Day 3 of CM World was a blast! Here are key instances from all the keynotes of Day 3 of CM World.

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The first keynote was by Ann Handley (Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs) with her very lively keynote: Precedented: 5 Principles of the Last Chaotic 10 Months That Are the Very Key to Content Marketing Success in the Next 10 Years

The second session was by Christine Carter and it was titled Creating Authentic Content for a $1.5 Trillion Audience

Next up was Pam Didner with 3 Trends You Can’t Ignore As a Content Marketer

Embracing the Non-Binary Marketing Mindset by Christi Olson (Head of Global Media, Microsoft Advertising) & MJ DePalma (Head of Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing, Microsoft Advertising) was very relevant and engaging especially in these times.

A.Lee Judge’s Be Content was inspiring and full of quotable quotes. Don’t believe us? Take a look.

One of the most awaited keynotes came next. Comedy, Trust, and Diversity in Content by W. Kamau Bell


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