgourmet

Website: http://www.amateurgourmet.com/

93. Marlynn Schotland

#Food + #Wine + #Travel writer, recipe developer, photographer. Social media strategist.

Twitter followers: 15.4K

Instagram Handle: @UrbanBlissLife

Website: https://www.urbanblisslife.com/

94. Jamie Schler

Freelance writer & speaker, specializing in food & culture. My passion is to create vibrant and unique experiences.

Twitter followers: 25.2K

Instagram Handle: @lifesafeast

Website: http://www.jamieschler.com/

95. Matse Uwatse

Multiple award-winning Media personality. Food blogger, Tv Chef, Owner of MatseCooks Seasonings.

Twitter followers: 22.7K

Instagram Handle: @matsecooks

Website: http://matsecooks.co/

96. Adam Baron

Think-tanker in remission. Part-time food writer. In-flight magazine aficionado. Baltimorean. Calabrese. Qabili.

Twitter followers: 24.1K

Instagram Handle: @adammbaron

Website: https://adammbaron.com/

97. Karlynn Johnston

Canadian Food & Travel Blogger. Bestselling Cookbook Author. Cocktail Lover.

Twitter followers: 24.1K

Instagram Handle: @thekitchenmagpie

Website: https://www.thekitchenmagpie.com/

98. Kylee Cooks

A Kiwi living in the USA. Phoenix dweller, food blogger. Lover of cheesecake, bacon, and french fries.

Twitter followers: 26.8K

Instagram Handle: @kyleecooks

Website: https://www.kyleecooks.com/

99. Marion Grasby

Working mama & founder of Marion’s Kitchen Food Company.

Twitter followers: 24.5K

Instagram Handle: @marionskitchen

Website: https://www.marionskitchen.com/

100. Laura Fuentes

CEO @MOMables . 3x Cookbook Author, food & lifestyle entrepreneur, media & video producer, speaker, event host, traveler, a coffee addict.

Twitter followers: 21.1K

Instagram Handle: @laurasfuentes

Website: https://www.laurafuentes.com/

101. Kristy Bernardo

Creator of sinfully delicious dishes. Lover of cocktails.  4x cookbook author.

Twitter followers: 23.6K

Instagram Handle: @thewickednoodle

Website: https://www.thewickednoodle.com/

102. Chef Martin Lopez

Culinary Consultant & Journalist, Food Writer, Blogger, Published Author, Chef Brand Ambassador for the National Pork Board, TV Personality & Host

Twitter followers: 23K

Instagram Handle: @chefmartinlopez

Website: https://www.chefmartin.net/

103. Christin Mahrlig

Food and Travel Blogger, recipe developer, southern food lover

Twitter followers: 17.3K

Instagram Handle: @spicysouthernkitchen

Website: http://SpicySouthernKitchen.com

104. Kim Seghers

Adventurous Mom, Food Blogger, People Person, Travel Enthusiast, Social Media Influencer, Dog Devotee.

Twitter followers: 13.6K

Instagram Handle: @thisolemom

Website: https://www.thisolemom.com/

105. Marika Sboros

Journalist, writer, editor; co-author with Prof Tim Noakes of Lore of Nutrition and Real Food On Trial; love animals – and Greece and Israel.

Twitter followers: 17.9K

Instagram Handle: @marikasboros

Website: http://foodmed.net/

106. Helen Best-Shaw

Food, travel & lifestyle writer, and top-ranked blogger. Freelance recipe developer, food stylist & photographer. London based.

Twitter followers: 22.6K

Instagram Handle: @fussfreeflavours

Website: https://fussfreeflavours.com/

107. Ingrid Hoffmann

Celebrity Chef, Author, Host Simply Delicioso Food Network & Top Chef Estrellas NBC Telemundo. Professional eater & life lover.

Twitter followers: 22.3K

Instagram Handle: @ingridhoffmannofficial

Website: http://www.ingridhoffmann.com/

108. Dara (CookinCanuck)

Food blogger, recipe developer & crazy runner. Focused on easy, innovative & healthy recipes. A Canadian living in the U.S. Cultures happily colliding.

Twitter followers: 21.6K

Instagram Handle: @cookincanuck

Website: https://www.cookincanuck.com/

109. Hungry Harps

Food Blogger, writer, recipe developer, picture-taker. Addicted to coffee, chocolate, and cheese. Taste bud and Star Wars friendly.

Twitter followers: 17.6K

Instagram Handle: @hungryharps

Website: http://www.hungryharps.com/

110. Bintu

Freelance food & travel writer, recipe developer, food photographer, and food stylist.

Twitter followers: 14.2K

Instagram Handle: @recipesfromapantry

Website: https://recipesfromapantry.com/

111. William Sitwell

Food writer and author: @Telegraph critic, writer, and commentator, @BitingTalk host @MasterChef critic, founder, and host of William Sitwell’s Supper Club.

Twitter followers: 16.4K

Instagram Handle: @williamsitwell

Website: https://www.williamsitwell.com/

112. Jamie

Food Blogger. Recipe Developer. Picture Taker. Lover of all things beautiful.

Twitter followers: 20.3K

Instagram Handle: @jamiemba

Website: https://www.mybakingaddiction.com/

113. Xanthe Clay

Food Writer at telegraph.co.uk.

Twitter followers: 19.9K

Instagram Handle: @xantheclay

Website: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/authors/xanthe-clay/

114. Nicole Humphrey Cook

Mom to many. Writer. Midwest Girl. Southern Heart. Recipe Developer. Food Blogger. Anti Bullying Advocate. DIY’er. Campaign Manager. Brand Influencer.

Twitter followers: 21K

Instagram Handle: @dailydishrecipes

Website: https://dailydishrecipes.com/

115. Jeanine Love&Lemons

Food blogger and author of The Love & Lemons Cookbook. Helping people love their veggies one delicious recipe at a time!

Twitter followers: 14.6K

Instagram Handle: @loveandlemons

Website: http://Loveandlemons.com

116. Catherine Fulvio

Daytime Emmy Nominated TV Chef Ballyknocken House & Cookery School @ballyknockenhcs . Author/food writer Keynote speaker.

Twitter followers: 18.2K

Instagram Handle: @catherinefulvio_chef

Website: https://ballyknocken.ie/

117. Peter Sidwell

TV chef & food Writer and presenter of A Taste of the Lakes on @Amazon . Creative& commercial development chef with full food media center.

Twitter followers: 19.4K

Instagram Handle: @petersidwellmedia

Website: https://www.petersidwell.com/

118. Michelle Nahom

Brand Ambassador, Food, and Travel blogger. Recipe developer specializing in easy, (mostly) healthy recipes. Runner.

Twitter followers: 13.4K

Instagram Handle: @dishofdailylife

Website: http://www.adishofdailylife.com/

119. Camilla

Prize-winning jam-maker, budget-friendly recipe developer & owner of Top 10 British Food Blog 2020.

Twitter followers: 13.5K

Instagram Handle: @fabfood4all

Website: https://www.fabfood4all.co.uk/

120. Fuchsia Dunlop

Cook and food-writer specializing in Chinese cuisine. The latest book ‘The Food of Sichuan’

Twitter followers: 17.7K

Instagram Handle: @fuchsiadunlop

Website: http://www.fuchsiadunlop.com/

121. Niamh Mannion

Food Writer/Reviewer  @thetaste_ie | Recipe Developer | Judge  @IrishQFAs | MasterChef Ireland 2014 finalist | Gin Lover | Food Blogger
Twitter followers: 11K

Instagram Handle: @niamhmannion_

Website: http://thegamebird.blogspot.com/


Tools used: Social Animal and Tweeple Search

Social Animal’s influencer search feature was used to perform an exact search for the keywords food blogger, food writer, recipe developer, etc. in their Twitter Bio.

(Exact search: “food blogger”)

The accumulated number of results was more than 20K. The top parameters considered to sort were Listed On and The number of followers.

Now, the number of results was 475. They were then listed based on their Twitter following, engagement, and authenticity of their profile.

To make the list more authentic, the Following accumulation factor was also added to the list.

This excellent parameter is the number of unique follows a profile gets on Twitter and is provided by Tweeple Search.

After the final list was sorted based on follower accumulation, the profiles of the top 121 best food bloggers were listed.


Kudos to all the creators who have earned their place in this best food bloggers list and thanks to them for granting a visual treat of thousands of recipes.

Here are a few pointers observed in the process of creating this article.

  • Nearly more than 85% of top food bloggers are women.
  • Most of the top food bloggers have authored cookbooks.
  • Consistent content creators have even beaten TV show personalities in terms of engagement and follower accumulation.
  • All top chefs have vivid Instagram profiles.
  • Most websites of best food bloggers are themed to provide a personalized experience for the visitor.

Do you find anything else interesting in this article? If you believe we have missed someone on the list, feel free to mention in the comments.

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