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Best Content Discovery

7 Best Content Discovery Platforms In 2021

“I wish there were more content” isn’t something that anyone in your brand’s online audience might be thinking right now. Can they even stay online without receiving content, as advised by their Amazon Alexas or your delicious website cookies? Every day, they are served content that is not just personalized but engaging. Marketers are already aware…

Make A Facebook Post

How To Make A Facebook Post Shareable

It’s common knowledge that Facebook posts are in the business of getting personal. As a marketer, if you’ve yet to realize this, then perhaps it’s time to step out of that large rock bubble you seem to be living inside, for some reason. The Facebook app, however, isn’t without its share of detractors. From data…

What Is Cornerstone Content? The Ultimate Guide

One of the most straightforward explanations of what cornerstone means is “something of great importance that everything else depends on.” For a brand looking to carve a niche in the content marketing market or increase customer engagement in the digital world, a cornerstone article can be the lifeline of their momentum. Cornerstone articles don’t sweat…

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