75 Awesome Lifestyle Bloggers You Should Follow On Twitter

Did you know that news is consumed more on YouTube than in TV? That is the exact transformation that has happened in the Lifestyle Niche. People prefer blogs, Instagram & Facebook posts, and to big Lifestyle Magazines how Lifestyle content is Online magazines often possess great budgets both in digital and print form, and they...

Did you know that news is consumed more on YouTube than in TV?

That is the exact transformation that has happened in the Lifestyle Niche. People prefer blogs, Instagram & Facebook posts, and to big Lifestyle Magazines how Lifestyle content is

Online magazines often possess great budgets both in digital and print form, and they have a variety of content expertly written with professionally captured HD shoots.

Lifestyle blogger though, have a huge advantage. They don’t have deadlines to post, they don’t make appointments with photographers.

They simply post their quality content very often that their followers see them as part of their daily screen time.

Since the audience are able to relate and admire these bloggers, the reach of their content keeps growing.

Lifestyle bloggers are now in competition with the top magazines and stylists to attract more audience.

What does it mean to be a lifestyle blogger?

Being a lifestyle blogger in 2021 means having the best online profile with great quality content crafted based on their audience’s interest.

Lifestyle blog shares a variety of things like personal blog, personal interests, personal wellness, self development, healthy living, makeup, lifestyle and fashion tips, food blog, delicious recipes, latest trends, personal life, travel tips, practical tips, daily vlogs, product reviews, designing, and the most useful of all – DIY.

So, what is a lifestyle blog?

The top lifestyle blogs have the following elements:

  • Amazing blog
  • Quality content
  • Interesting posts
  • Great connection with their audience
  • Documentation of their lifestyle

It might sound good to read but with the magnitude of content the blog covers, it takes a lot of effort than it looks.

Huge respect!

This article is the perfect inspiration for young women, new lifestyle bloggers to start a lifestyle blog, newbie artists, and any one who wishes to find lifestyle blogs to follow.  

In this article, we will provide you with the ultimate list of 75 best lifestyle bloggers follow on Twitter.

1. Sitta Karina

Writer of #Hanafiah series & Lifestyle Blogger | Books published by @Gramedia & @LiteratiBooks

Instagram Handle: @sittakarina

Website: https://blog.sittakarina.com/

2. Holly

Major foodie | Cocktail obsessed | Lover of the great outdoors | Big dreamer

Instagram Handle: @olielo_travels

Website: N/A

3. Helena-Reet Ennet

Scandinavian #1 Travel & Lifestyle blogger. Over 2.8+M unique readers. CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Scandinavian media group

Instagram Handle: @nordenbladet

Website: https://nordenbladet.com/

4. Jessa Hinton

Lifestyle Blogger, Model

Instagram Handle: @jessahinton

Website: https://www.jessafinds.com/

5. Rosie Ave

Published Playboy model. Lifestyle blogger. Based in NYC.

Instagram Handle: @RosieAverettNYC

Website: https://www.rosieaverett.com/

6. Shirley

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger/Creator

Instagram Handle: @shirleybeniang

Website: http://shirleyswardrobe.com/

7. A Sparkle of Genius

Mom of 5 & https://ASparkleofGenius.com. Brand ambassador, traveler, photographer & foodie. Lifestyle blogger. PR Friendly.

Instagram Handle: @asparkleofgenius

Website: https://www.asparkleofgenius.com/

8. April

#Believer | Lifestyle Blogger | This Lady Blogs |

Instagram Handle: @april.stephens

Website: https://thisladyblogs.com/

9. AdultingPam

YA novel writer. Lifestyle Blogger. Freelancer. Big lover of all things: self-growth, positive vibes, The Good Place, and Harry Potter.

Instagram Handle: @adultingwpam

Website: https://www.adultingwithpam.com/

10. Kelly Misa-Fernandez

Happy wife and mom. Also a model, television host and lifestyle blogger.

Instagram Handle: @kellymisa

Website: https://kellymisa.com/

11. William V. Sweeney

Dad & Men’s Lifestyle Blogger talking about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Food and drink, New York, family, love.

Instagram Handle: @williamvsweeney

Website: https://www.guyandtheblog.com/

12. Gena

Tyler, #Texas lifestyle blogger, recently moved from #Dallas!, wife to @dfwdadblog , boy mom, foodie

Instagram Handle: @gingercasa

Website: https://gingercasa.com/

13. Zippy Sandler

Travel & Lifestyle Blogger on @ChampagneLiving #BabyBoomer #LuxuryTravel #IfICanDoIt my partners.

Instagram Handle: @zipporahs

Website: https://champagneliving.net/

14. Tammileetips

Travel lifestyle blogger, award-winning photographer, chai tea addict, sunset hunter.


Instagram Handle: @tammileetipslife

Website: https://www.tammileetips.com/

15. Jaclyn

Creative lifestyle blogger featuring easy recipe & craft ideas for busy mamas and their little ones.

Instagram Handle: @crayonsandcravings

Website: https://crayonsandcravings.com/

16. Miss Naomi

Lifestyle blogger. Published swimsuit mode

Instagram Handle: N/A

Website: https://meetmissnaomi.ch/

17. Everyday Shortcuts

PR Friendly Lifestyle Blogger, Mom of 3 & eBook Author. #Ohio #Travel #Disneyfan #Lifestyle #Food #Movies #StarWarsGeek

Instagram Handle: @everydayshortcuts

Website: https://everydayshortcuts.com/

18. TerriAnn van Gosliga

Mom, #lifestyle blogger & editor at Cookies & Clogs, brand ambassador, content creator, #TwitterParty host chatting about #family #tech #travel & #cars

Instagram Handle: @cookiesandclogs

Website: https://www.cookiesandclogs.com/

19. Colby Shipwash

Days of a Domestic Dad is a Dad to 5 kids. Husband to @ourfamlifestyle , with solid values, Influencer, Travel/Lifestyle Blogger, Twitter Party Friendly

Instagram Handle: @doddblog

Website: https://daysofadomesticdad.com/

20. Urszula Truchan

Lifestyle blogger | beauty, style, wellness, food & more, Happy wife , blessed mommy & grateful girl

Instagram Handle: @simple_ula

Website: https://simpleula.com/

21. Crissy Page

Food, family + lifestyle blogger @ Dear Crissy. Mom of two. Tea drinker. Book nerd.

Instagram Handle: @dearcrissy

Website: https://dearcrissy.com/

22. Kelly Olexa

Health and Wellness Entrepreneur. Host @thekellyoshow #podcast Creator of The Confidence Blueprint online course for women. Lifestyle Blogger, #Keto Convert.

Instagram Handle: @thekellyoshow

Website: https://kellyolexa.com/

23. The Typical Mom

Lifestyle Blogger | Traveler | Foodie | Mom

Instagram Handle: @thetypical_mom

Website: https://temeculablogs.com/

24. Caitlin Covington

Southern belle. Fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Instagram Handle: @cmcoving

Website: https://www.southerncurlsandpearls.com/

25. Colleen Shibley

South Florida Lifestyle Blogger – Family, Fitness & Technology – Shibley Smiles

Instagram Handle: @shibleysmiles

Website: https://www.shibleysmiles.com/

26. Jacque Reid

vegan lifestyle blogger & podcaster @vegansexycool ; NBC TV Host; @ReidThisReidThat podcast co-host

Instagram Handle: @vegansexycool

Website: https://vegansexycool.com/

27. Honest Mum

Lifestyle blogger, parenting expert & bestselling author of Mumboss/ The Working Mom (US/Ca). Mum of 2 boys & pregnant with a rainbow baby girl.

Instagram Handle: @honestmum

Website: http://honestmum.com/

28. Kimberly Sneed

Family Lifestyle Blogger | BLACK LIVES MATTER #BoyMom ⁣ | Foodie⁣ | Adventurer

Instagram Handle: @anightowlblog

Website: https://www.anightowlblog.com/

29. Jays SweetNSour Life

A #dc/#va #lifestyle blogger & #Mom of 4 beautiful #kids. I’m a #writer who seeks to Share #Travel #Stories & #foodie Adventures

Instagram Handle: @SweetNSourdeals

Website: https://www.jayssweetnsourlife.com

30. Jared | LDN

London Blogger / Lifestyle & Fashion || Owner: @gearfav

Instagram Handle: @jared_ldn

Website: N/A

31. Esperanza Scotto

Lifestyle blogger and influencer of The Urban Darling.

Instagram Handle: @theurbandarling

Website: http://theurbandarling.com/

32. NitraaB

Married. YouTube Beauty/Lifestyle Blogger. Makeup Junkie. Mommy.

Instagram Handle: @NitraaB

Website: https://www.sigmabeauty.com/

33. Pamela Sendee

Chronicles of my world adventures. | Travel & Lifestyle Blogger |

Instagram Handle: @pamelasendee

Website: N/A

34. Angela Milnes

Inspirational And Award Winning Family Lifestyle Blogger. Sharing Family Fun, Home Living, Easy Recipes & Kids Crafts

Instagram Handle: @theinspirationedit

Website https://www.theinspirationedit.com/

35. Devin DeVasquez

Lifestyle blogger on cooking, health & wellness, beauty, fashion, travel & entertainment, 5 X Emmy winning producer

Instagram Handle: @devindevasquez

Website: https://devindevasquez.com

37. Le Bon Lifestyle

Luxury Travel | Food | Lifestyle blogger. Reviewing the best luxury hotels and restaurants around the world

Instagram Handle: @lebonlifestyle

Website: http://www.lebonlifestyle.com/

38. Talya

Editor-in-Chief turned #parenting & #lifestyle blogger, creator of Motherhood: The Real Deal, 40 Now What, Self Care Today, #influencer, #Londoner, #prfriendly

Instagram Handle: @motherhoodrealdeal

Website: https://motherhoodtherealdeal.com/

38. Jessica Barboza

Directora Creativa Jessica Barboza Collection, Fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger

Instagram Handle: N/A

Website: https://www.peaceandvogue.com/

39. Melissa

Celebrity Fashion Stylist. Interior decorator @NLEinteriors . Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger.

Instagram Handle: @melissaswardrobe

Website: http://www.melissaswardrobe.com/

41. Diggy Moreland

Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger – Bachelorette S13 | BIP Season 4 & 5

Instagram Handle: @diggymoreland

Website: http://morethanatie.com/

41. Finding Debra

Lifestyle Blogger | Travel Writer | Making memories as I go | Mom of one

Instagram Handle:

Website: https://findingdebra.com/

42. Victoria Griffing

Blogger | Family. Fitness. Food. Fashion. Fun. | Wife | Mama | CT

Instagram Handle:

Website:  https://victoriasdailydish.com/

43. Christine

Lifestyle/travel blogger and a Virtual Assistant for bloggers. I’m a boy mom, dogs, family, entrepreneur, Pinterest + list maker #Massachusetts

Instagram Handle: @christinenemomma

Website: https://newenglandmomma.com/

44. Samantha Taylor

Lifestyle Blogger | Fashion, Beauty, Travel

Instagram Handle: @iamsamanthataylor

Website: https://www.thetaylorsauce.com/

45. Tesa Nicolanti

Lifestyle blogger, freelance writer, mom of 2 in #Michigan. Love sharing the best in family, travel, and tech.

Instagram Handle: @2wired2tired

Website: http://www.2wired2tired.com/

46. Jennifer

Florida lifestyle blogger

Instagram Handle: @fabfatale

Website: http://www.fabfatale.com/

47. Melissa

Wife. Mom. Lifestyle Blogger.

Instagram Handle: @todayscreativeideas

Website: https://todayscreativeideas.com/

48. Betsy Strauss

I’m a homeschooling lifestyle blogger mom of 3, learning in a multi-generational household. Education is a lifelong pursuit and we do it family style.

Instagram Handle: @family_style_schooling

Website: https://familystyleschooling.com/

49. Lady Writes

Multi-Award Winning Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger | Make-up addict | Mine’s a G&T |

Instagram Handle: @ladywritesblog

Website: https://www.ladywritesblog.com/

50. Stuart Brazell

TV + Digital Presenter/Producer, Travel Addict, Entertainment Reporter, Lifestyle Blogger, and NEW MOM!!

Instagram Handle: @stuartbrazell

Website: https://stuartsays.com/

53. Josie

London based Beauty, Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle blogger & youtuber. Proud mummy of two handsome Sausage dogs!

Instagram Handle: @josieldn

Website: http://www.fashionmumblr.com/

52. Julia Friedman

Made in LA, based in Miami | Style, Travel, & Beauty Influencer + Creator

Instagram Handle: @juliafriedmann

Website: https://www.julia-friedman.com/

54. Janette Fuller

Lifelong Learner, Lifestyle Blogger, Book Reviewer, Picturemaker #YouTuber#Etsy

Instagram Handle: @janettefuller

Website: https://janettefuller.com/

54. Staci Salazar

Mom to 5. Grandma to 1. Dallas. Family Lifestyle Blogger. Content Creator. Travel. Parenting. Keeping it real simple. Making it work.

Instagram Handle: @our.familylifestyle

Website: https://ourfamilylifestyle.com/


The Prep Guy is a leading Canadian Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

Instagram Handle: @theprepguy

Website: https://tpgstyle.com/

56. Kayleigh Johnson

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger. Manchester.

Instagram Handle: @kayleighjcouture

Website:  http://www.couture-girl.co.uk/

57. Peter Panos

Lifestyle Blogger, Ginger Posh | Pop Culture, Bronzer and Britney

Instagram Handle: @thepeterpanos

Website: https://gingerposh.com/

58. Debra Pearlstein

Lifestyle blogger/wellness advocate/foodie/fashion&beautyblogger/Artist/poet/published author/

Instagram Handle: @missinglynxx

Website:  http://www.strangedazeindeed.com/

59. Juliet Angus

Fashion & lifestyle blogger | #TheLondonStylist and official cast member of @Bravo ‘s #LadiesofLondon

Instagram Handle: @juliet

Website: https://julietangus.com/

60. Peek-a-booo

French Beauty/Lifestyle blogger/youtubeur

Instagram Handle: @peekaboooblog

Website: https://peek-a-booo.fr/

62. Donna Wishart

Family Lifestyle Blogger. Mum of two (7 and 9), lover of rainbows, gin and happy thoughts. Days out, travel and family food.

Instagram Handle: @genuineplacebo84

Website: https://whattheredheadsaid.com/

62. Christa

Costa Rica, Colorado. Latina Mom, bilingual, former teacher, foodie, family travel, avid reader. Lifestyle blogger. #puravida

Instagram Handle: @puravidamoms

Website: https://www.puravidamoms.com/

64. Kamar Jahan

My hobbies are breakfast, lunch, Fashion, dinner & Blogging. |Lifestyle blogger|Social Media Maverick| Writer

Instagram Handle: @blingsparkle

Website: http://www.blingsparkle.com/

64. Helen

Taking A Twitter Break | Style/Lifestyle Blogger | Working at @pipdig for all your blog design needs

Instagram Handle: @thelovecatsinc

Website: https://www.thelovecatsinc.com/

65. The Awesome Muse

Lifestyle Blogger | Tweets about awesome things like: travel, cuisine, beauty, fashion, entertainment, blogging, social media, & wellness

Instagram Handle: @theawesomemuse

Website: https://theawesomemuse.com/

66. Olivia Douglass

Lifestyle blogger sharing recipes, DIYs, giveaways and more!

Instagram Handle: @Thisnthatwitholivia

Website: https://www.thisnthatwitholivia.com/

67. Kenza Sadoun El Glaoui

French Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blogger/youtuber since 2008 / TV host. Paris based.

Instagram Handle: @kenzasmg

Website: https://larevuedekenza.fr/

68. Necklace of Pearls

Fashion//Beauty//Lifestyle blogger based in London

Instagram Handle: @necklaceofpearl

Website: https://www.necklaceofpearls.es

69. Corrie

UK Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger • Occasional YouTuber • Has a love for dogs, the colour pink and watching Gossip Girl.

Instagram Handle: @corriebromfield

Website: https://corriebromfield.com/\

70. Helen Wills

UK Lifestyle Blogger | Host of the Teenage Kicks Podcast | Mum of teens | Much cooler at 50 than she was at 15 | Fond of a colourful top Parent of #T1D

Instagram Handle: @iamhelenwills

Website: https://actuallymummy.co.uk

71. Laura

Family & Lifestyle Blogger. Mummy to two girls. Capturing our lives together with a coffee in my hand!

Instagram Handle: @insidelauraslife

Website: https://www.dearbearandbeany.com

72. Harriet Shearsmith

Award winning parenting/lifestyle blogger. Author. Podcaster. Mum of 3. Over Sharer.

Instagram Handle: @tobyandroo

Website: https://www.tobyandroo.com/

73. Jenn | Engineer Mommy

Wife. Mom. Chemical Engineer. Lifestyle Blogger.

Instagram Handle: @engineermommyblog

Website: http://engineermommy.com

74.  Georgina Grogan

Plus Size Fashion/Beauty Blogger | Disabled CFS/ME | She/her

Instagram Handle: @georginagrogan_

Website: https://www.shemightbeloved.com

75. Milly Naomi

Mum to little Florence and baby Theodore | Obsessive cake baker and lipstick wearer | Beauty, baby & lifestyle blogger

Instagram Handle: @millynaomi_

Website: https://www.millynaomi.com

Read: Here’s how you can find influencers on social media using Social Animal’s influencer feature.


Tools used: Social Animal and Tweeple Search

Social Animal’s influencer search feature was used to perform an exact search for the keywords in their Twitter Bio.

Keywords used: lifestyle blog, lifestyle blogger

Step 1:
The accumulated number of results was more than 20K. The top parameters considered to sort were Listed On and the number of followers.

Now, the number of results was reduced to 300.

Step 2:
They were then listed based on their Twitter following, engagement, and authenticity of their profile.

Step 3:
To make the list more authentic, the Following accumulation factor was also added to the list.

Follower accumulation is the number of Twitter profiles following your account per month. This data is provided by Tweeple Search.

Step 4:
After the final list was sorted based on follower accumulation, the profiles of the top 75 best lifestyle bloggers were listed.


A big round of applause to all the successful lifestyle blogs who have earned their place in this list and thanks to them for inspiring people and bringing good brands to doors.

Hope we have given you the right list of high quality lifestyle blogs to follow.

Here are a few pointers observed in the process of creating this article.

  • More than 95% of the best lifestyle blogs are owned by women.
  • Most lifestyle blogs have an aesthetic profile on Instagram.
  • The lifestyle blogs have quality equal to that of a lifestyle magazine.
  • Lifestyle bloggers work full time and they do have YouTube channels.
  • There are a bunch of lifestyle bloggers who are travelers as well.
  • The website and Instagram profiles of these lifestyle bloggers give an excellent visual experience to the viewer.
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Have you partnered with a lifestyle blogger for your campaigns before?

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